Torzo Surfaces manufactures sustainable surfaces that are ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. TorZo uses rapidly renewable, recycled, and raw materials to produce their sustainable sheet products.

50%-75% Recycled Content

Recycled content — wheat, sorghum, hemp and wood — constitutes 50%-75% of our sheet goods. We utilize parts of these crops and scraps of timber that would otherwise go to landfills.

Rapidly Renewable

TorZo Surfaces also use rapidly renewable materials

Products by TorZo - Bio-Based Panels

TorZo Surface is a division of Specialty Polymers Inc., which is headquartered in Woodburn, Oregon. Specialty Polymers is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly water based polymers that are used in paints, sealers, adhesives and other building related products.

Starting in in 2007, Specialty Polymers worked to develop a market sustainable based durable surface product for the building industry. As a result of this effort, in 2008 Specialty Polymers created a new company called TorZo Surfaces to manufacture, market and distribute these new and exciting sustainable products. 

Currently manufactured at Specialty polymers headquarters base facility in Woodburn, Oregon, TorZo Surfaces plans to add additional capacity to a South Carolina facility sometime next year.