We were so excited to head to GreenBuild and see what Boston had in store. Familiar faces and some new innovations were present, most notably the presence of “biophilia” and “Biophilic design.”

While Green and Build may have some word fatigue, Biophilic Design is THE hot topic for building materials Emanating nature in a space, lots of literal green instead of just the word are really trending in materials.

Texture is also the feel good feature of many building products. The hands on aesthetic is really taking off in building materials.

Acoustics is also making itself heard, with a big focus on human comfort. Sorry, Loud Diedre in Cube 6, we are tuning you out with some sound control.

For more of our exciting GreenBuild finds, check out our Instagram feed @caragreenproducts

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Don’t Bully Us

As a distributor, we get pushed around a lot. We don’t have the right inventory, we don’t have the right lead times, we didn’t get it to you fast enough. Despite our best efforts to communicate, it is often a blame game and we get stuck in the middle. We try our best to give our customers the best experience and go above and beyond in customer service. But we don’t believe in getting bullied. A trusted friend once told us that “you are a great company, you are trailblazers, you get specifications from architects and we will always honor those. Do not get bullied by people that threaten to switch a spec on you. They are not your partner.” He was right. So, in honor of that, and our general belief in doing good, we had two “Buddy Benches” constructed with our manufacturing facility in Atlanta to combat bullying at a local school. These benches are a safe place for children to go when they feel threatened or want someone to come play with them, and serve as a signal to other children that someone needs a friend. Take that.

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Durat Does Digits

Confused by a specification that says Durat 100?  Durat colors are numbers. Those three digits tell you a lot. You can cross reference the numbers by calling us at 919-929-3009 or emailing us. Those three digits prevent a lot of confusion and help keep designers specifications and color choices intact. If we used “snow white” - there are probably seven similar knock-offs waiting in the wings, and a carefully chosen specification could get switched. Our numbers are our code - to keeping your specifications safe!

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There Once Was A Tradeshow In Dallas

Our first time at Metrocon in Dallas was a tremendous success. Sporting the Modern Surfaces collection along with reSAWN Timber’s Charred wood, Wonderwall’s reclaimed wood and Kosisen’s transparent colored plywood, CaraGreen’s booth was unmatched. With our Create Better backdrop we showed Texas that everything is Better in North Carolina. An untapped market for many of the brands, the attendees were clamoring to get samples and information and find a way to use the innovative PaperStone, and colorful Durat on their projects. Our Biophilic Design presentation was sold out and we received great feedback on the topic and great booth traffic afterward from those who attended. Thank you Texas for the hospitality, now, back to Raleigh!

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July Vignette - Christmas in July

From Back to Front:

Torzo - Orient, Onyx
Bark House - White Birch
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green, 6025
Kirei - Kirei Board
Durat - 168
IceStone - Moroccan Red

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Color Heals: Case Study: Lee Memorial Hospital

It is widely known that color helps you heal. Studies show that color evokes well being, hospitals are always looking for ways to help patients recover faster, and designers are using color in healthcare design.

Durat solid surface is the only solution for a facility looking for color. Outside of using a cheap plastic laminate that can not be refinished when damaged, and often looks tacky, Durat is the only surface with 70 standard color options. Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida was specified by FKP out of Houston, and used Durat’s bright suite of colors to incorporate color on every floor of the hospital.  

  • 2nd Floor - Durat 480 (Orange)
  • 3rd Floor - Durat 750 (Purple)
  • 4th Floor - Durat 230 (Light Blue)
  • 5th Floor - Durat 080 (Blue)
  • 6th Floor - Durat 810 (Light Green)
  • 7th Floor - Durat 800 (Green)

For more information on Durat, email

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June Vignette - Summertime

From Back to Front:

Durat - 310
IceStone - Forest Fern
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Losari Leather
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Sumatra Collection, Gido
Lapitec - Lux, Arabescato Michelangelo

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Our Sinks are Swimming in Color

Bored with your white and bone sink options? Is stainless steel falling a little flat for you?

Bright Durat sinks are a great option for seamless countertops with integral sinks. Add contrasting colors or create a continuous single color surface for your projects. We have added new sizes to our portfolio, which can be seen here.

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May Vignette - May Flowers

From Back to Front:

Lapitec - Satin, Arabescato Michelangelo
Durat - 030, 280, 750
Wonderwall Studios - Jazz

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What’s New

Durat - residential sinks - we are introducing 9” deep fully integrated Durat sinks to our collection for Farmhouse styles and kitchen applications, available in 70 vibrant colors.

PaperStone -  new colors Azure and Charcoal, as well as exterior cladding and CharredStone. For samples of any, please email

reSAWN Timber co. - a revamped website, Charred Accoya and Red Cedar Shou Sugi Ban help keep the portfolio fresh and modern at reSAWN. For samples email

Wonderwall Studios - Jazz, Taxi, and other new finishes have been added to the reclaimed wall cladding collection. Please email for more information.

More new product announcements to come in our next newsletter.  As always, please stop by the showroom to touch and feel the materials and get inspired.

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April Vignette - April Showers

From Back to Front:

Lapitec - Fossill, Grigio Cemento
Durat - 150
Kirei - EchoPanel, 542
Bark House - White Birch
Paperstone - Slate (raw edge)

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Countertop Trends You Need to Know About

Quartz is Queen...for the moment.  The days of granite are waning in progressive markets as most stone fabricators are seeing clients replacing granite with quartz or alternative materials.  The time for new, better looking or better performing materials has arrived.  The onslaught of Chinese pre-fab granite and quartz has really flooded the market, and savvy designers are looking for differentiators.  Sintered stones like Lapitec, are taking center stage as the high end “must have” products.  In parallel, modern surfaces, like IceStone, Durat modern solid surface, and PaperStone are offering unique aesthetics that perform as well as their peers.   

