2009 New York Design Week Download - Durat Bench by Karim Rashid

After a successful launch in NYC last week, Durat is now in stock and ready for use by the architect and design community.  Durat, which comes in over 70 colors, contains 30-50% recycled content.  During Design Week, we exhibited Durat at a Finnish design event in the meatpacking district.  A curvaceous Durat bench designed by Karim Rashid was the star of the show which utlized the range of Durat colors that are available with its stripes of pink, lime green, black, gray, and white.  Durat tables and sinks in a vivid array of colors were also on display amongst other products from Finnish design companies, such as Marimekko.

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New Low Prices on UltraTouch Cotton Insulation

CaraGreen has become the premier distributor for UltraTouch Cotton Insulation in the Southeast and we can now offer you the most competitive pricing at 15%-20% less than previously available. And, as

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UltraTouch Cotton Insulation Made in LEED Platinum Manufacturing Facility

In July 2008, CaraGreen toured Bonded Logic's UltraTouch natural cotton fiber insulation manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona.  The building is LEED platinum, which is a rare achievement for ma

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