Sharing Is Caring - Co-working Spaces Are HOT

Our spotlight is on this stunner of an interior renovation in Charlotte, NC - CoCoTiv. Spearheaded by the RdM Architecture Team:

Rick Mack (Architect and General Contractor), Barrow Koslosky (Project Manager), Julia Badorrek (Intern Architect), Miriam Webster (Interior Designer), Doug Williams (Superintendent). What are some of the biggest challenges in renovating these co-working spaces: Acoustics! RdM solved this issue by using EchoPanel Hex Tiles: easy to apply and visually appealing, EchoPanel accomplished exactly what RdM was hoping to achieve.

According to Webster, “Providing prototype design services for this new co-working company required extensive research and conceptual initiatives into this emerging industry. RdM worked closely with the Owner to achieve maximum revenue opportunities by maximizing occupancy and memberships.”

CoCoTiv is situated on the 4th floor of the reimagined Park Seneca Building originally built in 1970, the 12,600 SF space has beautiful views of the uptown Charlotte skyline looking north and suburban views to South Park. Webster was pleased with the final design, calling it “an artful combination of hard, rough building components, exposed structure, systems, and utilities, and street graphics are softened with reclaimed wood and neutral fabrics with splashes of trendy color elements then blended into a gritty but comfortable urban oasis.” We love being part of the solution, and Kirei EchoPanel always delivers.

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Lapitec Surfacing - Engineered For The Future

Still using Quartz as your “go to” surface? Snap out of it! Lapitec sintered stone far outperforms quartz, is competitively priced and is (in our humble opinions) much more appealing and timeless. With seven textures and colors ranging from deep black to brilliant white, Lapitec addresses all the shortcomings of quartz and granite. Specifically engineered to be the next generation of surfacing, Lapitec will not yellow (like quartz), can not be scratched (like quartz) and will not react to heat (like quartz). The minds behind the creation of quartz are the ones that proactively invented sintered stone to replace quartz, and the time is now. Widely accepted as the “what’s next” in surfacing, Lapitec also boasts hydrophilic properties, which mean anti-graffiti and anti-pollution. Yes, it breaks down pollution. Think about buildings that actually give back to the environment. Quartz was queen, but its reign is over. The heat is on, and Lapitec can stand up to it!

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Summer School - Book Your Courses on Biophilic Design, WELL, or Waste as a Resource

Get on our schedule for courses (AIA, GBCI credit hours) on the most relevant topics for architects and designers. No, these are not those thinly veiled product pitches that you are accustomed to, these are relevant topics.

  • Biophilic Design - Learn the underlying principles and explore the data behind this design technique that is rapidly becoming the most creative method for enhancing occupant productivity, health and well-being
  • WELL Building Standard - Get up to speed on the latest WELL Building standard, whether you just want to be in know, or if you are studying to be a WELL AP, this course will get you the basic info to hit the ground running on this new, health-focused standard.
  • Waste as a Resource - Learn how the built environment is changing and how we need to rethink the way we design.  With major changes in waste management and recycling, as consumers and designers, we need to get more creative to design buildings that can give back.

Sign up HERE to book one or more of these hot topics.

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May Vignette - Mellow May Blues

Products from top to bottom:

Durat - 182
PaperStone - Azure
Kirei - EchoPanel, 101
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue 5024
IceStone - Cobalt Ice

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Quartz Anti-Dumping Petition

We have been telling you for a while that quartz is ubiquitous, which was our nice way of saying commoditized and cheap. Now Cambria, the leading quartz manufacturer based in the US has filed an anti-dumping petition against 301 quartz factories in China. Yes, three hundred and one. That means they think quartz is being sold in the US for less than it costs to make. And they also claim countervailing dumping, which means the quartz from China is being subsidized, further allowing it to be sold in the US for even less, driving pricing down and forcing domestic manufacturers out of business. The press release can be found here.

For samples of sustainable, responsibly made surfacing alternatives, check out or email us:

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Lose The Skepticism - PaperStone

Don’t think that PaperStone can hold up? Re-share our latest post with a PaperStone cutting board on our Instagram and Facebook page to receive a PaperStone cutting board to evaluate its performance. All we ask is that you send us your feedback on how it performs.

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Baffling Sound Problems

Gensler, one of the leading architecture firms in the world, is not immune to running into design problems. Like sound control in open spaces. Expansive floor plans and open layouts introduce a myriad of issues when it comes to treating acoustics in these spaces. Fortunately, their Raleigh office was able to draw on Kirei EchoPanel and its multiple shapes and configurations to create a colorful acoustic solution in an open office environment. EchoPanel bucks the acoustic norms in its breadth of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and customizations available. According to Gensler, “We needed some acoustical panels that came in fun colors and were at a great price point – Kirei met all our requirements.” A sound decision, we agree!  

Request a binder:

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This Is Epic

No, really it is Epic! Epic wide oak flooring from reSAWN Timber is the ultimate in durability and beauty in the flooring space. It is w-i-d-e. How wide, you ask? 13.5” wide. Constructed in a stable, 3 ply format, the Epic white oak flooring using matching top and bottom layers to create a thick wear layer and stabilizing base layer sets a new standard in flooring.

What else?  For the base layer, it uses the white oak that would normally not be considered “face grade” due to knots or other irregularities, that would not be visually appealing. Still incredibly strong, there is no need to dispose of this useful oak, rather, it can be repurposed as part of the flooring. Looking for something that nobody else has, is visually stunning, has dramatic width and would be totally, well, Epic? You found it here →

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Lunch & Learn

CaraGreen lunch and learns are educational opportunities for your firm. With topics like WELL Building, Biophilic Design and Sintered Stone, we work hard to bring you the most relevant, trending classes. Email us to book a CE course today:

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April Vignette - Earth Day

Products from top to bottom:

  • IceStone - Denim Moss
  • PaperStone - Azure
  • BarkHouse - Standard Poplar
  • Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Green 6029
  • Lapitec - Arabescato Canova, Satin
  • reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban Charred Cladding, Kujaku
  • Durat - 800

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