For more information visit

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February Vignette - Feeling the Love

Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002 (left)
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 3020 (right)

Heart, Clockwise Starting at the Bottom:
Durat - 450 
Durat - 150
Kirei - EchoPanel, 576 
IceStone - Morrocan Red 
reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Pinku
Kirei - EchoPanel, 258 

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Modern Surfaces Collection Bumps Quartz

Apologies to the hundreds of quartz companies out there peddling Chinese, Indian, and South American quartz, but your days are numbered.  With quartz flooding the market, and fabricators stockpiling containers, private labeling, and bringing in multiple brands without loyalty, the door has opened for alternative materials.  Durat, PaperStone, and IceStone surfaces with recycled content have positioned themselves as the perfect oasis for designers and architects who are drowning in copycat quartz collections. These three brands have partnered to offer durable and beautiful alternatives that have a good backstory as well as a refined palette to make surfacing decisions easy and respectable.  For more information on the collection, or to follow their journey as they roll out the collection, email or follow us on instagram @modernsurfaces.

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January Vignette - Fresh Start

From Back to Front:

IceStone - Sapphire Snow 
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood,White 9003
Kirei - EchoPanel, Striae, 448 
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hex, 444
Durat - Custom color 
Bark House - White Birch Laminate

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December Vignette - Green in 2017

Clockwise From Bottom Left:

Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green 6029
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hexagon Geo Tile, 362
Torzo - Striata Fusion, Turquoise
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green 6025
Kirei - EchoPanel, 381
reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Yasai
Durat - 800 & 810
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hex 111

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Want to See NEW Surfacing Material in 2017?

Stop by our booth, #S5878, at KBIS and check out our suite of new, unique, modern surfaces that are tailored for the architect and design community to help them Create Better.

Create Better designs.  Create Better spaces. Create Better projects. Come see how we have taken sustainability and beauty and melded them together across economical, creative surfacing options to help you take your designs to the next level. We have products that pop with color, have outstanding durability, and have compelling backstories that will motivate any designer to incorporate them into their next project to truly make a statement.

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October Vignette - Trick or Treat

From Back to Front:

Kirei - Vee Tile, 151
Wonderwall Studios - Jagger 
ReSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Matsu
Kirei - EchoPanel, Ceremony 554
IceStone - Tuscan Sunset
Durat - 480
Durat - 062

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Orange Is The New White

In this modern mecca of stark white, eye-blasting brightness, we are pleased to see Core Restaurants incorporate orange in its design in three inspiring materials from CaraGreen.  Durat 480 is a bright primary orange that is used for solid surfacing and not only has the highest recycled content in its category, but is seamless, clean and wears well.  Kirei EchoPanel is used for acoustic baffling in color 295 and 151, creates waves on the ceiling for a dramatic, vibrant effect.  ReSawn Timber is used on the walls in color Orenji, which is a charred, brushed cypress with an orange finish that subtly ties the different guests together.  Core restaurants are healthy choose-your-base salad and grain restaurants that cater to the healthier individual consumer who wants a say in what they eat, and wants to feel good about it too. 

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Create Better

      *Visit us at GreenBuild in LA at booth #2711, October 5-6

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August Vignette - Dreaming of Cooler Weather

From Back to Front:

Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Yogya White
Wonderwall - Sand
PaperStone - Pewter
IceStone - Denim Moss
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Bianco Polare
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue RAL 5024
Durat - 230

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Three of a Kind

Durat continues to expand its reach into New York and New England with a new distribution partner, IceStone. Complementing its other modern surfaces, Durat solid surface brings an attractive aesthetic unmatched by virtually every other solid surface. Along with PaperStone phenolic composite and its signature IceStone concrete and glass, Durat is NSF certified, has high recycled content and is an essential tool in every design library. For more information on Durat, please contact

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This is Solid

Durat’s extensive color palette has proved a versatile tool for designers, and it has now expanded further with the addition of Durat solids.  Minimizing the filler, designers can now use these primary colors and neutrals with an even appearance, as the “speckles” have been removed.  At the request of specifiers, this line was developed to address a segment of the market that did not want the texture that traditional Durat presents.  For sample boxes of Durat solids, please email

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June Vignette - Summer Summer Summer Time

From Top to Bottom:

Durat - 800
KoskiDecor - Eco Transparent, Yellow 1018
Kirei EchoPanel - 381, 576
reSAWN Timber - Ao
IceStone - Denim Moss
Plyboo - Natural Edge Grain
Tuscan Marble - Arctic White

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Juiced Up

Durat color 810 was chosen as the marquee color for the Juice and Yogurt Bar, Squeeze, in Buffalo, NY. The bright green has proven a perfect substitute for similar colors that have been discontinued in the market. Durat has held fast to its vibrant color pallete and continues to win over design teams looking for a “pop” of color to spruce up a space. Niagara Millwork did the fabrication and install and L2K Associates was the progressive design team responsible for the interior selections. For more information on Durat, email

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Do Art with Durat

In lieu of a vignette this week, we wanted to flip you a picture of this Durat bird.  “Kuukkeli”, or “The Siberian Jay” by artist Villu Jaanisoo incorporated scrap pieces of Durat to create a one of a kind environmental art piece in Helsinki.   The Helsinki Art Museum served as the art expert on the project.

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Eat in Style - Durat is NSF Certified

Durat has achieved certification under the NSF/ANSI 51 Food Equipment Standard, that classifies the vibrant, European designed solid surface as safe for use in commercial food preparation spaces.  56 Durat colors are currently listed as qualified under the standard at the company’s US facility.

Commercial spaces requiring NSF compliance will benefit from having a solid surface option with the flexibility and extensive color palette of Durat.  For more information email

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April Vignette - Brunette

From left to right:
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Tora
Merge Design, Iced Mocha
Durat, 160
PaperStone, Chocolate
Bark House, White Pine
Wonderwall Studios, Springs

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Let’s Make Our Vignettes Great Again

Is this really happening?  Election time is upon us, so let’s join the fray with this bipartisan collection of some of our favorite products on both sides of the aisle. 

From bottom to top:
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Ao & Aka
Durat, 080 & 450
Kirei, EchoPanel, 258

Ring: Durat, 080

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Durat Integrates Seamlessly at Hartley Flats

Another incredible Durat sink installation at Hartley Flats.  With the ability to seamlessly integrate the Durat bowl and sheets together in a finished vanity, Hartley Flats took advantage of Durat’s timeless, modern aesthetic and created an ADA accessible designer vanity with clean lines and a warm texture – achievable only with Durat.  (

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February Vignette - Livin’ in the City

Our whole suite of Modern Surfaces:

Merge Design
ReSawn Timber

Come Visit!

