Everyone has been waiting for a downturn in construction.  A slowing of real estate sales, a drop in housing prices. A drop in the stock market.  Increased material prices.


Waiting so long, we turned a blind eye to the reality that it might be happening now.

Increased interest rates, tariffs on building materials and an overall trade war have created uncertainty in the market.  Reports are coming out about slowed construction starts and new home sales dropping. Are you paying attention? Are you protecting your business?  Or are you shrugging it off and saying it is just a temporary correction?


What about the stock market?  Is an awkward political climate and strained country relations a temporary phenomenon or will it have long-term repercussions?


Don’t be uninformed.  Set up Google Alerts on “Construction Starts” or “Decline in Housing Market” or “Building Material Sales” to make sure that you are covering all your bases and don’t get caught off-guard.


At CaraGreen, we partner with our customers, our vendors, and our community.  We stay apprised of topical industry news so we can help our fellow companies react quickly to industry trends.  We keep an eye on changes and shifts, good and bad, opportunities and adversities, in an effort to ultimately provide materials for the most innovative projects being designed and built today.  We hope to help everyone create healthier buildings using healthier materials that have compelling stories and beautiful aesthetics. Industry dynamics are a critical part of our role in educating our clients about how to create better.


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