Durat Does Digits

Confused by a specification that says Durat 100?  Durat colors are numbers. Those three digits tell you a lot. You can cross reference the numbers by calling us at 919-929-3009 or emailing us. Those three digits prevent a lot of confusion and help keep designers specifications and color choices intact. If we used “snow white” - there are probably seven similar knock-offs waiting in the wings, and a carefully chosen specification could get switched. Our numbers are our code - to keeping your specifications safe!

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Staffing Up

CaraGreen is excited to welcome Madeline Rohrbacher to the sales team. Maddie will be responsible for managing and growing sales in the DC and surrounding areas. Her background with the USGBC, passion for green building and tenacious sales drive make her a great fit for the CaraGreen team. You can set up a lunch and learn or product presentation in the area by emailing her at madeline@caragreen.com.

We are also excited to announce Emily Rice as our Social Media Manager. With the shift toward online marketing, CaraGreen and our partners are engaging more with our customer base on social platforms like Instagram, Houzz, Facebook, and Pinterest. Emily has a degree in Marketing Innovation and not only loves the products, but loves how they perform and is excited to share these features with you across our social media accounts. Have a good story, article, or image to share?  Email emily@caragreen.com.

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September Vignette - Fall Feelings

From Back to Front:

ReSawn Timber Co - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Iruka Cypress
ECOfusion - Strand Woven Bamboo, Midnight Sky
Kirei - Geometry Tiles, Delta, #542
Kirei - Geometry Tiles, Oblong, #579
Kirei - EchoPanel, Ceremony, #122

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Remodeling - Tips and Tricks for Using PaperStone

PaperStone is an ideal material for a remodel.  

For the current generation of homebuyers or renters, they are looking for spaces that represent their values. Those often include respect for the environment and modern or current aesthetics that are not what their parents had.

PaperStone ticks all the boxes:

        ☑ It’s stone-like performance makes it a great replacement for granite or quartz.  
        ​☑ It is made in the USA unlike most quartz, which typically comes from China.  
        ☑ It can be cut on site, using standard woodworking tools.  
        ​☑ Contractors can do it themselves, avoiding costly stone fabrication.  
        ​☑ Available with 100% recycled paper.

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Reduce Sound With EchoPanel Best in Class Acoustic Fabric

Competitively priced and stylishly awesome, the new Mura fabrics are a perfect complement to Kirei’s existing EchoPanel Sheets and systems. Easily wrapped around curved surfaces or adhered to large wall spaces, these fabrics offer comparable NRC performance, but offer an extensive palette of brilliant colors and designs. Best of all, they line up with CaraGreen’s commitment to do better by sporting 60% recycled content. Made of 100% PET, the fabric has a warm feel without the high cost of other felt based products.  Email us at kirei@caragreen.com to find out more.

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Rethink Pollution - Watch How a Building Can Purify Air

As our cities expand up and out, the built environment needs to adapt to reduce pollution instead of cause it. Buildings that clean the air are a real thing and Lapitec is at the forefront of the technology making it happen.

Lapitec’s engineered slabs are sintered, making them UV, scratch and stain resistant, and suitable for interior and exterior uses. The 1cm material in supersize slabs are ideal for exterior cladding applications and flooring. The 2 and 3cm slabs are great for countertops. Best of all, the materials are self cleaning.  Sound impossible?  

Check out this video to see how: Lapitec Buildings Purify the Air

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August Vignette - Raspberry Beret

From Back to Front:

Plyboo - Linear Line Collection, LL1
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002
Bark House - Poplar
Kirei - Coco Tile, Java Collection, Yogya White

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Tips And Techniques

Can I miter PaperStone edges?

Of Course! The main trick is to make sure that you attach the face of the mitered edge to a substrate or blocking below. This increases the surface area of the cap sheet that is adhered to another fibrous material (substrate). Also, using mechanical fasteners ensures an even more reliable edge, as with any other mitered material.

Please email us for our document on Mitering PaperStone Edges if you want more details.


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There Once Was A Tradeshow In Dallas

Our first time at Metrocon in Dallas was a tremendous success. Sporting the Modern Surfaces collection along with reSAWN Timber’s Charred wood, Wonderwall’s reclaimed wood and Kosisen’s transparent colored plywood, CaraGreen’s booth was unmatched. With our Create Better backdrop we showed Texas that everything is Better in North Carolina. An untapped market for many of the brands, the attendees were clamoring to get samples and information and find a way to use the innovative PaperStone, and colorful Durat on their projects. Our Biophilic Design presentation was sold out and we received great feedback on the topic and great booth traffic afterward from those who attended. Thank you Texas for the hospitality, now, back to Raleigh!

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Well, Well, Well

  1. We have our first WELL AP! Alyssa Holland has joined us full-time and passed her WELL Building exam to become one of the first WELL APs. This new building standard is hot on the heels of LEED and is likely to become the employees-first look at building systems toward which we have all been striving.
  2. Our WELL Building Standard Continuing Education course is available for architecture firms looking to find out more about the standard, have a nice lunch and get some credit for AIA or GBCI.
  3. WELL vs. LEED – This course is also approved and can be booked through CaraGreen for credit. An in-depth look at the various rating systems and what techniques and credits they employ can help building owners and their partners decide what system is best for you based on your needs.

For more information on WELL and booking our courses, please email alyssa@caragreen.com.

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