Materials we sell

  • Durat Durat Modern Solid Surface
  • IceStone IceStone Concrete + Recycled Glass
  • PaperStone PaperStone Recycled Paper + Eco-friendly resin
  • Lapitec Lapitec Sintered stone surfacing
  • Kirei Kirei Sustainable acoustic solutions
  • Koskisen Koskisen Colorful plywood
  • Plyboo Plyboo Bamboo sheet goods
  • reSawn Timber reSawn Timber Charred and reclaimed woods
  • Wonderwall Studios Wonderwall Studios Reclaimed wood panels
  • TorZo - Bio-Based Panels TorZo - Bio-Based Panels Biobased surfaces
  • Bark House Bark House Reclaimed bark
  • elementAl elementAl recycled acrylic and metal
  • UltraTouch Cotton Insulation UltraTouch Cotton Insulation Recycled denim insulation
  • Havelock Wool Insulation Havelock Wool Insulation
  • Gator Skins Gator Skins
Choosing sustainable materials not only makes you feel good about your decisions but it also reduces your carbon footprint. We work with architects and designers daily to find products that fit every project type, from a recycled countertop material for a small kitchen or coffee shop, to sustainable acoustic solutions for corporate environments or FSC cladding for a building exterior. Browse our product lines to find your perfect fit.