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Sintered Stone: The Ultimate Residential Kitchen Solution

What is it like to put Lapitec in your home? CaraGreen Southeast Territory Manager, Raina Harrell,  recently talked to a homeowner about her kitchen renovation and why she chose Lapitec countertops.

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Transitional Furniture: The New Materials of Al Fresco Dining

Transitional Outdoor spaces the new materials of al fresco dining

The outdoors has become a bastion where we felt safer, where natural ventilation and the ability to be spaced apart were our only respite in these crazy times. The intersection of sustainable design, healthy materials, cleanability, flexibility and durability has presented substantial challenges in balancing all of these factors in attractive design.

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Sinter vs. Printer - How “sintered stone” differs from porcelain

There is confusion about the sintered stone category, and how it differs from porcelain and we will explore the largest of those differences here:  is it printed or not? Let's break it down. 

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Top 5 Alternatives to Granite Countertops

“Granite Throughout!”

“Recently Upgraded with Granite!” 

“Brand New Granite Countertops!”

Can someone tell realtors that they’re really out of date?  Granite was SO 1990, yet here we are 30 years later with a product that needs to be sealed every year, is susceptible to stains, and - guess what - is mined from the earth (which is the stone equivalent of deforestation). We know, we know, there are sustainable natural stone extraction standards now, but in reality, these are very recent and came on the heels of granite becoming commoditized and ubiquitous - or basically, everyone has it and can get it on the cheap.

So, what’s next?

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CaraGreen’s Virtual Education Program: Let the Classroom Come to You

Here at CaraGreen, we want to do our part to keep the creativity flowing during these uncertain times. We are offering a free Virtual CEU Education program for architects and designers.

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