November Vignette - Thankful for Sustainability

From Back to Front:

Bark House - White Pine
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Sahara
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Sumatra Collection, Sipora
Plyboo - Linear Sound, LS16, Amber
PaperStone - Leather
IceStone - Forest Fern

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We were so excited to head to GreenBuild and see what Boston had in store. Familiar faces and some new innovations were present, most notably the presence of “biophilia” and “Biophilic design.”

While Green and Build may have some word fatigue, Biophilic Design is THE hot topic for building materials Emanating nature in a space, lots of literal green instead of just the word are really trending in materials.

Texture is also the feel good feature of many building products. The hands on aesthetic is really taking off in building materials.

Acoustics is also making itself heard, with a big focus on human comfort. Sorry, Loud Diedre in Cube 6, we are tuning you out with some sound control.

For more of our exciting GreenBuild finds, check out our Instagram feed @caragreenproducts

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October Vignette - The Mod Vampire

From Back to Front:

PaperStone - CharredStone
Kirei - EchoPanel Mura Fabric, Volt 404
Bark House - Sanded Poplar, Red Finish
Lapitec - Lithos, Arabescato Perla
Torzo - Hemp, Onyx

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Reduce Sound With EchoPanel Best in Class Acoustic Fabric

Competitively priced and stylishly awesome, the new Mura fabrics are a perfect complement to Kirei’s existing EchoPanel Sheets and systems. Easily wrapped around curved surfaces or adhered to large wall spaces, these fabrics offer comparable NRC performance, but offer an extensive palette of brilliant colors and designs. Best of all, they line up with CaraGreen’s commitment to do better by sporting 60% recycled content. Made of 100% PET, the fabric has a warm feel without the high cost of other felt based products.  Email us at to find out more.

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August Vignette - Raspberry Beret

From Back to Front:

Plyboo - Linear Line Collection, LL1
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002
Bark House - Poplar
Kirei - Coco Tile, Java Collection, Yogya White

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July Vignette - Christmas in July

From Back to Front:

Torzo - Orient, Onyx
Bark House - White Birch
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green, 6025
Kirei - Kirei Board
Durat - 168
IceStone - Moroccan Red

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June Vignette - Summertime

From Back to Front:

Durat - 310
IceStone - Forest Fern
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Losari Leather
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Sumatra Collection, Gido
Lapitec - Lux, Arabescato Michelangelo

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Hello Topo!

Texture reigns supreme.  Meet the new Topo tiles from Kirei.  In two new elevated patterns, EchoPanel continues to expand its acoustic options.  Great for after-the-fact sound control, or integrated acoustic design, Topo tiles use both soft surfaces and different thicknesses within a single tile to address sound control issues.  Joining Wave, Dune and Vee tiles, Topo is available in 2 finishes: Pixel and Barcode and in 20 standard colors.

For samples, email

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April Vignette - April Showers

From Back to Front:

Lapitec - Fossill, Grigio Cemento
Durat - 150
Kirei - EchoPanel, 542
Bark House - White Birch
Paperstone - Slate (raw edge)

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March Vignette - Squaring Off

From Back to Front:

Kirei - EchoScreen, Off The Grid, 325
Wonderwall Studios - Jungle
IceStone - Cobalt Ice 
PaperStone - Azure
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Blue, 5024
Lapitec - Fossil, Bianco Polare

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EchoSky Reaches New Heights

Upon relocating into a former dining facility, Belmont Central and Student Organizations were confronted with a problem: how to manage the acoustics of an exposed ceiling in an educational setting. Kirei’s EchoSky acoustic system solved that problem in a visually appealing and highly effective manner, with its long, streamlined ceiling panels. According to Janet Wennerlund of Earl Swensson Associates in Nashville, TN, “We chose to remove the existing ceilings and expose the structure so overhead acoustics needed to be addressed in a non-traditional format. EchoSky provided that acoustic solution. Its low profile was an important characteristic as well given the low heights of the structure and mechanical services. The clean contemporary aesthetic of the system married well with the student-centric vibe of the interior. And the general contractor commented on the ease of assembly and installation. If a GC focuses in on a product in that manner I consider it a win/win.”

