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Customizable Acoustic Designs

Navigating the Acoustic PET and felt panel space is complicated. It feels like there are hundreds of suppliers and products and permutations, STC ratings and NRC ratings. It feels like everyone is using the same base material and just cutting it into different shapes, naming it, and then waiting to see who uses it. Every brand sports baffles, clouds, tiles and CNC cut shapes, and it is very hard to find a difference between the players.

Except one.

EzoBord, a Canada based company, has all the acoustics solutions mentioned above: baffles, rail systems, wood grain acoustics, clouds, tiles and panels and customizable acoustics.

What does customizable acoustics mean?

EzoBord lets you choose your acoustic core material and which felt, PET, or woodgrain finish you want on either side of the core. EzoBord is the only company offering this customization because they have the technology in house to do so. With a variety of acoustic core panel colors, thicknesses and performance ratings, designers can design the acoustics that they want from their desk. Without having to navigate through 20 other brands and their options, designers can get the exact acoustic solution that they want for their space.

EzoBord will work with customers as they select their options and has curated their PET panel and felt finish options through close collaboration with color consultants. Whether designers like the look of the raw recycled PET, or the softer, more tactile felt, which has more saturated color, they can choose how to mix the materials together to create a design that nobody else has.

Designers want to design. EzoBord’s acoustic design tool gives them exactly that––the ability to break the barrier between sound control and sound design. EzoBord is the only acoustic material provider that offers an online configuration tool to customize acoustics, alongside a standard product offering of acoustic systems that is robust and can be engineered to meet any budget.

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