Project Spotlight: CoreLife Eatery


Like many other innovative companies before its time, CoreLife Eatery took on a familiar and well-loved model and made it better: fast food. Founded in Syracuse, NY in 2015, CoreLife Eatery offers fast-casual fare with healthy, locally sourced ingredients. From broth to noodles to salads and grains, CoreLife offers a number of options that consumers can feel good about eating time and time again.  

Much like their menu, CoreLife’s approach to designing their space has human and planetary health in mind. With recycled Durat countertops, 60% recycled PET Kirei Acoustic Solutions, and sustainably sourced reSAWN Shou Sugi Ban charred wood wall cladding, the eateries create a welcoming space that promotes health beyond what’s on our plate.

Durat is the only colorful solid surfacing material that markets its recycled content and modern aesthetic, making it an easy choice for CoreLife, who use orange as their marquee color.  Color is known to affect human behavior and orange specifically is known for promoting hunger and also encourages quick turnover, making it a must-have for a healthy-in-a-hurry meal. Durat color 480, a vibrant orange, serves as the countertop for all of the beverage and some of the food prep areas.  

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Kirei Acoustic panels are a one-stop solution for any designer looking to incorporate acoustics, and they too offer a vibrant orange palette, and two of their panel colors 295 and 151 were chosen for the CoreLife chain.  Made with recycled plastic bottles, Kirei EchoPanel goes beyond its role as a sound control solution to serving as an environmental advocate as well. EchoPanel rigid panels can be cut into virtually any shape and are also available as prefabricated baffle and tile systems.

When thinking of charred timber, we often don’t think of color, but reSAWN Timber’s Shou Sugi Ban Orenji joins a myriad of color options offered by the company.  Orenji was a natural choice with its subtle orange color against a darker backdrop off the charred cypress. Known to be calming, natural wood grain is an obvious choice in biophilic design, and CoreLife hit the mark with the use of the charred Orenji material.

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