Flores & Associates in Charlotte Uses TorZo and Strives for LEED Silver


Overcash Demmitt Architects recently designed a new 20,000 SQFT, three-story office building for Flores & Associates in Charlotte, NC. The design featured TorZo Seeta countertops in Cocoa, from CaraGreen, which offered a unique look and sustainability. TorZo Seeta is made from 70% recycled and rapidly renewable sunflower seeds. The sheets are saturated with an acrylic resin, which make them hard and durable. The project, which has submitted for LEED Silver, integrated recycled content products, regional materials, certified wood, a green roof, and urban location to help with sustainability and to achieve their LEED goals.  Tim Demmitt said that Torzo was a “unique product with a refined look that offers sustainability” which they would use again.

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