Featured Project: Laura Krey Designs & Durat


Designer: Laura Krey

Design Company: Laura Krey Design

About: Laura Krey Design is the interior design practice of Laura Krey. Based in New York City, LKD was established in 2008 with two fundamental beliefs: that living with beauty can inspire and the process of creating a home helps you discover more about yourself. Through careful editing, investigating, and organization, I bridge these worlds for my clients and ultimately create unified yet highly personal environments reflective of each client’s unique needs.

Laura Krey


Project Name: Private Residence, West Village, New York City.

Scope/description of the project: Gut Renovation of a Two-Bedroom Apartment


Was sustainability important to this project? If so, what are some sustainable features of the design?

LK: "Sustainability was very important on this project. My interest in sustainable design aligned with those of the client, and I sourced responsibly manufactured materials as much as I could."


Any comments about your experience using DURAT?

LK: "Durat is extremely easy to customize, which was also an important factor in this project. The footprint of this bathroom is not large, and I needed a sink that could work well on a custom vanity."

What was the outcome of the project (client reaction, aesthetic/functionality goals achieved, LEED, etc.)?

LK: "The clients were thrilled and were surprised that Durat has such a pleasant feel! There is a warmth to the material." 

Photographer: Adam Friedberg

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