Meet the dogs of CaraGreen!

It’s national puppy day and in today’s blog post, we’re spotlighting the pups of CaraGreen. Even in the most uncertain of times, our dogs give us something to celebrate. Some bios are written by the pups themselves, some by their dutiful parents. 

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CaraGreen’s Virtual Education Program: Let the Classroom Come to You

Here at CaraGreen, we want to do our part to keep the creativity flowing during these uncertain times. We are offering a free Virtual CEU Education program for architects and designers.

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Sign up for our webinar: The Path to Silica Free Surfacing

Still specifying quartz?  At a loss for alternative materials?  This webinar will answer all your questions about how we got to this silica crisis and what the industry is doing to respond.

Register here:

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January Vignette: The Warm n Buzzies

Winter blues got you down? Check out our latest vignette for a little slice of springtime. 

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6 Reasons Quartz is in Decline

Thinking about Quartz countertops for your kitchen?  Do your homework before you jump on the bandwagon. While Quartz has been the de facto countertop standard since last year, the tides have quickly turned as a tsunami of industry issues snowballed to cripple the quartz market.

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Durat 2020: Customize Your Solid Surface

Durat isn't just a solid surface - it's a design tool. 

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