The CaraGreen Brands

The CaraGreen Brands have been selected with great care

Inspired by nature, The Bark House® handcrafts beautiful wall coverings for interior and exterior design solutions from recycled tree bark.  The products express their rich heritage of artisan craftsmanship and form an authentic connection between nature, individuals, and the built environment.  They have been a B Corp Certified Company since 2008, with 12 Best For The World Awards and have the singular distinction of having a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ PLATINUM Product.

CaraGreen Studio is a collaboration between SitzerSpuriaStudios and CaraGreen Healthy Building Materials. This collection of modern furnishings and casegoods uses healthy, sustainable surface materials available through CaraGreen. 

SitzerSpuriaStudios is a full-service design firm that has been creating beautiful environments for over thirty years. These decades of experience combined with our truly inspired outlook keeps our work ahead of the times yet timeless.

Diresco quartz composite is a unique mix of quartz granules, resins, and color pigments. Brought perfectly into balance to create a stunning, hardwearing, sustainable product. Their team of experts has bonded these natural ingredients via a unique scientific production process; one that Diresco has perfected over the years. Their exhaustive research efforts have resulted in an incredibly strong material that is comparable to diamond.

Durat is a unique ecological solid surface material which contains recycled pre-consumer plastics and is 100% recyclable.

elementAl surfaces take us back to basics. As recycling becomes an issue, we need to find a way to launch new materials that repurpose our recycled materials. elementAl surfaces take plastic and metal from the post-consumer waste stream and meld them together into a stunning, easily machined surface that not only performs well, but offers a seamless solution to an industry problem.

Enigma Surfaces is a remarkable new material that certainly will revolutionize the stone industry due to its impressive features and numerous attributes. Enigma Surfaces marks a new generation of countertops, resistant to stains and with minimal maintenance requirements.

Expanko Resilient Flooring, a Stonhard brand, has manufactured high performance floors for commercial environments since 1945.  With seven design-friendly product lines for a variety of commercial markets from education to transportation to hospitality, Expanko leverages high performance, low maintenance and environmentally sensitive, safe floors.  With over 70 years of excellence in high performance floors, Expanko continues to deliver innovative design options without sacrificing performance. 

Gator Skins is the ideal material for outdoor and indoor skateboard and wooden ramp structures.  It is made to have more grip, be more flexible, and easier on tooling while being equivalent in terms of wear and water resistance. It is fast, non-slip, ultra-durable, American made, and affordable.

GEOS surfaces are made from recycled glass and a proprietary non-toxic resin. Seamless and highly durable, GEOS surfaces do not require sealing, meaning they are both easy to install and maintain. 

 GEOLUXE®  is a breakthrough Pyrolithic stone™ with the noble beauty of natural marble and superior technical performance. It is made from a complex mixture of 100% mineral-based materials through patented Geomimicry™ forming technology which enables realistic marble-like veins throughout the slab. 

Gilasi Engineered Stone is a durable surface made of aeronautics-grade, VOC-free epoxy and 77 - 85% recycled material. The combination of Gilasi’s ingredients results in a beautiful, non-porous countertop material that enriches any décor.

Havelock Wool specializes in wool insulation, sourcing only the best fibers for use in their wool insulation. The fibers they use are a certain dynamic – sheared from a specific breed of sheep best suited for insulation.

Kirei is beautiful living through great design...sustainably.They bring you the newest natural elements to createhealthy, sustainable spaces for living, working and play.

Koskisen is a family business committed to wood. Since their start as a sawmilling co-operative in 1909, they have evolved over the decades into a wood industry expert. They manufactur quality wood products including plywood, chipboard and construction industries in addition to sawmilling.

Lapitec® is an innovative “full bodied” sintered stone slab. Available in large format slabs, this silica- free surface unites aesthetic design appeal and the superior mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colours and typical finishes of natural stone.

Immerse yourself in the world of Organoid. Discover the manifold possibilities and different raw materials. In breaking down the ORGANOID brand, “Organic” (in the sense of natural and pristine) and “oid” (from the ancient Greek for ‘like’) are the key elements. 100% sustainability, authenticity, closeness to nature and nontreated natural materials are the ingredients of our natural surfaces.

PaperStone defines "counterintuitive." Their solid surfaces are made from recycled paper that perform like natural stone surfaces.

reSAWN TIMBER co. provides new and reclaimed wood products for architectural specifications for flooring, interior wall cladding, ceilings, exterior siding, furniture and custom millwork.

Torzo Surfaces, based in Oregon, manufactures sustainable surfaces that are ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. TorZo uses rapidly renewable, recycled, and raw materials to produce their sustainable sheet products.