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January Vignette - Lose Your Marble

From top to bottom:

Durat, 540
Durat, 100
IceStone, White Pearl
IceStone, Alpine White
PaperStone, Pewter
Durat, 030
Durat, 730
PaperStone marble

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Where have all the colors gone?

While quartz continues down its path of rapid commoditization, with multiple Chinese manufacturers copying all the big names in Quartz, the big guys continue to discontinue any vibrant colors and neutralize their palettes, effectively neutralizing the design community.   For vibrant, bright colors, they have to resort to a cheap laid-up laminate.
Enter DURAT.
Durat offers a sleek, modern set of 70 standard colors.  No murky, muddy tones and random, pebbly aggregates disrupt Durat’s Finnish design aesthetic.  Durat is a designer’s go to material, with clean sophisticated colors that work well for casework, walls, benches and countertops.   For samples of Durat for your next project, please email

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December Vignette - Happy Holidays!

Tree: Kirei, EchoPanel, Geometry Tiles, Delta, #362

Star: IceStone, Tuscan Sunset

Ornaments: Durat, #230, #450, #470, #750, #090, #370, #012, #150, #480, #080

Trunk: ReSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Tora (cypress)

Tree Stand: PaperStone, Evergreen

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A Note of Thanks

Thanks to all of our partners and suppliers that worked to make GreenBuild a success.  It was as much fun as it was work, maybe a little heavy on the fun.  But we loved working with the great network of partners that is making Modern Surfaces come to life.  There are options after granite and quartz, and we are bringing them to you at the right time, the right price and to the right, leading edge design group that wants to get out from under the heavy thumb of the mining industry.  PEACE OF MIND not PIECE OF MINED, we say!

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Durat Debuts on Music Row

Always on the leading edge of design, Tuck Hinton Architects showed their product savvy with the seamless integration of sleek Durat sheets and sinks at 35 Music Square East in Nashville. Sudberry Millwork worked with the matching bowls and sheets to create the modern, timeless aesthetic that Tuck Hinton intended by choosing Durat.  Alston Construction oversaw the 100,000 SF Class A office building development project.  Unlike most solid surface, Durat, with its 70 colors offers a unique option by having matching sinks in any color.   Tuck Hinton used this unique feature to help bring a modern feel to Music Row. 

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October Vignette - Haunted Harvest

From bottom to top:

Kirei Coco Tile, Java Collection, Losari Leather
Durat, 480
IceStone, Gotham Grey
Kirei Echo Panel, Ceremony Print #122
Bark House, Maple Twig
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Hai (cypress)

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There is Life After Granite

Thanks to all who attended our Modern Surfaces webinar on October 8th.  We received great feedback and agreement on the evolution of the surfacing market and the increasing adoption of sustainable materials by the current design contingent (and the waning desire for stone).  Good news for PaperStone, Merge, IceStone and Durat.  To schedule an in person presentation or webinar, please call 919-929-3009. 

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No Junk in Your GreenBuild Trunk

When is a countertop not a countertop?  When it's wearable art.
Bucking the trend of logoed pens and water bottles, we have commissioned three renowned artists to create amazing jewelry pieces from our modern surface materials.  Want a chance to win one?  Stop by the "modern surfaces" booth - 4128 - at GreenBuild. 
Email if you want a scheduled time.

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September Vignette - Fall Fantasy

We are getting our game on this September by recruiting the best lineup of our vibrant autumn colors for this month's vignette.

From bottom to top

Barkhouse, Sanded Poplar, White Birch
IceStone, Amber Pearl
Durat, 110, 450, 480
PaperStone, Cabernet

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Back to School

Our best and brightest deserve the best and brightest – which is why Durat was an obvious choice for so many school projects this year.   One of the schools that opted for this vibrant solid surface and its extensive color palette was Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington DC.  The design firm, cox graae+spack, chose three Durat colors for the project and created a beautiful, inspiring environment for our next generation of inspired minds.

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August Vignette - Endless Summer

From bottom to top:

Durat - 110, 470, 480, and 150
TorZo - Tikeri, Ruby
Kirei - Java Coco Tiles, Babakan Urban and Yogya White
Kirei - Sumatra Coco Tiles, Pulao
TorZo - Orient, Natural
Torzo - Tikeri, Bronze

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July Vignette - Rolling Stones

From bottom to top:
Durat - #110
EcoFusion - Color Fusion Strand Woven Bamboo, Morning Mist
PaperStone - Graphite
PaperStone - Cabernet & Slate (the stones)
IceStone - Amber Pearl
Torzo - Tiikeri, Natural
Durat - #441, #450, & #260


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Don’t Go Topless

We now offer a full line of tables and sinks – made in the US.  Whether you are looking for integrated Durat sinks, wall mounted or stand-alone wash basins – we’ve got it.  A selection of Durat sinks is available for your next design in a broad range of neutrals and vibrant colors. See more about Durat sinks here.   
In addition, we have formally rolled out our tabletop line – select from a variety of sizes for cocktail, end tables, dining or conference tables in our concrete, composite and solid surface materials.   The options are many and the products are stunning.  We have a standard offering as well as a designer collection.  See more about our tabletop line here.  For more information on either of these product lines email

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The Draw of Durat…

Crayola recently designed a new facility incorporating Durat – a natural choice for the colorful company. Drawing on the extensive color offering from Durat, W2A Design customized the material to make it their own - using a white base and multi-color specks for their conference tables and reception counters. Color options for Durat are endless and the applications for Durat are bound only by the designer’s imagination. See more about Durat sheets here

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Summer Vignette - Fireworks and FIFA

Let's hope Team USA's ladies can kick soccer's reputation up a notch with a win this Independence Day Weekend.

