Color Heals: Case Study: Lee Memorial Hospital


It is widely known that color helps you heal. Studies show that color evokes well being, hospitals are always looking for ways to help patients recover faster, and designers are using color in healthcare design.

Durat solid surface is the only solution for a facility looking for color. Outside of using a cheap plastic laminate that can not be refinished when damaged, and often looks tacky, Durat is the only surface with 70 standard color options. Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida was specified by FKP out of Houston, and used Durat’s bright suite of colors to incorporate color on every floor of the hospital.  

  • 2nd Floor - Durat 480 (Orange)
  • 3rd Floor - Durat 750 (Purple)
  • 4th Floor - Durat 230 (Light Blue)
  • 5th Floor - Durat 080 (Blue)
  • 6th Floor - Durat 810 (Light Green)
  • 7th Floor - Durat 800 (Green)

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