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CaraGreen Launches Durat Scandicolor Collection, a Solid Surfacing Color Palette Inspired by Nature

Scandicolor dips its brush into nature's palette, creating effortlessly styled surfaces for interior spaces

RALEIGH, NC, APRIL 24, 2019: CaraGreen, the trusted source for healthier building materials, today announced the launch of the Durat Scandicolor Collection, a new palette of Durat solid surface colors inspired by natural elements and the minimalism of Scandinavian culture and design. Durat surfacing material is made with up to 30 percent recycled content, and with its easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties, it is an ideal material for countertops and various interior spaces. The Scandicolor Collection consists of 10 colors: shades and hues that can be found in the natural landscape of the Scandinavian region.


The Durat Scandicolor Collection speaks to a larger movement taking place in the building and design industry; a move toward biophilic design which incorporates colors, textures, and other elements of nature with the aim of increasing occupants’ connectivity to natural environments by bringing the outdoors in.


“Durat has deep roots in Scandinavian design and it only makes sense that they would curate their collection to launch Scandicolor,” said Jessica McNaughton, President of CaraGreen. “With Durat’s propensity toward natural elements and the way they casually complement wood tones, the Scandicolor collection is perfectly timed with the movement toward biophilic design.”


To request samples of the Durat Scandicolor Collection, please visit: www.caragreen.com.



About CaraGreen

CaraGreen LLC, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, distributes eco-friendly products as healthier alternatives to conventional building materials. CaraGreen matches the needs of architects, designers and builders, identifying and supplying beautiful and technically advanced products that help mitigate adverse effects on people and the environment. Projects range from residential kitchens to corporate environments and hospitality. Products include surfacing materials, acoustic solutions, insulation and exterior cladding. CaraGreen focuses on educating the design and building communities to increase awareness of products that contribute to creating healthier spaces. The Company offers a variety of brands and environmentally-friendly solutions. To start a conversation with CaraGreen, please visit: www.caragreen.com.


CaraGreen Company Contact: Jessica McNaughton | 919.348.6679 | jessica@caragreen.com

CaraGreen Media Contact: Lauri Julian | 949.280.5602 | pr@caragreen.com


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