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We are a team of trailblazers in the world of material distribution.  Traditionally, distributors stock products and turn them over, selling to their channel reactively as demand occurs.  We do not.

We believe that the environment is critical, finding products that are earth friendly and create healthier spaces for people.  We put people before product.  

We educate the market on the trends that put occupant health before buildings and structures.  Making sure that people work more efficiently and productively, learning more and living longer.

This is Biophilic Design and the WELL Building Standard, two topics that are integral to our product offering.

We sift through all the products that are presented to us and find those that are a fit for our beliefs and our platform.  We bring those products to architects and designers as a trusted partner who has done the legwork to determine which products are truly best-in-class and respect people and the environment.


Our products include Lapitec sintered stone, an anti-pollution, next generation extra large slab material that will revolutionize surfacing inside and out.

Durat, modern solid surface, a designer seamless surface in over 70 brilliant colors that uses up to 28% recycled content, diverting hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste.

Kirei EchoPanel, a rigid acoustic panel with over 60% recycled PET, beautiful, colorful and creating elaborate acoustic systems for healthier office interiors at a very competitive price point.

PaperStone sheet goods, suitable for cladding, countertops, benches, windowsills and more.  This incredibly durable materials is so versatile, it ages in place, giving it an organic look, but steel like strength.  The innovation options are endless, including its recently launched PaperStone Labs platform, which accepts innovative ideas from the field on new products and concepts they would like to see developed.

With many more product lines, we offer materials for endless applications. We don't just move these products.  We want them to move you.  Create beautiful designs and feel good about what you are doing.  Our bottom line is health and beauty in buildings, and we work hard to bring that to the built environment.


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