January Vignette - Winter Greys

Clockwise, starting from from the upper left:

Kirei - EchoPanel, 365
PaperStone - Graphite
Kirei - EchoPanel, 101
Lapitec - Satin, Arabescato Michelangelo
Durat - 054, 441, and 254
PaperStone - Pewter


Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, White 9003, White 9001, and Grey 7004

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Want Not. Waste Not.

When a wood product company rejected thousands of board feet of its Laminated Veneer Lumber because it was out of spec, the material was destined for the dumpster. Until the creative minds atPaperStone decided that the stability and strength of the PaperStone product could bring new life to the scrap material. Applying a thin layer of PaperStone to the LVL on both sides, reinforced and stabilized the material into sheets of incredibly durable, cost effective Plyboard. This material is ideally suited for shelving, benches and casework or any other application that needs the surface durability of PaperStone at a very competitive price point. For more information on Plyboard and samples, please email us at paperstone@caragreen.com.

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Don’t Buy Crappy Flooring. This Is The Best

Walking the aisles of Home Depot will not result in a high quality flooring. More likely you are looking at some design printed on top of a cheap fiberboard or a thin layer of hardwood atop a cheap wood core. If you want a high quality, well wearing hardwood that is sustainable and beautiful, reSAWN Timber has what you need. Wide plank walnuts, white oak, ash, cherry and red oak are available in a variety of trendy finishes and incredibly thick wear layers that ensure a long-lasting stunning flooring. Also used as wall cladding, reSAWN Timber's line of wood products is unmatched in the industry.  

For samples, color cards and pricing, please email resawn@caragreen.com.

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Marveling at Marble?

For the last three years the surfacing world has been showing us marble. White with gray veining, Calacatta, Carrara, and now gold veining has made its entree in the form of Calacatta Gold. The problem? It is not marble. Unfortunately we are back to the game of impostors, with quartz looking like marble, solid surface looking like marble and porcelain printed with marble veining. If you want marble, use marble. We don't get it. Maybe because our products are all true to their aesthetic, and look like what they are? We would like to see the countertop world lose its marbles. Another KBIS show with marble knock-offs is a non-starter.

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Porcelain Tiles As Countertops? Not So Fast

Are tile countertops making a comeback? No, but porcelain companies are trying to scale up their thin tiles into countertop worthy sizes, in order to capitalize on the ultracompact stone, or sintered stone category, which is the next big thing in the surfacing world.

Everyone at the Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS) was clamoring to show their scaled up porcelain tiles and try to elbow in on true sintered stone materials, which are far superior to quartz and guaranteed to take quartz market share over the next decade. Don't get duped by these thin format tiles though, they are brittle, hard to handle and can chip easily. The true sintered stone category, which is the next generation of man made stone, is exclusive to brands like Lapitec, Dekton and Neolith. Lapitec was designed to include a 3cm thickness, a defacto standard in the countertop world. You can't scale up to that. The process has to be designed to support it. Be wary of the tile companies that are screaming "me too" in the porcelain world because the products are truly a different process and were designed for different applications. Stick to your walls and floors, tile guys.

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December Vignette - Santa Goes Green

From Top to Bottom:

Durat - 730
PaperStone - Graphite
IceStone - Sapphire Snow

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Best in Show - PaperStone

Are you a dog person?

A little can go a long way when it comes to supporting innovators in the industry. PaperStone is a great material for any innovative design that needs a balance between ease of use, beauty and durability. Often looked over because of the word “paper,” the reality is that PaperStone performs like stone and is a strong as steel. It is paper transformed into stone. Just ask D2 Architecture, who used PaperStone in their creation at Bark n Build in Dallas, TX, where they won Best in Show for their stunning dog house, which was tailored to the needs of the aging canine. Their submission was true Barkitecture at work.


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Best in Class - reSAWN Timber

reSAWN Timber was one of the first to come to market with its Charred Collection of Shou Sugi Ban Woods. Using Cypress, they launched a full line of colorful charred wood; an aesthetic designers were clamoring for and excited about. They then launched a line of Western Red Cedar for the west coast market, and then added the even more durable Accoya and Kebony charred lines. Never ones to sit and wait for the next innovation, reSAWN innovates constantly, improving and excelling in their market. Widely known as the best in Charred Timber, reSAWN leads the pack with its technology and color offerings. To get samples of their Charred Collection, please call 919.929.3009 or email resawn@caragreen.com.

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Best in Balance - Kirei EchoPanel

Leave it to Kirei to strike the perfect balance between beauty and sound control with its new Balance Tiles, the super-easy, peel and stick solution for controlling acoustics. Nearly an inch thick with a sharp beveled edge to create depth in a space, these tiles come in three different sizes which can be combined to create unique designs that also serve to dampen sound. Acoustics is the hot topic as we move into 2018, and innovative products like EchoPanel continue to adapt and add new formats, colors and patterns to keep designers excited and on top of the latest trends. For more information on the Balance Tiles, email echopanel@caragreen.com.

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November Vignette - Thankful for Sustainability

From Back to Front:

Bark House - White Pine
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Sahara
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Sumatra Collection, Sipora
Plyboo - Linear Sound, LS16, Amber
PaperStone - Leather
IceStone - Forest Fern

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