From bottom to top:
Bark House, Standard Poplar
PaperStone, Graphite
IceStone, Cobalt Ice and Sapphire Snow
Durat, 100, 080, 450 and 012 (the ring)

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If You’ve Lost Your Marbles

We know where to find them.  Marbles Children’s Museum in Raleigh, NC has just completed a new portion of the museum using Durat solid surface.   This kid-friendly surface is great for a modern aesthetic as well as vibrant palette of primary and tertiary colors that children love.  It is a natural fit for places that let our kids stay healthy (Children’s Hospitals, Pediatric Offices), learn (schools, learning centers) and in this case, PLAY (museums and activity centers). See more Durat here.

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May Vignette - May Flowers

Stem: Bark House, Maple Pole
Leaves: IceStone, Forest Fern, Sage Pearl, & Denim Moss
Petals: Durat, 450, 150, 100, 090, 480, 370, 910, & 750
Center: EcoFusion, Morning Mist 
Background: Kirei Geometry Tile, 362

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CHECK US OUT - Creative CaraGreen Installations

Splash Back
Durat mixes it up in this creative kitchen, where blue and green were chosen to create a beautiful backsplash and countertop combination.   Polly Bart, President of Greenbuilders Inc. collaborated with her client to create the custom countertop.  She said, “I am a green builder - so Durat’s combination of recycled material with a basic material which doesn’t off gas, doesn’t come from the rainforest, and doesn’t have formaldehyde makes it an obvious choice for me.  I use a lot of local skilled craftsmen; that’s another important part of green for me, and the workability of Durat makes it a natural.  My carpenter had no difficulty and the seams are absolutely invisible and smooth — another plus.”

Polly has definitely earned her stripes with Durat, and will inspire others to get creative as well. 

Photo by Anne Gummerson Architectural Photography

Linville Living
An open and innovative space was designed for the office of Linville, Team, Mossman's daily operations by Stitch Design Shop, out of Winston Salem NC.  The sleek, modern lines of Durat solid surface used at the reception desk and the open office areas create a perfect work surface as well as to maintain the strong visual lines of other architectural elements.  CaraGreen is pleased to offer a suite of products that can help you work productively, while still looking stylish.

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Durat - Made in the USA

While keeping its sleek, modern Finnish design roots, Durat is now being manufactured in the USA.  With an unmatched palette of vibrant colors and custom colors available, Durat holds a unique position in the solid surface space.  Designers are loving the neutral hues and incorporating brighter colors, as well as using the full RAL and Instint color match system.  US-based manufacturing allows for quicker turnaround times on custom samples and shorter lead times for sheet orders. For more information,

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April Vignette - Spring Forward

From bottom to top:
Torzo, Tiikeri, Turquoise
Durat, 750
Durat, 364
Bark House, White Pine
MergeDesign, ecoX, Buscuit 

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Durat’s Debut at Hattiloo

Hattiloo Theatre opened its new performance hall in Memphis, TN, and featured Durat as a sleek, modern surface for their ticketing area.  Archimania, a local Memphis architecture firm designed the interior space with a clean, modern look on the interior and exterior of the building.

Stephanie Wexler from Archimania chose Durat for the beautiful color range and subtle texture and says, “It was perfect for this application because Durat fit the aesthetic while also being a durable and repairable material that wouldn’t have to be replaced over time.”

So, next time you are in Memphis, swing in to see a Hattiloo performance, and to see our top performer, Durat.

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March Vignette - March Madness: NC in the Sweet 16

From back to front:

Durat, 450 
Plyboo, Reveal Panel, C9
IceStone, Sky Pearl
Kirei, EchoPanel, 273

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Beyond the Surface: Our latest course on what is next for sustainable products

CaraGreen has launched its latest Continuing Education course, Beyond the Surface: a look at modern surfacing options in 2015 and beyond. The course looks at trends in surfacing and provides the design community with options and alternatives to traditional materials.   For architects and designers looking for that new material that makes a statement, this is the course for you.  The course is eligible for one AIA HSW LU.  Please contact us to schedule a time at:



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February Vignette - Award Season

Striped Durat Top - take a seat with this cool, winter striped Durat stool

Standing Ovation - Durat, available in 70 colors, this material stands up to the competition,it is no winter wonder that this one is a winner!

February Vignette


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Book an Event with CaraGreen

It is not easy to remember everything that CaraGreen carries, so we offer refreshers in the following formats, schedule yours today (

-  Product showcase at your location
-  Hosted visit at our showroom
-  Webex event
-  AIA CE course, GBCI CE course (call for options)

As a quick refresher, our lines extend from the floor to the ceiling – the whole sustainable interior envelope – and include:


-  PaperStone
-  Merge Design
-  IceStone
-  Durat
-  TorZo


-  ECOfusion flooring
-  BABA flooring
-  Plyboo flooring


-  Kirei EchoPanel
-  BarkHouse
-  Kirei board
-  Plyboo plywood
-  UltraTouch insulation
-  TorZo surfaces

Caragreen Swatches

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Durat wins Gold

Durat modern solid surface wins the ADEX award for Best Products of 2015!   Taking solid surface to the next level, Durat combines high design with a sleek look to create competitive solid surface material which designers can use to innovate and create unique, inspiring spaces.  Boasting nearly 30% recycled content, Durat modern solid surface also gets a checkmark for respecting the environment.  Want to be inspired by a winner?  Request your samples today at or call 919.929.3009.

Durat ADEX

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November Vignette - Fa la la la…fun + sustainable materials!

From bottom to top:
Durat, color #810
Torzo, Denim
Durat, color #910
Kirei EchoPanel, color #258 and #362

November Vignette 2014

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August Vignette - Back to School

From bottom to top:
Durat, Recycled Solid Surface #090 & #054
Plyboo, Reveal Panel C11
PaperStone, Panel in Evergreen
IceStone, Recycled glass countertop in Cobalt Ice

Back to School


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June Vignette - Let’s Go To The Beach!

From bottom to top:
Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #090
Oceanside, Recycled glass tile in Tide Non-Iridescent
Paperstone, Compressed paper panel in Denim
Icestone, Concrete and recycled glass countertop in Denim Moss
ECOfusion, Vertical grain bamboo veneer in Natural

June Vignette

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And to Top it Off – Durat Tabletops in any color (sinks and tubs too!)


