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Introducing Thermally Modified Wood
by Arbor Wood Co.
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Durat is a unique, colorful solid surface material composed of recycled pre-consumer plastics and is 100% recyclable.

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PaperStone is a beautiful and heavy-duty solid surface known for its performance, warm touch, contemporary appearance and environmental sustainability. It is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary, petroleum-free resin.

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Lapitec sintered stone is made of 100% minerals with low to no silica content. As one of the most durable and versatile surfacing materials it can be used for internal and external cladding, pavements, indoor or outdoor kitchen countertops, and ventilated façades.

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Gilasi is a durable surface composed of VOC-free epoxy and 77 – 85% recycled glass by weight. This combination results in a beautiful, nonporous countertop material that enriches any decor. Gilasi sources recycled glass locally in Chicago.

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Arbor Wood Co.

Arbor Wood Co. produces Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications including siding, decking, and architectural millwork. The process starts by using domestically-sourced and sustainably-harvested wood which is then thermally modified using only heat and steam.

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GEOS surfaces are a unique surface of superior strength and remarkable beauty. With a carefully chosen mix of pre- and post-consumer recycled glass, it is a non-porous, durable material that performs, fabricates, and installs like engineered stone.

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Organoid produces beautiful natural surfaces out of alpine hay, flower petals, wool, moss, and other raw materials found in Austria. Organoid can be used for wall coverings, furniture accents, flooring, acoustic panels, packaging, and much more.

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elementAl surfaces take plastic and metal from the post-consumer waste stream and meld them together into a stunning, easily machined surface that not only performs well, but offers a seamless solution to an industry problem of recycling.

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Expanko Resilient Flooring, a Stonhard brand, has manufactured high performance floors for commercial environments since 1945. Expanko has even design- and eco-friendly product lines made of natural and recycled cork and rubber.

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