Home for the Holidays


Heading home for the holidays? Channel the warmth that is felt in this vignette for inspiration and have a happy boliday season!

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Sustainability is Inferred


The true thought leaders in the industry are not racing to the bottom; they are innovating for the future by finding smarter, healthier and more sustainable ways to provide a surfacing product that has a positive impact on the environment, and respects the desires of the new homebuyers who care inherently about the environment.

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Get Back to Your Roots at Bida Manda


Bida Manda, which means father and mother in Sanskrit, is a new Laotian restaurant in Raleigh, NC. Owners, brother and sister Vansana and Vanvisa Nolintha, named the restaurant to honor their parents in Laos who instilled in them the belief of nurturing relationships through food. Interestingly, through the process of building their restaurant they also nurtured relationships with friends and the local community who came together to help create twig walls made from branches provided by CaraGreen and Bark House.

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It All Comes Out in the Wash


For the last decade, companies have been clamoring to get their products tagged with some sort of label or declaration that classifies them as “green.” This certificate, sticker, logo, or claim would absolve them of any responsibility in explaining why their product was either beneficial to, or less detrimental to, the environment, because people would just “know” it was green because some certifying body, or pay-to-play entity said it was so. This is completely maligned with what the intent of green building was at the outset and has completely derailed the green initiative in so many ways.

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Greening the Community


Sustainable materials- not just in regards to material composition! Some recent projects have been completed showing how products we offer can be used to further the social sustainability of local communities.

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Remodeling on a Budget

Not everyone has $50,000 to spend on a kitchen remodel. How can you update your kitchen without spending a fortune? Close collaboration with your contractor and savvy choices in surfacing materials and finishes can result in a beautiful upfit without costing a fortune.

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Spiced Chai


Feeling warm and earthy today? So are we! Check out these materials to channel that into some nature-inspiring biophilic design.

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What is biophilic design?


Biophilia? No, it is not some nefarious relationship with plants. Well, not entirely. This hot new design trend is not some “look” or color scheme, it’s a set of design techniques that put people before profits in building construction. While some people are quick to put biophilic design in the category of “another green building standard,” it is absolutely not.

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On the Hunt for Inspiration?


Looking for ideas for a sustainable and successful space? We recently visited the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NCSU to see Durat vanities that CaraGreen provided for the bathrooms. The building is the work of two architecture firms: Pearce, Brinkley, Cease + Lee (now part of Clark Nexsen) and Snøhetta. This library, famous beyond even its local community, is designed to be sustainable (met requirements for LEED Silver), technologically advanced, and to foster collaboration.

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Who We Are


We are a team of trailblazers in the world of material distribution.  Traditionally, distributors stock products and turn them over, selling to their channel reactively as demand occurs.  We do not.

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