Grays Galore!

You can never have too much gray in a space. Gray is the color that goes with everything and is always timeless.

As HGTV says it best, "If you long for serenity, using the color gray in your home decor is a great place to start. Gray has an inherent calmness and sophistication. You can choose a solid gray that symbolizes strength, or go for a softer gray that offers a more delicate feel. While some find gray murky and depressing, others respond to gray's ability to make other colors sing. A favorite neutral of designers, many use it as a background color, or mix different tones and shades of gray together to create a feel of simple glamour. Gray can also soften a loud sofa or provide the perfect backdrop that allows wood accents to shine. While some consider gray too serious for a playful space like a child's bedroom or relaxed family room, many shades and tones of gray are ideal for masculine spaces like a den."

This month's vignette is inspired by the color GRAY.  Read more to see what materials we chose! 

CaraGreen's Grays Galore July Sustainable Vignette

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Top 10 Ways to Go Green

The word green may have seen its luster fade, since everyone started using it to describe sometimes commendable and sometimes laughable efforts to help the environment.  But if green means healthy for you and healthy for the planet, than it is still very relevant. 

“Going Green” is basically a term for the little (or big) things that you can do to make an impact.

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CoCoTiv Working Space

CaraGreen CoCoTiv Co-Working Space Kirei

The just-in-time and just-what-you need concepts pioneered by companies like Uber and AirBnB have made their way into the workplace.  Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere and they are exactly what they sound like: your office is only the space you need and the common areas are all shared by multiple tenants.  These companies cater to entrepreneurs and many young professionals just starting out.  Eco-friendly, natural and healthy materials can be found throughout.

Enter the new co-working space CoCoTiv.

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Biomimicry in Building Materials

Biomimicry in the Building Environment

What can three billion years of evolution teach us?  We are so reliant on our ability to innovate and research new ways to do things based on technology, that we often forget to consider the most innovative research of all:  time.

Read more to learn about Biomimicry in the Built Environment. 

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Lapitec Surfacing - Engineered For The Future

Still using Quartz as your surface? Learn what the next big thing in surfacing is and WHY YOU NEED IT!!

Hint: Induction top friendly?

Lapitec Sintered Stone Induction Top

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Anti-Dumping and Quartz

Anti-Dumping Quartz Lawsuit

A big piece of news hit the surfacing market recently:  Quartz manufacturers got served in court via an anti-dumping lawsuit.  OMG.  Wow, I can’t believe that.  This could be bad… or good….or wait, what is dumping?  Let’s back up and see what happened.

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Beach DAZE

CaraGreen Beach Vignette

Memorial Day Weekend has passed us and now we're dreaming about sunny blue skies and sandy beaches. 

Read more to learn what products we used for inspiration in this Monthly Vignette. 

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The Top 10 Products Made Out Of Recycled Ocean Plastic

The Top 10 Recycled Plastic Products

The Top 10 Products Made out of Recycled Ocean Plastic

We have seen some horrific images lately that highlight the oceanic crisis of discarded plastic culminating into giant masses in twice the size of Texas in our precious blue waters.  We have seen rivers full of waste flowing through villages.  But just visualizing the problem and bringing it to the forefront, does not solve the problem or offer a solution.  The real solution is in our age-old slogan of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Read more to learn about CaraGreen's list of Top Products Made from Recycled Plastic!

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Beautiful Walls Choose Beautiful Countertops

residential icestone caragreen

When Kim Fraser, wife of the co-founder of Spoonflower, began designing her custom home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she knew she wanted beautiful, sustainable finishes that would complement the eco-friendly wallpaper that her family is so well-known for developing.

Read more about why she chose IceStone as the material for her home.

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Durat Unveils Palace Collection at WantedDesign

Durat Unveils Palace Collection at WantedDesign
The Pallace Collection Features 12 New Colors by the Finnish Brand

Zero Waste Bistro Durat Palace CaraGreen

Raleigh, NC - June 11th, 2018 - Recently, Durat unveiled their newest line, DURAT Palace, at WantedDesign Manhattan. Read more to learn about this new collection. 

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