CaraGreen Seeking Director of Sales

CaraGreen, LLC is a distributor of environmentally sustainable building materials.  The company seeks a motivated Director of Sales who will be responsible for driving sales in the Eastern United States.

Compensation:  For this full-time position, compensation will consist of a base salary that is commensurate with experience and a bonus that is commensurate with performance.  Benefits include paid time off, health insurance, and 401k.  This position would also be eligible for the company’s profit sharing plan. 

Reports to:  President

Company:  In early 2008, CaraGreen began distributing innovative, high-quality sustainable building materials in the Southeastern United States.  The company’s principal office is located in Carrboro, NC, and its warehouse is located in Graham, NC.  With green building gaining momentum and permanency in the United States, CaraGreen desires to expand its territory beyond the Southeastern United States to capitalize on this fast growing segment of the building materials market.  CaraGreen is a family-owned company whose principals have experience in green design; green product distribution; product, building, and interior design; and the professional services industry.

Responsibilities:  The Director of Sales will have overall responsibility for all sales activities of the company. Responsibilities include:
    * Establish and manage a network of manufacturers’ reps on the East coast.
    * Expand and manage the company’s sales force.
    * Prospect for potential new clients, and service existing clients, in the Raleigh/Durham area:
          o Architects & Designers
          o Fabricators / distributors
          o Kitchen and Bath showrooms
          o Green retailers
    * Identify high profile commercial projects and pursue specification of CaraGreen products.
    * Comprehensive use and understanding of company Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. 
    * Participate in designated trade shows and trade associations.
    * Understand Green Building Certification programs and become an Accredited Professional in the USGBC’s LEED rating system.
    * Make professional presentations on products and programs.
    * Create and manage sales and marketing expense budgets.

Travel:  Travel on the East coast is expected initially to set up rep network, followed by regular travel within the territory thereafter (average 5 - 6 overnights per month).      

    * 10 years outside sales and/or sales management experience required
    * Four-year college degree
    * Experience with building products preferred
    * Experience with manufacturers’ reps preferred
    * Interest in environmental sustainability and green products is a plus

Desired Traits: CaraGreen believes the Director of Sales should possess the following traits:
    * Opportunistic and entrepreneurial
    * Growth-oriented and self-motivated
    * Good presentation and speaking skills
    * Superior follow-up skills and attention to detail
    * Strong work ethic
    * Fast learner
    * Sales management skills compatible with company culture
    * Must be a team player

Direct resumes to

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Bark House Wood Products - Locally Manufacturered, Cradle to Cradle Certified, & Stunning

As we’ve noted in the past, we always like to visit the manufacturers we are considering bringing into the CaraGreen line-up, to see the manufacturing process in person and to verify they really are doing everything they say they are.  Recently,  I visited Highland Craftsmen, manufacturer of Bark House brand poplar bark siding and many other interesting products.  Located in Spruce Pine in the NC mountains,  Highland Craftsmen are doing everything they say and more.

The owners, Marty and Chris McCurry, are passionate about what they do, and their passion is shared by everyone who works there.  My guide, sales person Ryan Crawley, gave me a tour of the facility and I was impressed by how much they got done in a relatively small footprint.  Operations take place in several buildings in downtown Spruce Pine, with the safety and comfort of their employees as the highest priority.  In keeping with the principles of sustainability, they have occupied existing buildings in a compact area of town rather than building a brand new facility.  Each building in the “campus” houses a different operation, from handling and storage of the bark siding shingles and wall panels, to the cutting and storage of giant slabs cut from trees that have fallen or have been cut down for safety purposes to the cutting and storage of funky stumps and stems that can be used for all sorts of purposes.
Highland Crafsmen also works to create as close to a zero waste facility as they can with scraps from their operation being given to the city for use as mulch and other purposes.  No water is used to manufacture their products, and any energy they consume is offset with renewable energy credits.  They have created beautiful green spaces in the Spruce Pine community that were initially for the use of their employees but are open to anyone who wants to enjoy them.
And let’s  not forget the awesome materials they make at this place!  Their mainstay is the Bark House brand poplar bark siding.  Bark is obtained from sustainable foresters in the Appalachians harvesting Yellow Poplar for the plywood and furniture industries.  HC obtains the bark that would otherwise be discarded or ground into low grade mulch and instead turns it into a unique and long-lasting siding material.  The shingles can be used on the interior as well, and HC can also provide large Poplar panels in a variety of widths and heights.  In addition to the Poplar products,  HC also manufactures several bark laminate products made from White pine, white and yellow birch, and fire cherry.  These materials are coming from sources that are clearing land for personal use and the owners don’t want to waste the material.  There are many options available to provide just the special look you are looking for in cabinet doors, wall panels, etc. 
In addition to all of this, HC also has a variety of other products such as large slabs for table tops and mantles,  stumps and stems in all configurations, and an assortment of trim pieces such as handrails and moldings.  They can work with you on custom projects as well – I saw a  cool bunk bed made entirely of tree trunks and stems, complete with a spiral staircase to the bed and stool for the desk below!

