Working from home? Same. But what about your office setup? While cramped quarters, kids at home, and chaos abound can make it difficult to find your rhythm when working remotely, a designated workspace is key to ensuring that you are productive while working remotely. Here at CaraGreen, we believe that the key to a happy, healthy home office is biophilic design. 


What is biophilic design? 

Biophilic design is more than just a design trend. Backed by research, biophilic design offers 14 overarching principles, that can be incorporated into a space to make it more:

  • healthy
  • efficient
  • pleasant
  • attractive
  • productive
  • soothing
  • invigorating

Based on your space, and your needs, you can use Biophilic Design principles to achieve certain environmental goals. We've talked about ways to incorporate biophilic design into your workplace (click here to read), but when it comes to working remotely, we've put together the key elements of creating a biophilic home workspace. 


Natural Light

 Fresh air and sunlight can not only increase the thermal comfort of your home office, but it can also boost mood and aid in creativity and productivity. Natural sunlight can relax the eye muscles and effectively reduce fatigue.



By definition, humans are drawn to nature and natural things. Nature stimulates the parasympathetic system and lowers stress. Studies have shown that being around trees and nature in general lower stress levels. 



Elements analogous to nature, such as color and texture provide us with a material connection to nature. Strong and routine connections to nature have been shown to improve cognitive function in the workplace, and can help with the tedium of remote work tasks. (Source: Terrapin Bright Green)


More ways to incorporate biophilic design into your home office

  • Incorporating materials with natural textures like wood grain, and stone
  • Leaving a window open to hear the sounds outdoors, soft materials and surfaces to absorb sound, natural surfaces like cork for underfoot comfort and sound control
  • Partially obscured views, created by plants, curtains or partition walls, create a sense of mystery and intrigue
  • Take intermittent breaks from work and spend time outside to relax, restore, and inspire creativity