DIY Durat Flower Boxes

Southeast sales rep Kristine decided to get creative with Durat in her DIY project.

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Jessica’s DIY Office Transformation

Koskisen DIY Classroom Office Transformation Before After

Quarantine brought the classroom a little closer to home. So I transformed my office into a homeschool haven.

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Want vs. Need: the new design minimalism

We own our own ecosystem right now. Companies have become virtual collections of their individual ecosystems.  We are the sum of our parts.  We are Damon’s kitchen, Kristine’s couch, Maddie’s office, and Rob’s homemade co-working space.  

So too are our customers. These spaces accommodate what we actually are working with.  Designers have room for the samples that WILL be used in their projects, not those they may have a use for someday.

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Creative Design in the Wake of COVID

Spaces must evolve to accommodate social distancing and viral spread.  Will we lose all the design progress that we have made in order to accommodate these protective measures? We think just the opposite is true. 

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The Resurgence of Cork

Let’s talk about resurgence.

Resurgence is defined as a rising again into life. We typically hear resurgence used in the context of urban development; a city redesigning itself to become more prosperous in all dimensions. But what if I told you cork as a material is going through its own resurgence?

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Chicken s*** bingo: how one CaraGreen employee celebrates Earth Day.

No, you're not mistaken. Keep reading. 

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WFO: the new exception

One of the challenges of running a team of people that work remotely is ensuring that they are being productive and not taking advantage of the fact that they are at home and able to be easily distracted. The requirement to work from home driven by the Coronavirus pandemic has created an interesting shift in the accountability requirements of the employees working from home.  Without the ability to go anywhere and essentially existing on lockdown, people are having to dig deep in order to find creative ways to keep organized and focused in a new, but familiar environment.

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