November Vignette - Farewell to Fall

Less than a month left of fall! This vignette embodies the colors of the season and the warmth we're clinging to.
-Bark House, Sanded Poplar Panel
-Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera Mosaics Recycled Glass Tile, Harvest Iridescent
-TorZo Tiikeri, Bronze
-Meld Luxe, Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Slate
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #730

November Vignette, Farewell to Fall

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CaraGreen Welcomes Texas Representative Fenson Associates

We are pleased to announce that we have a new representative for Durat and Meld sustainable surfaces in the Houston, San Antonio and Austin markets, Fenson Associates. Owner, Susan Fenson, has over twenty-two years of experience in the contract furnishings industry, with eleven years as a Senior Architecture and Design Representative for Teknion and eleven years as an Account Manager for Steelcase, Haworth and Kimball dealers.

With Fenson Associates, Susan ensures that her clients have a wide array of design driven, sustainable, innovative and flexible product solutions for today's changing workplace. She consults with designers and architects on corporate, education, hospitality, healthcare and government projects.

Susan is a LEED AP and has participated on numerous LEED projects. She partners with manufacturers who are committed to protecting the environment and following DfE practices. Susan is a member of IIDA, NEWH, USGBC and a supporter of the City of Houston’s Green Resource Center. She has a B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas, Austin. If you’re in the Houston, San Antonio, or Austin area and would like more information on Durat or Meld products, please contact Fenson Associates.

Susan Fenson

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Durat Garners Attention at NeoCon East

In October, CaraGreen exhibited Durat at NeoCon East in Baltimore. Two representatives from Durat, Heikki Karppinen and Katerina Baranovskaja, came from Finland for the show. We launched Durat’s new tabletop program in which you can get tops made from their signature sustainable solid surface material in numerous sizes of round, square, and rectangular shapes and in over 60 colors. The table program interested designers working in industries from hospitality to healthcare. Durat’s vibrant booth with its lime green bathtub and Raita striped bench stood out on the show floor. And, our custom made Durat “Jenga” set challenged and entertained visitors. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth! 

Durat Booth at NeoCon East 2012

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CaraGreen’s Kim Wike Elected to Local and State USGBC Leadership Boards

In October, the current USGBC Triangle Board of Directors elected officers for the 2013 Triangle Branch Leadership Group and State Board of Directors. The group elected CaraGreen’s Business Development Manager, Kim Wike, for two positions: Secretary of the Triangle Branch and Representative to the State, which she will hold for two years.
CaraGreen has been a member of the USGBC since 2007 and is a sponsor of the Triangle USGBC for 2012, so we are delighted that Kim is active in the organization. The structure of the Triangle Chapter will change starting in 2013, when they will become the Triangle Branch. And, the Triangle Chapter has merged with the Charlotte and Triad Chapters to create a State-wide chapter.
In her position on the State Board, Kim will be responsible for development and oversight of the strategic plan for the chapter and ensuring its alignment with the organization's mission. For the Triangle Branch, she will be responsible for the implementation of that plan.

Kim began volunteering with the USGBC on the Emerging Professionals (EP) Committee in 2007. She then became the EP Communications Committee Co Chair in 2009-2011 and served on the Triangle Chapter Board for 1 year in 2011. In 2012, she moved to the Chapter Communications Committee Chair where she was responsible for all emails and event promotions within and outside the chapter. We are proud of Kim and congratulate her on her new positions! To read more about Kim, click here.

Kim Wik

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October Vignette - Witchy

Our Halloween-inspired vignette from back to front:
-Meld Micro, Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Uber Black
-Bark House, White Birch Bark Laminate Panel
-Eco-Terr Tile, Bergamo Black
-Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #730
-Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera Mosaics Recycled Glass Tile, Pewter Iridescent

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Durat Launches Ready-To-Go Tabletop Program

Durat is lanching a new tabletop program at NeoCon East. Durat tables will be made from their signature sustainable solid surface material, which contains 30% post-industrial recycled plastic. Durat collects the recycled material, which would otherwise end up in landfills. And, Durat is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life.

Designers can choose from Durat’s spectrum of over 60 vibrant colors. And, custom tints are available. Tops come in round, square and rectangular shapes. Numerous popular sizes are available in each shape and custom sizes are also available. All tabletops have a 1 1/2” edge thickness and a 3/4” plywood substrate.

Easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties make Durat tabletops ideal for public spaces, like restaurants, offices, and schools. Durat is resistant to wear, humidity, and various kinds of chemicals and spills. Durat is microbial-resistant, making it good for food service, healthcare and children’s facilities. And, Durat can be renewed with slight sanding. For more information on Durat Tabletops, contact us.

