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Durat is a unique ecological solid surface material which contains recycled pre-consumer plastics and is 100% recyclable.

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PaperStone is a beautiful and heavy-duty solid surface known for its performance, its warm touch, its contemporary appearance and its environmental sustainability. It is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary, petroleum-free resin.

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Lapitec sintered stone is made of 100% minerals with no resins or petroleum derivatives. It provides the most suitable and diverse solutions for construction and furnishing, with the dimensions required by designers. It is full-bodied and can be used for internal and external cladding, pavements, indoor or outdoor kitchen countertops, and ventilated façades.

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Design something simple…or spectacular! Use EchoPanel® flat panels adhered to walls and ceilings for clean looks and sound absorption up to .85 NRC, or custom cut and print EchoPanel® to create sculptural elements that hide acoustic control in plain sight.

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Gilasi Engineered Stone is a durable surface made of aeronautics-grade, VOC-free epoxy and 77 – 85% recycled material. The combination of Gilasi’s ingredients result in a beautiful, nonporous countertop material that enriches any decor. Gilasi sources recycled glass locally, from within 250 miles of their manufacturing facility in Illinois

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Koskisen decorative plywood is made of Finnish baltic birch plywood. Both sides of the plywood are coated with colored translucent melamine. The translucent coating emphasizes the plywood’s natural grain and is protected by an overlaid transparent durable melamine film.

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With a carefully chosen mix of pre- and post-consumer recycled glass, GEOS surfaces are a unique surface of superior strength and remarkable beauty. It is a non-porous, durable material that performs, fabricates, and installs like engineered stone.

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Organoid surfaces include any of the natural surfaces on the following ``carriers`` or backings: HPL (high-pressure laminate), flooring (click-system install cork-backed flooring), wallpaper (self-adhesive or flax backing), flexi (flexible backing), pure (without a carrier at all)...

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elementAl surfaces take us back to basics. As recycling becomes an issue, we need to find a way to launch new materials that repurpose our recycled materials. elementAl surfaces take plastic and metal from the post-consumer waste stream and meld them together into a stunning…

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Diresco quartz composite is a unique mix of quartz granules, resins, and color pigments. Brought perfectly into balance to create a stunning, hardwearing, sustainable product. Their team of experts has bonded these natural ingredients via a unique scientific production process.

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Expanko Resilient Flooring, a Stonhard brand, has manufactured high performance floors for commercial environments since 1945. With seven design-friendly product lines for a variety of commercial markets from education to transportation to hospitality...

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reSAWN Timber Co.

reSAWN’s Hardwood collection features sustainably harvested woods, including white oak, black walnut, ash, hickory, and a variety of reclaimed woods. These products are suitable for a variety of application, from cladding to flooring and even millwork. All materials come from the USA.

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TorZo Surfaces manufactures sustainable surfaces that are ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. TorZo uses rapidly renewable, recycled, and raw materials to produce their sustainable sheet products

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Havelock Wool batts are comprised of 100% wool for a healthy home. Unlike other options, there is no synthetic mix in their products, which means there is no glue, no formaldehyde, and no harmful chemicals of any sort. They do not require protective clothing or safety equipment like respirators...

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Gator Skins

Gator Skins is the ideal material for outdoor and indoor skateboard and wooden ramp structures. It is made to have more grip, be more flexible, and easier on tooling while being equivalent in terms of wear and water resistance.

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GEOLUXE® is a breakthrough Pyrolithic stone™ with the noble beauty of natural marble and superior technical performance. It is made from a complex mixture of 100% mineral-based materials through patented Geomimicry™ forming technology which enables realistic marble-like veins throughout the slab.

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