• ecoX Graphite with Clear Glass in Greenbridge Condo

    ecoX Graphite with Clear Glass in Greenbridge Condo

  • ecoX in Goodberry's Creamery, Natural with Clear Glass

    ecoX in Goodberry's Creamery, Natural with Clear Glass

  • Meld Micro Samples

    Meld Micro Samples


Meld comes in 2 aggregate sizes, ecoX and Micro. 

Life is beautiful the second time around. And ecoX will make you look twice. It's as good for the environment as it is good looking. Made with up to 74% recycled glass, ecoX retains the verve of concrete and adds an earth-friendly dimension. EcoX challenges the notion that recycled is somehow less than original. This ecologically sensitive material offers potential LEED credits, prevents items from filling up landfills and presents a whole much greater than the sum of its parts. All while looking beautiful.

Micro™ gets its name from the fine size of the recycled glass aggregate blended within Meld's proprietary concrete base. The tiny glass makes Micro an elegant and sustainable surface material. Micro is comprised of up to 74% recycled glass and qualifies for potential LEED credits within the MR 4 and MR 5 categories.  

All glass is 100% recycled and extracted from within 500 miles of Meld’s manufacturing facility. 

Meld comes in six standard colors and customizations are available in limitless personalized hues.


Meld is available in 2 aggregate sizes and 6 standard colors. The aggreagate sizes, ecoX and Micro, are availabe in any of the standard colors below. The colors are shown in EcoX for reference.

Slabs sizes available in 96" x 30", 96" x 48", and 108" x 60"

Slab thichness is 1 1/2"

Custom slab sizes, colors, and glass options are also available.

Color Swatches

  • EcoX (shown in Natural)

    EcoX (shown in Natural)

  • Micro (shown in Natural)

    Micro (shown in Natural)

  • Biscuit, #102, ecoX

    Biscuit, #102, ecoX

  • Cement, #61, ecoX

    Cement, #61, ecoX

  • Graphite, #83, ecoX

    Graphite, #83, ecoX

  • Natural #70-C, ecoX

    Natural #70-C, ecoX

  • Saddleback, #15, ecoX

    Saddleback, #15, ecoX

  • Slate, #87, ecoX

    Slate, #87, ecoX


Sustainable Attributes

  • Pre-Consumer Recycled - 70%-74% recycled glass
  • Local - If <500 miles from Raleigh

LEED Credits

  • MR Credit 4 : Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 5 : Regional Materials