TorZo Tiikeri Tops at Relish Burger Bistro


The new Relish Burger Bistro, located in The Westin Seattle Hotel, serves up their "perfect burgers" on  TorZo Tiikeri dining tables. The Seattle location is 6700 square feet, located just off the Westin lobby, and in the heart of downtown. The project is the interior design work of Kay Lang + Associates and Julie Brezina. Brezina, the lead project designer, commented, “I have specified Torzo products on a few projects over the past two and a half years...The product has a textural depth that creates an amazing look. As a LEED Green Associate I prefer to specify materials that are part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative whenever possible.” In addition to Tiikeri, recycled lighting was used for sustainability. Brezina shared that everyone is thrilled with the space, from the hotel owners and management to the chef.

Tiikeri resin-infused panels and flooring are made from recycled and rapidly renewable sorghum straw. Like all TorZo products, Tiikeri has no added urea formaldehyde. It comes in 8 colors and can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. Its durability makes it ideal for commercial applications. To learn more or request samples, contact us.

TorZo Tiikeri Tops at Relish Burger BistroTorZo Tiikeri Tops at Relish Burger BistroTorZo Tiikeri Tops at Relish Burger Bistro