Bark House’s sustainable commitment show in the Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification obtained for their Bark House brand poplar bark siding, they hold Chain of Custody Certification for the siding as well, and HC is a B Corporation, which means it is meeting very comprehensive standards for social and environmental performance.   There are numerous other sustainable features that are further outlined in their website, and we invite you to check them out.  The next time you are trying to bring a little of the outdoors inside in a very sustainable way, take a look at all of the great things they have to offer.


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Duke Energy Tower Goes for LEED Gold

The newest addition to Charlotte’s skyline is the 54-story Duke Energy Center, located on South Tryon Street. To demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, the shell building is going for a LEED Gold rating, and all tenants have been asked to meet a minimum of LEED Silver for their spaces. Some of the features in place to earn the Gold rating include water saving features such as waterless urinals, dual flush water closets, and low flow lavatories. Storm water, ground water, and condensate will be collected to irrigate the green roof, and to offset potable water consumption for the cooling tower.  Energy consumption has been optimized through various approaches such as high efficiency mechanical equipment, daylighting blinds and photosensors, along with dimmable ballasts. Indoor environmental quality has been addressed with low-emitting materials, increased ventilation, and thermal comfort control.  And 90% of the indoor space will have access to views of the outside, with 75% having access to daylight.

As for materials, a minimum of 50% of construction waste was diverted from landfills and at least 20% of all materials will have recycled content.  Caragreen is proud to be a part of this project; we supplied Durat solid surface material and UltraTouch cotton denim insulation.  Durat contains 30% recycled plastic and has been used in break rooms for countertops.  And, UltraTouch insulation has 85% recycled and rapidly renewable content and is used throughout the building.

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Chapel Hill Modernist Home Uses CaraGreen Finishes in Renovation

The News and Observer recently covered the renovation of a mid-century modern home in Chapel Hill, which used CaraGreen finishes. The renovation involved a three-story addition, which was needed to accommodate a growing family. Louis Cherry of Cherry Huffman Architects came up with the new design, which complemented the existing mid-century structure.  The master bedroom was moved to the ground floor of the addition with a studio and wine cellar going on the lower level and a rooftop dining area on top.  The space connects beautifully with the surrounding woods with expansive windows that let in natural light and show the outdoors, a deck off the master bedroom, and the rooftop terrace. 

Sustainable and natural materials were used in the renovation, many of which CaraGreen provided.  Rapidly renewable bamboo flooring was used throughout the home. Eco-Cem panels, made with recycled wood fibers, were used for wall panels in the master bathroom (Coal Grey) and for flooring on the rooftop terrace (Natural Grey).  And, Eco-Gres recycled porcelain mosaic tile (Dover White) was used for flooring in the master bathroom.

Read the full story, complete with a gallery of images, here.


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Ultratouch Now Uses Post-Consumer Recycled Content

One of the building industry’s most environmentally friendly products just got a whole lot greener and a bit less confusing. UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation, commonly referred to as “recycled blue jean insulation”, is now sourced entirely of post-consumer blue jeans instead of the post-industrial denim scraps it was previously made from. The recycled jean material has made its way through the used clothing chain without being sold and has reached a point where it would typically either go to a landfill or be incinerated. Now, this material will be put to good use in UltraTouch cotton insulation.

