Remodeling for 35- and Unders


Apartment complex and condo unit owners struggle to find ways to cater to the generation of 35- and unders that can’t quite afford to buy, but want to rent something in line with their ideals that is not a baseline apartment. How do you differentiate? What do they care about that you can incorporate into your renovation?

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Tough Exterior


At CaraGreen, we have typically curated materials that are suited for indoor use, but with the innovative companies with whom we partner, these beautiful materials are making their way outdoors as well. Cladding, whether interior or exterior, is suitable for sprucing up vertical surfaces and adding a touch of wood, stone, or other evocative texture. 

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Fall Feelings

Excited for fall? So are we! Check out what we are referencing for inspiration as the weather starts to change.

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Health vs Wealth


The biggest change to come to the building industry in a long time is putting people first. Traditional construction mentality has been “How do we achieve the owner’s goals while also meeting the budget and putting more money in my pocket?” The new way of thinking is “How do I make sure the occupants have a pleasant experience in this space?”

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Countertop Marketing is Atrocious

Wow. Nice Quartz. Is that Marble? I don’t know how to type a whistle sound, but man, if I could! Carrera, Calacatta? Is that a long sleek white counter with no words and a half naked lady? Hummina

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