Love the Durat color options?  These are all available in sinks, tubs and tabletops as well.  Some of the most luxurious hotel bathrooms are home to some beautiful Durat tubs and sinks.  Why not look at these for your next project?  Bright reds, blues, vibrant whites and neutral colors with Durat’s proprietary “speckled” texture can add beautiful design elements to any space. 
Check out the collection here 
Email any questions to
custom durat


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May Vignette - Lush Greens and Sunny Skies

From bottom to top:
Oceanside, Hexagon tile in Olive Non-Iridescent
Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #110
TorZo, Orient panel in Natural
Paperstone, panel in Evergreen
Icestone, Recycled glass countertop in Forest Fern

May Vignette

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Durat Earns its Stripes

Designers impressed us again with this creative installation of Durat solid surface sheets to make a counter that serves as a centerpiece at an Energy Services Provider in Houston. Strips of five different Durat colors were fabricated together to create the intricate pattern for the furniture. The seamless transitions, varying colors and thicknesses emphasize the flexibility of the Durat sheet goods and the endless configuration and design combinations. For questions and inquiries on Durat in your area, contact

Durat Stripes

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Durat Custom Colors

Can’t find the color you want? - Customize!  We see so many amazing, creative installations of Durat using the 70 standard vibrant colors.  But did you know we can customize colors?  Send us a swatch or a paint chip, and we can customize a color to your specific needs.  Whether it is company branding, University colors or themed restaurants and amusement parks – the color possibilities are endless.  If the 70 existing colors don’t meet your needs – customize, and start creating with Durat solid surface.

Call or email today if you would like samples of Durat or more information on the custom color program.  For more information on custom color options, email

Custom Durat


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Spring Cleaning

The focus of the design community on mitigating waste has resulted in interest in less “sample heavy” design libraries.  We hear you!  We have color cards that capture the aesthetics and color palette for most of our products and offer these in lieu of bulky sample boxes when requested.  A library “refresh” is more of a “clean out” for a lot of firms, as materials change.  If you would like any color cards for Durat, Meld, BarkHouse, PaperStone, EcoFusion, or TorZo, please let us know and we can drop them off or email them to your firm.

Please email or call 919.929.3009 with any requests.

Color Cards


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What Happens in Vegas…

We will be showcasing Durat at the HD Expo in Las Vegas.  This event is the premier event for the Hospitality industry and runs from May 14-16.  We will have many Durat creations on display, including the flagship solid surfacing, available in 70 different, vibrant shades, and creative uses including table tops, tubs, and integrated sinks.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.  We will provide a recap of our experiences with the show and the reception of Durat by the leaders in the hotel industry.

Durat Booth


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Durat and CaraGreen to exhibit at HD Expo May 14-16

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the premier tradeshow for the hospitality industry:  HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 14-16. Durat will have a booth at the show with an exciting display of its extensive colors and design options, ideally suited for the attendees of this event. With over 70 vibrant colors, what better place than Las Vegas to show it all and let imaginations go wild.

HD Expo Logo

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March Vignette - Dreaming of Spring

From bottom to top:
Durat Recycled Solid Surface, 054
Bark House, Poplar Panel
PaperStone, Pewter
Bark House, Twig
Durat Recycled Solid Surface, 800

Dreaming of Spring

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February Vignette - Wintry Mix

From bottom to top: 
-Meld EcoX,#70 Natural.  Hand crafted concrete with recycled glass
-EcoFusion, Natural vertical bamboo veneer.
-Bark House, White Birch panel
-Oceanside Glass Tile, Tessera, White in iridescent. 
-Durat Recycled Solid Surface,  760, 910, 100 (top to bottom)

wintry mix

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In the Hunt for Durat

Our previous newsletter highlighted the use of Durat’s brilliant red integrated sinks and countertops in the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on N.C. State University's Centennial Campus. The library recently won an award for being one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. The Hunt library ranked 14th according Libraries were judged for internal and external appearance and amenities. With over 70 vibrant Durat colors available, the architect and designers involved with the project were able to find exactly what they needed. See our previous post here.  Please call 919-929-3009 or for samples of Durat.

hunt durat red sink

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January Vignette - Radiant Orchid

This vignette was inspired by Pantone's 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid. From bottom to top:
-TorZo Hemp Acrylic Infused Panel, Onyx
-EcoFusion Strand Woven Color Fusion Bamboo Flooring, Morning Mist
-Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera, Shadow
-Meld Luxe Hand Crafted Concrete with Recycled Glass, #83 Graphite
-Durat Recycled Solid Surface, 750

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Judy Lawrence Joins CaraGreen as Sales Representative for New England

CaraGreen welcomes Judy Lawrence as our new sales representative for New England. Judy brings 26 years of experience to our team. As a manufacturer’s sales representative in the A & D community, Judy’s mission has long been to bring clients and manufacturers together. Judy represents a range of interior products including architectural glass, recycled wood products, Australian wool textiles, and now CaraGreen’s
sustainable portfolio, including Durat, EcoFusion, Meld, and Bark House. This gives Judy a diversified mix of innovative products to share with firms. Judy enjoys, and excels at, assembling creative product presentations and keeping pace with the ever-changing design industry. If you’re in the New England area, contact Judy for samples and info on CaraGreen products.

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Best of 2013

Installations - The Rank House
The Rank House used EcoFusion Color Fusion Bamboo Floors from CaraGreen and generated tons of buzz. It won the 2013 Matsumoto Prize and was featured on ArchDaily.

Tradeshows - NeoCon
CaraGreen exhibited at NeoCon in Chicago and received an enthusiastic response from architects and designers on our portfolio of sustainable materials. This year we’re headed to HD Expo in Las Vegas in May!

Best Vignette
We’ve declared a tie between March’s Cherry Blossom and December’s Starry Night. View the sustainable materials that make up these vignettes on our blog.

