Lapitec sintered stone caragreen

Still using Quartz as your “go to” surface? Snap out of it! Lapitec sintered stone far outperforms quartz, is competitively priced and is (in our humble opinions) much more appealing and timeless. With seven textures and colors ranging from deep black to brilliant white, Lapitec addresses all the shortcomings of quartz and granite. Specifically engineered to be the next generation of surfacing, Lapitec will not yellow (like quartz), cannot be scratched (like quartz) and will not react to heat (like quartz). The minds behind the creation of quartz are the ones that proactively invented sintered stone to replace quartz, and the time is now. Widely accepted as the “what’s next” in surfacing, Lapitec also boasts hydrophilic properties, which mean anti-graffiti and anti-pollution. Yes, it breaks down pollution. Think about buildings that actually give back to the environment. Quartz was queen, but its reign is over. The heat is on, and Lapitec can stand up to it!

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