The Top Six Ways To Maximize Your Database in the Building and Construction World


I don’t care what field you are in.  If you are building a business, there is one fundamental concept you should embrace from day one,  a database.  It doesn't matter if you can not afford to buy one because, in reality, you can.

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Our Boldest and Brightest Meet Your Boldest and Brightest


We were so excited to do a photo shoot at Marbles Children’s Museum in Downtown Raleigh and see all the vibrant installations of Durat solid surface. Chosen for its sleek, bright colors (think jammy purples, confetti whites, and electric greens), Durat was a must-have for the designers when they were looking for a solid surface that would match the energy and excitement of the clientele.  

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Is Sintered Stone the Same as Porcelain Tile?


Recently, a new category of surfacing materials hit the market and represents what is truly next in engineered surfacing:  sintered stone.  “Sintered Stone” is the moniker three firms Lapitec, Neolith, and Dekton have chosen to differentiate their products from traditional quartz materials.  These products are superior in a myriad of ways.

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Thinking Big By Building Small


We have always had big aspirations for our products, but in recent months we have learned to celebrate the little things. Working with several couples as they set off on adventures in buses or vans, we have provided them with healthy materials to keep them safe and cozy in their small space. UltraTouch insulation was a natural choice for Gary and Beth Hodges (follow their adventure @the198bus) as they didn’t want nasty, pink fiberglass in the walls of their bus in which they plan to live and travel.

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Spring Showers


We are getting ready for the warmer, fresh weather of the spring! Looking forward to some nice new growth. To keep us inspired, we love this selection of soft, rainy, natural textures.

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Remodeling for Millennials


What happens to these eco-conscious, environmentally-savvy entry level homeowners who don’t want granite and know the backstory of where it comes from, and frankly, see it as a dated version of the countertop their parents had?

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The Formation of CaraGreen


The Formation of CaraGreen

A trifecta of talent and opportunity resulted in the formation of the business that means “Friend of Green,” advocate of natural materials, human health and wellness in the built environment: CaraGreen.

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Lapitec Joins Modern Surfaces Movement


With the emerging sintered stone trend in surfacing, Modern Surfaces is pleased to have industry leader, Lapitec, join their movement. Modern Surfaces is comprised of several materials companies determined to Create Better. Lapitec is the next generation of surfacing and was an ideal partner for Modern Surfaces, as they are a true innovator in this space. 

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Create Better with PaperStone Labs


PaperStone has launched its latest venture, PaperStone Labs, to help designers, architects and innovators get a sneak peek into what really goes on behind the scenes at its Washington think tank. PaperStone Labs is a place to go if you have an idea that you would like to collaborate on and help bring to market. Want a new color? Ask PaperStone Labs. Is there a textured finish you would love to see? Ask PaperStone labs. Need a specific resin made for your application? Ask our scientists.

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Lapitec - The Surface with Purpose


We love sintered stone.  Not just for its unmatched performance, but for all that has gone into its creation.  From its inception, Lapitec sintered stone was a purpose-driven product.  It was created to address the limitations of natural stone and quartz.

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