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December Vignette - Starry Night

From bottom to top:

-Durat Recycled Solid Surface, 054
-EcoFusion Strandwoven Color Fusion Bamboo Veneer, Crushed Wheat
-TorZo Orient Recycled Wood Acrylic Infused Panel, Sapphire
-Bark House White Birch Bark Panel
-Meld Luxe Hand Crafted Concrete with Recycled Glass, Biscuit

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October Vignette - Evergreen

From bottom to top:
-Oceanside Tessera Hexagon glass tiles, Xanadu Non-Iridescent, #140
-TorZo Tiikeri Recycled Sorghum Panel, Turquoise
-ECOfusion Strandwoven Weathered Wood Flooring
-Oceanside Casa 4x8 field tile, Moonstone Matte
-Meld Xposed Hand Crafted Concrete, Caper
-Durat Recycled Solid Surface, 190


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August Vignette - Earthen

From bottom to top:
-Bark House Yellow Birch Panel
-ECOfusion Color Fusion Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring, Stormy Night
-TorZo Parda Recycled Wood Panel, Cocoa
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #760
-Oceanside Recycled Glass Tile, Cane Iridescent

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NeoCon’s Most Popular Products


In June, CaraGreen exhibited at NeoCon in Chicago. We were pleased to meet many architects and designers who were enthusiastic about our sustainable product portfolio. Here were our top showstoppers...

1 - Bark House Poplar Panels - columns supporting our table were clad in Poplar bark and their pure and natural aesthetic charmed many designers.
2 - Durat Bath Tub - Our bright green Durat tub was a showstopper. When admirers learned it was available in over 60 colors, we saw the design wheels turning.
3 - TorZo Tiikeri Sapphire - The unique look of TorZo Tiikeri in a brilliant blue color appealed to those seeking an exotic, refined, and durable material.
4 - ECOfusion Strand Woven Eucalyptus Flooring - Eucalyptus flooring was new to many showgoers. ECOfusion revealed two beautiful new stained eucalyptus flooring colors at the show, a white and dark brown.

For more information on any of these materials, contact us.

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CaraGreen Headed to NeoCon with Durat, ECOfusion, & TorZo

CaraGreen will be exhibiting Durat, ECOfusion and TorZo at NeoCon in Chicago, June 10-12. NeoCon is North America's largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, providing over 40,000 architecture and design professionals with CEU-accredited seminars, quality keynote speakers and more than 700 showrooms and exhibitors. CaraGreen's booth will feature a Durat tub, sink and table top, both horizontal and vertical applications of TorZo, and ECOfusion strand woven bamboo flooring. We're on the 8th floor, booth 8-1110. Please stop by and see us if you plan to be at the show!

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April Vignette - Pollen

Love it or hate it, it's descended upon us - signaling spring and flourishing plant life.
From bottom to top:
-TorZo Hemp Recycled Hemp Panel, Natural
-ECOFusion Engineered Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring, Natural
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #110
-TorZo Durum Recycled Wheat Panel, Natural
-Meld ecoX Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Buttercup
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #090
-Bark House Twig

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March Vignette - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Materials Vignette

Trees are beginning to flower and the National Cherry Blossom Festival is just a couple of weeks away. Here's how to bring that spring spirit indoors. From left to right:

-Bark House Pin Cherry Panel
-TorZo Orient Recycled Wood Panel, Ruby
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #150
-Meld luxe Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Natural
-ECOFusion Solid Lock Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring, Frost

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February Vignette - Here Comes The Sun

The doldrums of winter have us dreaming of basking in warmth and sun. From back to front:
-TorZo Orient Recycled Wood Panel, Natural
-Meld Xposed Handcrafted Concrete Slabs, Saddleback
-Oceanside Recycled Glass Tile, Tessera, Meringue
-Bark House Yellow Birch Panel
-EcoFusion Strand Wood Eucalyptus Flooring, Strawgrass
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #620

February Vignette - Here Comes The Sun

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November Vignette - Farewell to Fall

Less than a month left of fall! This vignette embodies the colors of the season and the warmth we're clinging to.
-Bark House, Sanded Poplar Panel
-Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera Mosaics Recycled Glass Tile, Harvest Iridescent
-TorZo Tiikeri, Bronze
-Meld Luxe, Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Slate
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #730

November Vignette, Farewell to Fall

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October Vignette - Witchy

Our Halloween-inspired vignette from back to front:
-Meld Micro, Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Uber Black
-Bark House, White Birch Bark Laminate Panel
-Eco-Terr Tile, Bergamo Black
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #730
-Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera Mosaics Recycled Glass Tile, Pewter Iridescent

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Durat Launches Ready-To-Go Tabletop Program

Durat is lanching a new tabletop program at NeoCon East. Durat tables will be made from their signature sustainable solid surface material, which contains 30% post-industrial recycled plastic. Durat collects the recycled material, which would otherwise end up in landfills. And, Durat is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life.

Designers can choose from Durat’s spectrum of over 60 vibrant colors. And, custom tints are available. Tops come in round, square and rectangular shapes. Numerous popular sizes are available in each shape and custom sizes are also available. All tabletops have a 1 1/2” edge thickness and a 3/4” plywood substrate.

Easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties make Durat tabletops ideal for public spaces, like restaurants, offices, and schools. Durat is resistant to wear, humidity, and various kinds of chemicals and spills. Durat is microbial-resistant, making it good for food service, healthcare and children’s facilities. And, Durat can be renewed with slight sanding. For more information on Durat Tabletops, contact us.

Durat Tabletops

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A Visual Journey Through NC State’s New Hunt Library

We recently visited the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NCSU to see Durat vanities that CaraGreen provided for the bathrooms. The building is the work of two architecture firms: Pearce, Brinkley, Cease + Lee and Snohetta. Upon arriving, we marveled at its modern architecture with a glass and metal exterior that stands out amid a campus of traditional brick buildings. More than the facade distinguishes this library though, which is designed to be sustainable (they’re tracking LEED Silver), technologically advanced, and to foster collaboration.

When you enter Hunt Library, there’s not a book in sight. Yet, it houses nearly two million tomes that can be delivered to you within minutes via bookBot. You may not even realize this anomaly because of the architectural eye candy that abounds. A brilliant yellow monumental staircase cascades through the lobby amidst a field of white. Just around the stairs, there’s a glass wall that overlooks a mass of steel boxes that span multiple floors. This is the heart of the library, the inner workings where those two million books reside. Roaming the library, the expert use of color, lighting, and sustainable practices impress.

