The Top 5 Countertop Choices for Healthy Homeowners - an Industry Update on the Best Eco-Friendly Options

Hunting for a kitchen countertop that pairs perfectly with your lifestyle? Tired of the commodity quartz and generic granite countertops? Whether it's warming up your office space, retrofitting your bathrooms or designing your dream kitchen, we found five eco-friendly, non-toxic options for you. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy home.

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What is Pyrolithic Stone?  GEOLUXE®  carves out new surfacing category with Geomimicry ™  Technology

Engineered stone is undergoing a revolution as new technology emerges to address the many limitations of quartz surfaces, mainly imparted upon them due to the resin that is used as a binder, but also the health implications of airborne crystalline silica.  New product categories are emerging, and one of those is GEOLUXE® Pyrolithic stone.

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Stop and Smell the Roasnbliatn - Natural Surfaces Fueling the Retail Revival

Retailers vow to keep a grip on their in-person clientele as our safety and pandemania has caused us to become increasingly dependent on online ordering.  The online experience is evolving to be immersive and so realistic, we almost feel like we ARE in the store. The store we remember anyway. Retailers need to rethink the in-store experience.  It must attract the senses that can not be accessed behind a screen.  Touch and feel, smell, in person visualization.

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Reviving Retail: Why Building Materials are Key to Getting Customers Back in your Store

2021 brings with it the opportunity to get back to life as we knew it.  Back to our families, back to our offices, back to shopping and dining at restaurants.  But these spaces, as we knew them, are not the same, and we are not the same.  We have established ourselves as fully capable of providing for ourselves remotely.  This reality will be a challenge for retailers and restaurants alike as they strive to draw their customers back post pandemic.  Building materials will prove to be a critical part of this “return of the customer,” and probably not in the ways that you think.

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Sintered Stone: The Ultimate Residential Kitchen Solution

What is it like to put Lapitec in your home? CaraGreen Southeast Territory Manager, Raina Harrell,  recently talked to a homeowner about her kitchen renovation and why she chose Lapitec countertops.

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It’s Terrazzo’s Time: Eco-Savvy Options to the Terrazzo Trend

Most of us have heard of terrazzo, that chunky, colorful  airport floor we (used to) dash across to make our flight, or maybe a decorative lamp or bowl that we picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago.  Terrazzo has deep roots, centuries back to the Italians, or some would argue back millenia to Turkish roots; but we will leave that argument to the Europeans.  Regardless of its founders, terrazzo was recycling and ingenuity at its finest, where scraps from the quarries were repurposed into exterior walls for homes in a clay or other suspended matrix.  People really can live in glass houses and throw stones to make them. If you’re seeking the look and feel of terrazzo but you’re ballin’ on a budget or simply don’t have the withall to handle the complications that can come with it like King Tutankhamun and building pyramids (Have you seen those??) then we offer some great alternatives. 

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