Photo credit: Janet Wennerland, Interior Designer at Earl Swensson Associates

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February Vignette - Feeling the Love

Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002 (left)
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 3020 (right)

Heart, Clockwise Starting at the Bottom:
Durat - 450 
Durat - 150
Kirei - EchoPanel, 576 
IceStone - Morrocan Red 
reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Pinku
Kirei - EchoPanel, 258 

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January Vignette - Fresh Start

From Back to Front:

IceStone - Sapphire Snow 
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood,White 9003
Kirei - EchoPanel, Striae, 448 
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hex, 444
Durat - Custom color 
Bark House - White Birch Laminate

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After the Fact - Kirei EchoPanel

Nothing is worse than a business meeting at the trendy new restaurant downtown, only to find out that you can’t hear your customer because the acoustics are so bad.  Sure, we love the industrial look with exposed ceilings and metal and concrete, but it makes it really hard to hear and can be unpleasant.  Even an office environment with an open floor plan is great until it isn’t because the chatter around the coffee pot is sending your brain into a tailspin because you have a deadline tomorrow.

Enter EchoPanel. More cost effective than its felt competitors, rigid, and easy to install after the fact, EchoPanel should be the defacto go-to material for designers and owners who have an acoustic problem that they realize after the fact.  EchoPanel is available in sheets, baffles, tiles, and full systems- enabling a seamless installation without compromising the current design.  Stylish and sleek, EchoPanel options should be in every designer’s toolkit for a quick acoustic solution. For more information email


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December Vignette - Green in 2017

Clockwise From Bottom Left:

Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green 6029
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hexagon Geo Tile, 362
Torzo - Striata Fusion, Turquoise
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green 6025
Kirei - EchoPanel, 381
reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Yasai
Durat - 800 & 810
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hex 111

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October Vignette - Trick or Treat

From Back to Front:

Kirei - Vee Tile, 151
Wonderwall Studios - Jagger 
ReSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Matsu
Kirei - EchoPanel, Ceremony 554
IceStone - Tuscan Sunset
Durat - 480
Durat - 062

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Orange Is The New White

In this modern mecca of stark white, eye-blasting brightness, we are pleased to see Core Restaurants incorporate orange in its design in three inspiring materials from CaraGreen.  Durat 480 is a bright primary orange that is used for solid surfacing and not only has the highest recycled content in its category, but is seamless, clean and wears well.  Kirei EchoPanel is used for acoustic baffling in color 295 and 151, creates waves on the ceiling for a dramatic, vibrant effect.  ReSawn Timber is used on the walls in color Orenji, which is a charred, brushed cypress with an orange finish that subtly ties the different guests together.  Core restaurants are healthy choose-your-base salad and grain restaurants that cater to the healthier individual consumer who wants a say in what they eat, and wants to feel good about it too. 

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August Vignette - Dreaming of Cooler Weather

From Back to Front:

Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Yogya White
Wonderwall - Sand
PaperStone - Pewter
IceStone - Denim Moss
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Bianco Polare
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue RAL 5024
Durat - 230

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Chatty Coworker?

We love the new EchoScreen offering from Kirei EchoPanel. Available in 20 colors and 10 standard designs, these wall or ceiling hung panels offer the perfect solution for separation and acoustic control, while offering an artistic element to a workspace. Tired of hearing about Cassie’s dating disasters? EchoScreen is not only a visual partition but a noise reduction solution as well. The EchoScreen designs can be customized as well. So silence Cassie and get back to work with EchoScreen. For samples and information email

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July Vignette - Summer Blues

From Back to Front:

Torzo - Blue Stain Pine
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Yogya White
Kirei - EchoPanel, Trapeze 443
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue RAL 5024
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Bianco Polare
IceStone - Denim Moss

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EchoPanel - Keeping it Fresh

We love it when our partners add new colors – and Kirei EchoPanel has done just that with 6 new colors - 3 neutrals and 3 vibrant colors  -to supplement its already colorful palette of acoustic panels.  EchoPanel is perfect for existing spaces that need acoustic treatment to help mitigate noise and boost noise absorption.   The sassy Lime Splice and Veridian Green are joined by Sage, Frost, Magenta and Navy to round out the Kirei offering and kick off a summer of creativity for acoustic design.  For samples of these new EchoPanel colors or any other questions related to Kirei EchoPanel, email

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Working in Memphis

When West Desoto County Schools were looking for an acoustic treatment for their Career Centers, EchoPanel Dune tiles were up to the job.  According to Michael Lebel at architecture firm Allen & Hoshall in Memphis, TN, “One primary goal of the building was to expose a lot of the materials, structure, and building systems to use as a teaching tool for the students.  This meant we had to come up with something to help reduce noise transmission through the corridor areas since most of the materials were not absorbing much sound. The EchoPanel Dune tile was a great solution.  Everyone really enjoys the texture and form of the material versus the flat bland fabric panel.  The contractor was very pleased with the ease of installation.”  Lebel chose Kirei EchoPanel Dune tiles in color 542 for the installation. He said, “I really enjoy the way it interacts with the light during different times of the day as well as how the dynamic of the material changes with different viewing angles.”