Durat Tabletops

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A Visual Journey Through NC State’s New Hunt Library

We recently visited the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NCSU to see Durat vanities that CaraGreen provided for the bathrooms. The building is the work of two architecture firms: Pearce, Brinkley, Cease + Lee and Snohetta. Upon arriving, we marveled at its modern architecture with a glass and metal exterior that stands out amid a campus of traditional brick buildings. More than the facade distinguishes this library though, which is designed to be sustainable (they’re tracking LEED Silver), technologically advanced, and to foster collaboration.

When you enter Hunt Library, there’s not a book in sight. Yet, it houses nearly two million tomes that can be delivered to you within minutes via bookBot. You may not even realize this anomaly because of the architectural eye candy that abounds. A brilliant yellow monumental staircase cascades through the lobby amidst a field of white. Just around the stairs, there’s a glass wall that overlooks a mass of steel boxes that span multiple floors. This is the heart of the library, the inner workings where those two million books reside. Roaming the library, the expert use of color, lighting, and sustainable practices impress.

Color is used powerfully. Large blocks of yellow, teal, purple, green, and red interrupt expanses of whites and neutrals. Intensity is achieved through placement, repetition and continuity. For instance, all monumental staircases in the building are yellow and all elevator cores are teal. The yellow stairs have yellow treads, risers, handrails, and sidewalls. Elevator cores are teal and when the elevators open, they are clad in glass that has been back-painted in the same teal giving a seamless color experience. Project Architect, Shann Rushing, from Pearce, Brinkley, Cease + Lee, shared with us that when they saw Durat, they immediately fell in love with it for its colors and shape ability. They also liked that Durat was a visual way to show their sustainability goals with its exposed recycled plastic chips. Durat vanities with integral oval sinks were ordered in both bright red and pale gray for all of the library’s bathrooms.

After color, the linear lighting used throughout the space, stands out as another brazen design element. It dashes along ceilings yielding energy and movement. And, in a more intimate reading room, long light rods hang from the ceiling, giving ambience. On the backside of the yellow stairwell in the lobby, LED lights zigzag up the shape of the stairs like racing stripes.

Sustainability is integral to the building’s design. Solar blades clad the exterior and allow natural light in while mitigating glare and heat gain. Lights are on sensors, which detect both daylight and occupancy to help reduce energy. LED lights are used. A Smart Mechanical System uses radiant heating and cooling versus forced air.  All rainwater is collected and filtered through landscaped rain gardens to help minimize stormwater impact on the environment. The gardens are filled with indigenous plants. There’s a green roof and trellises for vines to cover select areas of the exterior. And finish materials contain natural and recycled materials, such as the Durat, Marmoleum floors, and pavers made from concrete and recycled brick.
Hunt Library NCSU
Hunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUBookbot at Hunt Library at NCSUHunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSUHunt Library NCSUHunt Library NCSUDurat at Hunt Library at NCSU

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August Vignette - Sultry

It’s the last month of summer and we alternate between excitement for fall and clinging to the last sultry days of the season. This vignette dips a toe in both seasons with hot reds and moody purples grounded by neutral grays. From top to bottom:
-Bark House, White Pine Bark Laminate Panel (background)
-TorZo Parda, Recycled, NAF Wood Fiber Sheets, Amethyst
-Meld Luxe, Handcrafted Concrete and Recycled Glass Slabs, Slate
-Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera Mosaics Recycled Glass Tile, Disco Inferno

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Durat Featured in September Issue of UK Elle Decoration

Durat is featured in the September issue of UK Elle Decoration in the "Material Matters" section. The article focuses on materials used in kitchens and states "the materials you choose are vital to making the hardest-working room in the house function efficiently." The collage of materials above from the magazine features Durat in colors 030 and 730 as a worktop option with recycled content. The article gives this advice when selecting a countertop material:

-Establish what you want in a surface and familiarize yourself with the look and properties of different materials
-Research maintenance of materials (Durat requires no sealing, it's stain resistant, and scratches can be buffed out)
-Choose materials according to the task they'll be used for (ex. use a non-porous material, like Durat, around sink)
-Consider thickness, some materials can be built up to achieve a monolithic look, others can be ultra thin. (Durat can be either)
-Set aside as much of your budget as you can afford for the worktop, as it is the most used part of your kitchen.

Learn more about Durat.

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Durat to Exhibit at NeoCon East October 17-18

The rendering above is a sneak peek at Durat's colorful booth which will be on display at NeoCon East this year. Held in Baltimore, MD on October 17th and 18th, NeoCon East is the premier design exposition and conference for commercial interiors on the East Coast. Durat’s booth will explore the versatility of the sustainable solid surface material from form to color. A vanity with sink, tub, tabletop, and seamed sheets will all be part of the display, along with samples of the spectrum of colors Durat comes in. Durat will join over 250 exhibitors showcasing the latest interior products and innovations in the market. If you plan to be at the show, please stop by and see the booth!

Durat booth design by Cassy Lindahl and SitzerSpuria Studios
To be produced by SitzerSpuria Inc

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