Want the durability of stone and workability of wood?  Try PaperStone.  

Want to feel good about the material choices you make in your home?  Try PaperStone.

Want an economical, DIY material that you can cut on-site?  Try PaperStone.

Want a commercial-grade, cost-effective, green surface?  Try PaperStone.


With the warmth of wood and the performance of stone, PaperStone is a match made in heaven.  Recycled paper fibers are fully encapsulated in a petroleum-free binder that is known to hold up to heavy wear and tear.  Easily refinished and timeless in its aesthetic, PaperStone is the perfect surface for the commercially minded architect or the eco-friendly homeowner.

What can you make with PaperStone? Countertops, benches, and windowsills are just the beginning.  The workability of PaperStone has been demonstrated in guitar frets, knife handles, jewelry, cutting boards, signage and more.  Message us if you want some material to show us what you can make with PaperStone.


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