Goodberry’s Creamery in Raleigh Integrates Sustainability Into New Shop

Goodberry's Creamery at Cameron Village in Raleigh, NC has integrated sustainable building practices and materials into its new store design with the help of local Raleigh architects Bret Page and Andy Osterlund.
Goodberry's goal for this store was to educate customers about their frozen custard, which has always been made from just a few natural ingredients.  So, using natural building materials in the construction was an easy decision. In one of their first meetings, the Goodberry’s owner showed the team a painting of a dairy farm that hung in their office. The painting had an avant-garde style and highlighted their key ingredients. We wanted to bring that style and those highlights into the store.
Goodberry’s suggested bamboo floors early on, for their rapidly renewable nature and modern aesthetic. The service counter and table tops, where Meld ecoX is installed, also available through CaraGreen, needed to be durable, cleanable, and have a solid, cool, stone feel. Goodberry’s signature custard is their “Concrete” mixed with your choice of topping.  Meld concrete was archetypical.  They loved the color, the weight, and that it was pre-cast locally with recycled aggregate.

Lighting in the store was carefully considered; electric lighting in the store is efficient, compact fluorescents help to maintain the color of daylight, and LEDs create fun, bright color highlights while using minimal energy. Other sustainable features include the restrooms, which have automatic faucets for convenience and to conserve water.  And, Goodberry’s custom-made custard equipment was even modified to be more energy efficient!
This project sets a great example for the future of Cameron Village and for restaurants that would like to integrate more sustainability into their spaces.

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CaraGreen Exhibiting at NeoCon East Next Week, Booth # 2767

CaraGreen is heading to Baltimore October 28th and 29th where we’ll be exhibiting at NeoCon East.  NeoCon East is the premier design exposition and conference for the mid-atlantic design community and we are excited to be part of this show!
The CaraGreen booth has installations of Durat, Meld, TorZo, and Turning House Millworks, so designers can see these sustainable products in action.  Durat will have a vibrant and playful lime green tub and kelly green sink on display.  Meld will have two stunning ecoX countertops, one of which shows their new micro glass option, which uses finely ground glass as the aggregate.  TorZo Indure, Tiikeri, and Orient will be featured as wall coverings and shelving in the booth, which adds texture and warmth to the space.  And, Turning House Millworks will cover the floor with their reclaimed multi-plank (engineered) wood flooring.
If you are heading to the show, we hope to see you there!  Otherwise, look for a recap of the event on our blog next month.

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Manufacturing, Design, and the Art in Recycling in Finland

Whenever possible, we visit our manufacturers facilities so that we can become educated and verify claims.  In this case, in September, I traveled to Helsinki Finland and then hopped on bus to Turku where I met up with the team from Durat for a lesson in manufacturing, design, and the art in recycling. 

Ulla Tuominen is the artist behind the beautiful colors and shapes that make Durat’s product line so unique.  I was able to spend a day with Ulla and see the world through her eyes.  First, we toured the manufacturing facility.  I learned that the specks in Durat are the recycled content and the ending number of the color code indicates the type of recycled content – clear, white, black, large, small, multicolored, etc.  Durat has partnerships with various manufacturers in Finland and neighboring Sweden to collect their waste plastics.  The waste material is processed at the manufacturing facility where it goes through a process of being cleaned, stripped of any extraneous materials, and ground into the granular material. 

Then, to the color lab.  Where little samples of any color you can possibly imagine lie everywhere you look.  Some colors are standard, others inspired by a clients vision – such as #810 where the client requested the color of a ‘granny smith apple’. When the wild colors combine with the recycled materials, the possibilities seem endless.  Some of the projects that were being fabricated the day that I visited included a ‘granny smith apple’ colored tub, a dozen custom vanities with integrated sinks that were going into an office building, and free-standing Torni (Tower in English) sinks.

While I have long admired the material and designs of Durat, observing the manufacturing process inspired me to think about the potential for large scale custom projects such as hotels, office buildings, dorms, etc. 

We drove from the manufacturing facility in Rymättylä to the Helsinki showroom located in the Design District in the center of the city.  An area full of design and antique shops, fashion stores, museums, art galleries, restaurants and showrooms.  In a restored warehouse, Durat’s showroom blends seamlessly with Artek, founded by the visionary modern architect (and Finnish design legend) Alvar Aalto.  Taking recycling to new heights, I learned that Artek bought back original and vintage Aalto stools and chairs from schools, libraries and individuals and has resold them under the label 2nd Cycle.  These 2nd Cycle gems were resold with their worn character intact, no refinishing. 

Between the Artek and Durat showrooms the art of recycling took many functional, modern, and inspiring forms.

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CaraGreen Exhibiting and Speaking at the AIA SAR Conference 10/1 and 10/2 in Greenville, SC

CaraGreen will be exhibiting and presenting at the AIA South Atlantic Regional (SAR) Conference in Greenville, SC, October 1st-2nd. We will be showcasing our products in a newly designed booth, which will feature both samples and installations of our goods.  Stop by booth #146 to see our latest offerings!

In addition to exhibiting, Stacy Glass from CaraGreen will be teaching a seminar on Friday Oct. 2nd 10:15 – 11:30, titled “Selecting and Optimizing Materials for LEED Projects”.

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Stacy Glass to Particpate in Women Leading Environmental Change Panel Discussion

The 2009 Women’s Leadership Summit at Meredith College will include an opportunity to explore the leadership lessons offered by women at the forefront of environmental change in their communities, businesses, and organizations.

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GreenNC 2009 Tradeshow Recap - What a turnout!

GreenNC Trade Show 2009If the turnout at GreenNC 2009 is any indication, green building has reached a new level of sophistication and collaboration in NC.   I applaud the collaboration between the three NC chapters of the USGBC.  It brought attendees in from around the state and broadened the conversation to a place where we can discuss policy and incentives for green building. 

We had a booth last year and were pleased with the turnout and exposure, but this year, in the new green (LEED certification pending) Raleigh Convention Center, there were twice as many exhibitors and 4x as many attendees (by my unofficial count).

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Stop by the CaraGreen Booth at GreenNC in Raleigh Next Week

CaraGreen will be taking our showroom on the road and exhibiting at the 5th annual GreenNC tradeshow next week.  The show is being held at the Raleigh Convention Center Wednesday, September 9th, 9AM-5PM.  CaraGreen's Booth is #310, so stop by and say hello!

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Cradle to Cradle Travels to Iceland - Interview with Michael Cucchiara

Michael Cucchiara, an advisor to CaraGreen and partner in Greenbridge Developments - a mixed use development in Chapel Hill, NC seeking LEED Gold status, has just returned from William McDonough’s annual fishing trip in Iceland.  We caught up with him to learn more about this trip, including the esteemed guest list, hot topics of discussion, and why it all happens in obscure Iceland.

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CaraGreen Now Offers IDCEC Approved Continuing Education Course

CaraGreen now offers a course that is accredited through the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC). Interior Designers that take the course are elgible for Continuing Education Units. 

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Golden Arches Going Green in Cary, NC

In mid-July, North Carolina’s first green McDonald’s restaurant opened at 1299 Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, NC marking it as only the third of its kind nationwide to be built using eco-friendly materials and technologies. Development of the restaurant began with McDonald’s Owner/Operator Ric Richards who wanted to refurbish the 25-year-old building. As reconstruction options evolved, Richards said the environmental impact became clear: building a structure dedicated to sustainability would mean significant cost savings and reduced energy consumption. “Even though the costs to build this McDonald’s were higher in the near term, we knew that going forward with this green initiative we would set the stage for more savings long-term, both financially and environmentally,” Richards said.

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