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Nothing is worse than a business meeting at the trendy new restaurant downtown, only to find out that you can’t hear your customer because the acoustics are so bad.  Sure, we love the industrial look with exposed ceilings and metal and concrete, but it makes it really hard to hear and can be unpleasant.  Even an office environment with an open floor plan is great until it isn’t because the chatter around the coffee pot is sending your brain into a tailspin because you have a deadline tomorrow.

Enter EchoPanel. More cost effective than its felt competitors, rigid, and easy to install after the fact, EchoPanel should be the defacto go-to material for designers and owners who have an acoustic problem that they realize after the fact.  EchoPanel is available in sheets, baffles, tiles, and full systems- enabling a seamless installation without compromising the current design.  Stylish and sleek, EchoPanel options should be in every designer’s toolkit for a quick acoustic solution. For more information email echopanel@caragreen.com.

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