Kirei EchoPanel is available in bright colors and patterns and in a variety of systems for a more economical acoustic solution.  More information can be found here or by calling 919.929.3009.

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Let’s Make Our Vignettes Great Again

Is this really happening?  Election time is upon us, so let’s join the fray with this bipartisan collection of some of our favorite products on both sides of the aisle. 

From bottom to top:
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Ao & Aka
Durat, 080 & 450
Kirei, EchoPanel, 258

Ring: Durat, 080

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February Vignette - Livin’ in the City

Our whole suite of Modern Surfaces:

Merge Design
ReSawn Timber

Come Visit!

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EchoPanel “Vee Tile” - Sounds like a winner

The new Vee Tile by EchoPanel introduces a grooved

V-pattern that gives the 20”x20” tile depth and texture that designers will love.  A great complement to the successful Dune, Wave, Rise and Geometry tiles, Vee Tiles maintain a low profile and do not eat up floor space due to their ½” thickness (or thinness).  Available in all colors, the Vee tile is a must-have for design and architect firms looking to introduce acoustic treatments that have visual appeal.

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December Vignette - Happy Holidays!

Tree: Kirei, EchoPanel, Geometry Tiles, Delta, #362

Star: IceStone, Tuscan Sunset

Ornaments: Durat, #230, #450, #470, #750, #090, #370, #012, #150, #480, #080

Trunk: ReSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Tora (cypress)

Tree Stand: PaperStone, Evergreen

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October Vignette - Haunted Harvest

From bottom to top:

Kirei Coco Tile, Java Collection, Losari Leather
Durat, 480
IceStone, Gotham Grey
Kirei Echo Panel, Ceremony Print #122
Bark House, Maple Twig
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Hai (cypress)

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A Dramatic Rise

EchoPanel Rise Tiles are perfect for theater walls, as seen in this installation at the Murdoch Drama Centre by Space Factor.  Using EchoPanel thermoformed tiles in Wave, Dune or Rise is the perfect simple treatment to create a dramatic finished wall with a purpose.  To order samples or a product showing email:

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August Vignette - Endless Summer

From bottom to top:

Durat - 110, 470, 480, and 150
TorZo - Tikeri, Ruby
Kirei - Java Coco Tiles, Babakan Urban and Yogya White
Kirei - Sumatra Coco Tiles, Pulao
TorZo - Orient, Natural
Torzo - Tikeri, Bronze

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Dolling Up Durham

PaperStone CoverPly and Kirei Echopanel were great additions at American Underground in Durham.  Unlike the solid PaperStone, CoverPly uses recycled paper for the surface only.  The durable exterior of CoverPly with its layered birch interior enabled a cost-effective, attractive surface.  EchoPanel was a great choice to add acoustic control to the open ceiling.  With their extensive selection of systems, high recycled content and a myriad of colors and shapes, EchoPanel is an easy acoustic solution that designers can use to create and complement new or existing spaces.   {Information:}

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Wake Up!!

Check out this Kirei EchoPanel install at Wake Med-Cary.  Splashes of red and gray were custom cut from EchoPanel to create a vibrant space behind reception in a subtle, creative manner.  High design and acoustics control were both achieved through the use of this versatile panel.  And it is 60% recycled content. 

Design by Craig Dean Architecture

{Samples or info:}

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May Vignette - May Flowers

Stem: Bark House, Maple Pole
Leaves: IceStone, Forest Fern, Sage Pearl, & Denim Moss
Petals: Durat, 450, 150, 100, 090, 480, 370, 910, & 750
Center: EcoFusion, Morning Mist 
Background: Kirei Geometry Tile, 362

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March Vignette - March Madness: NC in the Sweet 16

From back to front:

Durat, 450 
Plyboo, Reveal Panel, C9
IceStone, Sky Pearl
Kirei, EchoPanel, 273

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Check out these Curves - Dune, Wave, and Rise

EchoPanel continues to flaunt its curves with the new Rise tile, which accompanies Dune and Wave to create a suite of acoustic treatments that can stun anyone into silence.  These easily mounted, recycled tiles are available in a wide range of colors, so let your imagination and design styles go wild with EchoPanel.  Also available in panels and geometric tiles, these sound absorbing treatments offer endless options, including the ability to screen print on the panels.  Impressed?  Call 919.929.3009 to find out more, or email us at

