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Still specifying quartz?  At a loss for alternative materials?  This webinar will answer all your questions about how we got to this silica crisis and what the industry is doing to respond.

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January Vignette: The Warm n Buzzies

Winter blues got you down? Check out our latest vignette for a little slice of springtime. 

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6 Reasons Quartz is in Decline

Thinking about Quartz countertops for your kitchen?  Do your homework before you jump on the bandwagon. While Quartz has been the de facto countertop standard since last year, the tides have quickly turned as a tsunami of industry issues snowballed to cripple the quartz market.

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Durat 2020: Customize Your Solid Surface

Durat isn't just a solid surface - it's a design tool. 

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Putting Green Back in Greenbuild

Hesitant to jump back into the tradeshow fray with a cookie-cutter booth and the boilerplate set up, we decided if we were going to have a booth, if we were going to the Convention Center, we would be the center of the unconventional.

This year we are flipping the script. We are taking your typical product install with some overly verbose literature about your materials, and we are tossing them out.  

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Silicosis: a Primer for the Quartz & Stone Industry

Silicosis has become a hot topic in the stone world of late, and there is a lot of fear and confusion around the issue.  It is important that this issue be taken seriously, but also that it be properly understood.

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