Additionally, UltraTouch’s packaging has been improved to increase its product per truckload by 15 percent. This significantly lowers the product’s carbon footprint and makes shipping easier.
For more information on UltraTouch, which can contribute to 12 LEED credits, contact CaraGreen.

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CaraGreen Now Offering Education on Labels and Certifications

CaraGreen has added a new lunch and learn to our list of educational offerings. The course titled How to Assess Materials Sustainable Attributes – Breaking Down Labels and Certifications, provides 1 AIA CES HSW credit. As more sustainable materials are introduced to the market, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out how to compare products. This course on Labels and Certifications helps clarify which products can meet your project requirements and how you can distinguish truly sustainable features from invalidated claims. The course considers the best techniques for assessing product sustainability based on a single attribute or considering a product’s full life cycle.  We will simplify the process of determining what makes a product sustainable and why.  Learning objectives include:

-Define the connection between Buildings, Interiors and Material Selection
-Learn Health, Environmental and Social Impacts of Material Selection
-Examine what makes a good label or certification program
-Identify which sustainable materials meet your project needs today

Other CaraGreen course offerings currently include: Building Materials for Sustainable Interiors, Life Cycle Analysis Tools and Evaluation Methods for Sustainable Interiors, Sustainable Surfacing Materials, and Bamboo Flooring & Plywood in a Sustainable Design Environment

For more information on having CaraGreen present at your firm, contact Lisa.

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Meld EcoX Installed in CaraGreen Founder’s Home

CaraGreen founder, David Spuria, recently installed Meld ecoX countertops in his personal residence. David selected Meld for its modern and natural aesthetic and sustainability profile. Meld ecoX has up to 70% recycled content. And, the color he used, Natural with Tri-blend Glass, uses completely post-consumer recycled glass in shades of green, brown, and clear. To pick up on the brilliant green colored glass, a nearby wall was painted in the same hue. Other eco-friendly elements of David's home include energy star appliances, reflective plywood and foam insulation in the attic and exterior walls, a metal roof, cotton insulation in the interior walls, and 100% recycled 3-form polymer countertops in his laundry room.

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Recycle Your Denim at the Gap and Get 30% Off

Gap invites customers to "Recycle Your Blues" and get 30% off new Gap denim.  Cotton Incorporated will be working with Gap to launch the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive in about 1,000 Gap stores.  From March 5 through March 14, consumers can donate old denim at their local Gap, which will then be given a “new life” by being converted into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation, and donated to communities in need. Consumers who donate their denim will receive a 30% discount off new denim purchases.   Since the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive program began, enough denim has been recycled to create natural cotton fiber insulation for over 540 homes.

The in-store program will be featured on Gap’s online consumer site,, as well as the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® Web site,

For more information on UltraTouch Cotton Fiber Insulation and 2010 homeowner tax incentives, contact us.


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ICC’s International Green Construction Code Coming Soon!

It’s finally starting to happen. As LEED becomes more and more a part of construction projects across the country, the International Code Council, or ICC, has announced it is putting the finishing touches on the first International Green Construction Code. With its scheduled release in March of this year, this code will be an integrated green code for traditional and high- performance commercial buildings. The ICC pulled together multiple groups, such as the AIA, ASTM, and USGBC, just to name a few, to draft this code, which is designed to fully integrate with the existing ICC codes already in place in all 50 states. Although it will be 2012 before it’s gone through all of the reviews and public comment sessions and can be incorporated into the ICC Family of Codes, this is the first step towards making green building something we have to do, and not just want to do. California has started the trend with its recent adoption of CALGREEN, the first statewide green building code, which will go into effect January 1, 2011. With the IGCC’s release, it is only a matter of time before all states have adopted some sort of green building code. While this may add some responsibilit to the code inspector’s job, it will ultimately be a positive development and something that will benefit the building owner’s, tenants, and the employees who work in these buildings. Energy savings, water savings, and clean indoor air are always a good thing!

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