Color is used powerfully. Large blocks of yellow, teal, purple, green, and red interrupt expanses of whites and neutrals. Intensity is achieved through placement, repetition and continuity. For instance, all monumental staircases in the building are yellow and all elevator cores are teal. The yellow stairs have yellow treads, risers, handrails, and sidewalls. Elevator cores are teal and when the elevators open, they are clad in glass that has been back-painted in the same teal giving a seamless color experience. Project Architect, Shann Rushing, from Pearce, Brinkley, Cease + Lee, shared with us that when they saw Durat, they immediately fell in love with it for its colors and shape ability. They also liked that Durat was a visual way to show their sustainability goals with its exposed recycled plastic chips. Durat vanities with integral oval sinks were ordered in both bright red and pale gray for all of the library’s bathrooms.

After color, the linear lighting used throughout the space, stands out as another brazen design element. It dashes along ceilings yielding energy and movement. And, in a more intimate reading room, long light rods hang from the ceiling, giving ambience. On the backside of the yellow stairwell in the lobby, LED lights zigzag up the shape of the stairs like racing stripes.

Sustainability is integral to the building’s design. Solar blades clad the exterior and allow natural light in while mitigating glare and heat gain. Lights are on sensors, which detect both daylight and occupancy to help reduce energy. LED lights are used. A Smart Mechanical System uses radiant heating and cooling versus forced air.  All rainwater is collected and filtered through landscaped rain gardens to help minimize stormwater impact on the environment. The gardens are filled with indigenous plants. There’s a green roof and trellises for vines to cover select areas of the exterior. And finish materials contain natural and recycled materials, such as the Durat, Marmoleum floors, and pavers made from concrete and recycled brick.
Hunt Library NCSU
Hunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUBookbot at Hunt Library at NCSUHunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSUHunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSU

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Durat Featured in September Issue of UK Elle Decoration

Durat is featured in the September issue of UK Elle Decoration in the "Material Matters" section. The article focuses on materials used in kitchens and states "the materials you choose are vital to making the hardest-working room in the house function efficiently." The collage of materials above from the magazine features Durat in colors 030 and 730 as a worktop option with recycled content. The article gives this advice when selecting a countertop material:

-Establish what you want in a surface and familiarize yourself with the look and properties of different materials
-Research maintenance of materials (Durat requires no sealing, it's stain resistant, and scratches can be buffed out)
-Choose materials according to the task they'll be used for (ex. use a non-porous material, like Durat, around sink)
-Consider thickness, some materials can be built up to achieve a monolithic look, others can be ultra thin. (Durat can be either)
-Set aside as much of your budget as you can afford for the worktop, as it is the most used part of your kitchen.

Learn more about Durat.

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Durat to Exhibit at NeoCon East October 17-18

The rendering above is a sneak peek at Durat's colorful booth which will be on display at NeoCon East this year. Held in Baltimore, MD on October 17th and 18th, NeoCon East is the premier design exposition and conference for commercial interiors on the East Coast. Durat’s booth will explore the versatility of the sustainable solid surface material from form to color. A vanity with sink, tub, tabletop, and seamed sheets will all be part of the display, along with samples of the spectrum of colors Durat comes in. Durat will join over 250 exhibitors showcasing the latest interior products and innovations in the market. If you plan to be at the show, please stop by and see the booth!

Durat booth design by Cassy Lindahl and SitzerSpuria Studios
To be produced by SitzerSpuria Inc

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Durat & Oceanside Glasstile Used in Eco-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

When Stacy Glass, a design-conscious environmentalist, and Jeff Glass, a function-conscious engineer, set-out to renovate the woefully outdated kitchen of their 1939 home, material choices were enthusiastically scrutinized. The couple sought to promote harmony and flow between the kitchen and living space and the dense forest setting of their home. Health and safety, sustainability, and modern clean aesthetics were all of utmost importance.
They decided to keep the original kitchen footprint, plaster walls, and brick chimney, but removed walls to open up the kitchen to the living space. Steel with 75% recycled content was used to support the new openings. For millwork, they chose regional reclaimed walnut. Cabinets were constructed with urea-formaldehyde free plywood. Low or No VOC adhesives, caulk, grout, and paint were used throughout. For countertops, they landed on Durat recycled solid surface in creamy color #760 to contrast the walnut cabinetry. Durat has a warm silky feel, it’s durable and microbial-resistant, contains 30% recycled content and is recyclable at the end of its life, so it met all of their qualifications. For a backsplash, Oceanside recycled glass tile was used in color Cane Iridescent which lends some shimmer to the space. All appliances are Energy Star Certified and their prized Liebherr refrigerator was clad in reclaimed walnut to blend in with the rest of the walnut millwork. LED lights, the most energy and environmentally friendly option, were used in the ceilings and under cabinet. And, they selected a low flow, aerated faucet to conserve water and reduce monthly utility bills.
The resulting new kitchen is a beautiful eco-friendly marriage of both form and function that embodies the natural setting of the home and honors the original architecture.

Glass Residence Renovated KitchenGlass Residence Renovated KitchenGlass Residence Renovated KitchenGlass Residence Renovated KitchenOceanside Glasstile Backsplast at Glass Residence Renovated KitchenDurat Countertops and Oceanside Glasstile at Glass Residence Renovated KitchenGlass Residence Renovated KitchenDurat Countertops and Oceanside Glasstile at Glass Residence Renovated KitchenGlass Residence Renovated KitchenGlass Residence Renovated Kitchen

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July Vignette - Thunderstruck

Like a summer thunderstorm, this vignette is both intense and mellowing. From left to right:
-TorZo Hemp, Recycled and Rapidly Renewable Hemp Fiber Sheets, Onyx
-Durat, recycled solid surface, color 190, a minty green
-Oceanside Glasstile, Muse mosaics, Moonstruck #287
-Meld Micro, Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Woods #158

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CaraGreen Welcomes New York Representative, Diane Zabiela

Diane Zabiela, of Ethos Sustainable Finishes, will now represent Durat and Meld in the New York market. Diane is a seasoned interior designer with an extensive career in commercial and residential design in both the domestic and international arena. Educated in New York City, she practiced her trade there for many years and more recently in the Philadelphia area. Diane has been passionate about environmental issues from early on in her academic education and throughout her professional career. She has been an advocate for incorporating sustainable building materials in projects. And, now she will segue into representing these products to the A&D community. If you're in New York and would like more information on Durat or Meld, please contact Diane.