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Book an Event with CaraGreen

It is not easy to remember everything that CaraGreen carries, so we offer refreshers in the following formats, schedule yours today (

-  Product showcase at your location
-  Hosted visit at our showroom
-  Webex event
-  AIA CE course, GBCI CE course (call for options)

As a quick refresher, our lines extend from the floor to the ceiling – the whole sustainable interior envelope – and include:


-  PaperStone
-  Merge Design
-  IceStone
-  Durat
-  TorZo


-  ECOfusion flooring
-  BABA flooring
-  Plyboo flooring


-  Kirei EchoPanel
-  BarkHouse
-  Kirei board
-  Plyboo plywood
-  UltraTouch insulation
-  TorZo surfaces

Caragreen Swatches

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Acoustic Tile with lots of Style

Sound too good to be true? Well you are hearing it here first! EchoPanel from Kirei has launched new patterns, styles and systems to its line of sound dampening products.  We first introduced EchoPanel in 2014 and the industry was clamoring for something that helped with the sound AND looked good.  And here it is.  Now with even more variation, the wall is your canvas.  So create something spectacular – we want to hear all about it.  (

EchoPanel Yellow

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November Vignette - Fa la la la…fun + sustainable materials!

From bottom to top:
Durat, color #810
Torzo, Denim
Durat, color #910
Kirei EchoPanel, color #258 and #362

November Vignette 2014

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Madonna Was Wrong!!

It sure didn't feel like we were living in a material world at GreenBuild last week.  The show standouts for materials were PaperStone, IceStone, and Kirei who were showing what is in vogue for sustainable finishes.  Cosentino was there with their Dekton and ECO lines, and there were a few other regional players, but overall the interior finishes were underrepresented.

But, what an opportunity to shine!  The architects and designers were clamoring to see the new textured finishes from PaperStone and some of their new "beta" colors as they test the market appetite for their new palette.   IceStone displayed their new two-toned Gotham Grey - which was emphatically received by the "who's who" of the architecture world.  Kirei had a stunning display of EchoPanel in its vibrant colors and shapes on display. We are very excited to roll these out to our customer base over the next few months.  And don't worry Madonna - we are still crazy for you too.

Greenbuild 2014


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September Vignette - Cool Fall Arrives

From bottom to top:
Torzo, Blue Stain Pine
IceStone, Sky Pearl

Bark House, Poplar Interior Panel
Kirei EchoPanel, 12mm Color 551



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A Baffling EnGagement - EchoPanel from Kirei

What happens when you marry a stylish modern atmosphere with EchoPanel acoustic materials?  It is a perfect match - beautiful design and a pleasant environment.  At the Gage Lounge in Houston, custom cut EchoPanel baffles create a visual feature extending over the bar, which also offers sound control.  Studio DW in Houston designed the EchoPanel ceiling baffle system, which installs easily with a simple direct-mount channel.   EchoPanel comes in many colors, preprinted patterns, and is customizable with printing –including your own designs and logos. 

Email for more information.



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EchoPanel Binders are Here

Send us an email at to get your binder.  EchoPanel sound control panels and tiles are a decorative solution to create a pleasant environment in which to work, socialize, dine or just hear what you want to, and not what you don’t.

Hurry though, these binders are going fast, as acoustics becomes the hot new topic in building design and human health.  Call or email to get yours now.  
919.929.3009 (x1) or

Kirei Binder

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July Vignette - Summer Thunderstorm

From bottom to top:
PaperStone, countertop/panel in Denim
Kirei, EchoPanel Frequency #544
ECOFusion, Morning Mist, ColorFusion flooring
IceStone, Recycled glass countertop in Fogbound


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We love the sound of this

CaraGreen is excited to announce a partnership with Kirei on its EchoPanel® acoustics line.  The sound dampening panels are 60% recycled and 100% recyclable. 

Building materials are rapidly moving toward a new end goal:  creating a healthier, more productive, enjoyable place to work, socialize and live.  The push toward eliminating harmful ingredients is underway, and on its heels is the next major issue:  noise.

Tired of going out to dinner only to find yourself hollering across the table at your dinner mates?

EchoPanel targets the rapidly growing segment of the market that is focused on enhancing the personal environment by addressing noise and sound control issues in public, office and school settings.

Put off by fuzzy gray panel options with no texture, pattern or design aesthetic?

EchoPanel® offers a myriad of tailored solutions including standard panels, baffles, geometric tiles, and printed patterns that can help architects, designers and building owners combat poor acoustics.  Check out these creative, installation ready acoustic tiles and panels here



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