• Meld Countertop at Durham South Regional Library Information Desk

    Meld Countertop at Durham South Regional Library Information Desk

Jan 28, 2011 Author: Carrie Moore

Durham Library Uses Meld to Commemorate History and Pioneer Green Future

Meld is featured in the new Durham South Regional Library for both countertops and flooring. Freelon, the project architect, selected a custom blue shade  (#227) of Meld ecoX for the information desk countertops. And, custom Meld floor inserts were crafted to commemorate the hi story of the jobsite, which was the former Lowes Grove School established in the 1890s. To do this, the floor tiles have historical facts embedded in them. Meld ecoX contains 74% recycled content and is made locally, helping contribute to the project’s LEED silver goal. The 25,000 SQFT library has an impressive list of sustainability attributes, which include:
    •    Designed to be 69% more energy efficient than a comparable baseline building
    •    Reduced water usage by 44%
    •    Over 80% of construction waste was recycled
    •    Landscaped with drought resistant plant species that do not require irrigation
    •    Use of products such as carpets, paints and adhesives that do not off-gas.
    •    CO2 monitors to ensure optimum levels of fresh air
    •    Daylight in over 75% of regularly occupied spaces
    •    Views to the exterior from over 90% of regularly occupied spaces
Meld concrete is available in either stocked and readily available pre-cast slabs that are 30" x 96" x 1 1/2" or in custom shapes, sizes, colors and glass options tailored to the needs of individual projects, such as the Durham Library.  Meld has over a decade of experience designing and engineering concrete products.

Meld in Durham South Regional LibraryMeld in Durham South Regional Library

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