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Durat, Meld, and TorZo to be part of Curated Materials Exhibit at Neocon

Durat, Meld, and TorZo have all been selected to take part in the Interiors & Sources Materials Pavilion at NeoCon happening in Chicago June 11th-13th. In this exhibit hundreds of material samples will be displayed side-by-side, with details on their origin, makeup and recommended applications. This experiential, educational exhibit is curated by design historian and materials specialist Grace Jeffers. The exhibit will be on the 8th floor of the Merchandise Mart, 8-3130. The Interiors & Sources Materials Pavilion will be hosting educational exhibits and sponsoring CEU presentations. TorZo will also have a booth at Neocon, 7-7038, which will show their latest innovations. If you’re planning to be at Neocon, we invite you to visit both of these exhibits, browse, ask questions and get inspired!

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April Vignette - Nest

Twigs, leaves, bits of string and plastic, all make their way into nests to provide structure and softness. This vignette mimics that through materials with a dash of robin's egg blue. From back to front:
-Barkhouse Sanded Poplar Panels
-TorZo Tiikeri Recycled Sorghum Straw Sheets, Turquoise
-Meld Micro Recycled Glass and Concrete Slabs, Saddleback
-Durat recycled solid surface for horizontal or vertical surfaces, color 280

Nest of Sustainable Materials

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March Vignette - Daffodil

Spring is here and daffodils were among the first flowers to sprout and bloom. Just like the flower, this palette is simple and cheerful. Materials from back to front:
-TorZo Orient recycled wood sheets for horizontal and vertical surfaces, Natural
-Meld Luxe recycled glass and concrete countertops, Natural
-Durat recycled solid surface for horizontal or vertical surfaces, colors 800 & 090

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Durat Releases New Colors for 2012

Durat has added two colors to their paint box of recycled solid surface material. The first is #310, a brilliant yellow reminiscent of honey, saffron, and school buses. And the other is #370, a turquoise evoking images of peacocks and pools. Durat offers over 70 vibrant colors. If you still can’t find the exact hue you need, custom colors are available. Click here for more information on Durat.

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January Vignette - Clean Slate

Each new year feels like a clean slate to fill however we choose. This palette is clean and balancing with neutral whites and grays in assorted textures. It combines materials that could be used for casework, walls, and countertops. Materials from back to front:

-Eco-Gres Asia recycled porcelain tile, Waterloo White
-Meld Micro recycled glass and concrete countertops, Concrete
-Bark House Laminate panels, White Birch
-Durat recycled solid surface for horizontal or vertical surfaces, color 910


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Durat, Meld, and TorZo Surfaces Used In EMD Chemicals’ Building As They Pursue LEED Gold

EMD Chemicals’ new corporate office in Philadelphia, PA, designed by L2Partridge architecture and interiors, is seeking LEED Gold certification. The space features a number of sustainable finishes, including Durat solid surface, Meld Micro concrete, and TorZo Tiikeri panels. Durat color 540, a warm gray, was used in a café and was fabricated by Giffin Interior & Fixture. Meld Micro Natural #70 was used for tops in the main lobby and was fabricated by BC Stone. And, Torzo Tiikeri Onyx was used for both pocket doors to the main conference rooms off the lobby and prominent cabinetry and was also fabricated by Giffin. These progressive materials were selected for their strong sustainability profiles, contribution to LEED, durability, and modern aesthetic. Our Philadelphia rep, Ethos Sustainable Finishes, worked closely with the architect and contractors on the space and shared these pictures with us.

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CaraGreen TV Launches on YouTube

CaraGreen TV is now on YouTube! Our first video tests if red wine will stain Durat solid surface material (spoiler alert, it doesn't). In the video, CaraGreen's own Barbara Ford, Inside Sales Manager, makes the stain disappear with a little elbow grease. And, the video is filmed in a gorgeous kitchen that has Durat countertops. To watch it, click here. We welcome your video test ideas, email us.

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Introducing Monthly Material Vignettes - November Rain

This palette soothes the senses with its cool aqueous tones and restful grays.

It combines materials that could be used for flooring, casework, and countertops.

Materials from back to front:
-EcoTimber EcoBamboo Woven flooring, Silver Lining
-Meld Micro recycled glass and concrete countertops, Concrete
-TorZo Tiikeri recycled sorghum straw sheets for casework or flooring, Emerald
-Bio-Glass 100% recycled glass sheets for horizontal or vertical surfaces, Oriental Jade
-Durat recycled solid surface for horizontal or vertical surfaces, color 202
For more information on these materials, contact us.

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Durat Comes With 15-Year Warranty

Durat solid surface is known for its exceptional color palette, all around beauty, and strong sustainability profile. Durat also boasts a 15-year warranty, which is among the best in the industry. This warranty accompanies all sales of Durat sheet and shape goods (sinks, tubs, shower trays). Durat has a second 5-year warranty on products they fabricate, such as vanities with integral sinks. Both warranties signify the company’s commitment to durability and longevity. To learn more about Durat and download the warranties, visit the Durat's product page.

durat colors are vibrant

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CaraGreen Welcomes New DC Area Representative, Ann Kerstetter

Ann Kerstetter of A Materials Konnection, Inc. (AMK) has joined CaraGreen as our product representative in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Ann found her way to the design world after first majoring in Elementary Education at Penn State University and then working for a major airline for six years. Neither the classroom or the friendly skies could touch her unwavering passion for interior design, and she eventually returned to school for it. Ann worked as a Resource Manager for seven large A & D firms during the day while going to school in the evenings. In her position as Resource Manager, Ann interacted with sales representatives on a daily basis and determined she wanted to stay on the sales side of business. Ann founded AMK, Inc. in 2004 to represent select manufacturers that offer innovative, high design products. Ann will help CaraGreen raise awareness for Durat solid surface and Meld concrete in the DC area and provide personalized service to architects and designers. If you are in the DC area and would like more information on Durat or Meld, please contact Ann.

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