This Is Epic

reSAWN Epic Flooring

No, really it is Epic! Epic wide oak flooring from reSAWN Timber is the ultimate in durability and beauty in the flooring space. It is w-i-d-e. Read more to learn about this NEW product. 

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Lunch & Learns Aren’t Dead


He walks in with a rolling suitcase.  He unpacks it onto the middle of the table.  Two metal suitcases open up to reveal 50 murky colors of plastic squares.  Another metal suitcase reveals 40 rectangles of stone-like colors that you are pretty sure you already have in the design library.

The PowerPoint goes up overhead.  Panera sandwiches all around.  They forgot to take the cheese off the vegan one.  Mary didn't get her salad and she is gluten free so she can't eat one of the sandwiches of the 4 people that didn't show up.

Read how CaraGreen is redefining Lunch & Learns.

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Mellow May Blues

CaraGreen Mellow May Blues

It's been a very rainy past couple of weeks in Raleigh, North Carolina. All of this rain has us dreaming of warm Summer blues skies. Here is an inspirational vignette to inspire. 

Read more to see what products were chosen.

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What is Koskisen?


What is Koskisen?

Koh-ske- sin

You have to say it slowly. It is hard to say but easy to look at.  A decorative plywood, Koskisen has taken color and plywood and married them in a way that is unmatched by any other.  Long known as a leader in the most beautiful plywood in the world, Finnish wood products supplier Koskisen uses responsibly managed forests to produce some of the most beautiful, flawless plywood in the world.

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Come See Durat at WantedDesign, Part of NYCxDESIGN


Design Week (NYCxDESIGN) is May 19th -22nd and we are excited to have our partner Durat, participate in The Zero Waste Bistro as part of the WantedDesign show.   

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The 5 Real Trends To Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Countertops


It is not uncommon to run into articles that are pushing so-called trends which are actually outdated and do not appeal to the upcoming group of homeowners and renovators.  This article is intended to represent a broad array of trends that are not just aesthetic, but emotional as well, which is how the current generation makes a lot of purchases.

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New Lunch & Learn Course! The Paradigm Shift In The Built Environment


Get savvy and smarter with CaraGreen’s new Lunch and Learn on how the environment is impacting the way we build.

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CaraGreen’s Sustainable Easter Bouquet


Are you ready for the flowers to start coming out? I know CaraGreen is! This month's inspirational vignette is all things Spring! Think pretty pink petals, blue skies, and light colored wood to represent all of the blossoming trees!

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The Top Six Ways To Maximize Your Database in the Building and Construction World


I don’t care what field you are in.  If you are building a business, there is one fundamental concept you should embrace from day one,  a database.  It doesn't matter if you can not afford to buy one because, in reality, you can.

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Our Boldest and Brightest Meet Your Boldest and Brightest


We were so excited to do a photo shoot at Marbles Children’s Museum in Downtown Raleigh and see all the vibrant installations of Durat solid surface. Chosen for its sleek, bright colors (think jammy purples, confetti whites, and electric greens), Durat was a must-have for the designers when they were looking for a solid surface that would match the energy and excitement of the clientele.  

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