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CaraGreen Announces Domestic Stock of Organoid’s Natural Surfaces and Wallcovering

CaraGreen is excited to announce that we are now stocking five styles of Organoid Natural Wallcovering! We now offer quick ship options for these in stock styles, but rest assured the Austrian company will get any of their stock program finishes ready in a timely fashion. All Organoid stock program surfaces are available in a few weeks from Austria, but now we have an option that is even quicker and easier for you with rolls ready to cut to the desired length at our Raleigh warehouse location. Contact us for quotes!

The 5 SKUs available through this program are:

Almwiesn on flax backing – A breathable wallpaper made of alpine hay, daisies, and colorful petals on 100% flax non-woven backing for direct adhesion.

Mous Hellgrian on flax backing – Upcycled bright green moss on 100% flax non-woven backing for direct adhesion.

Skelettblattla Medium on self adhesive – Leaf skeletons from rubber trees on a translucent self-adhering film. 

Kornbluama Blau on non-woven flax backing – A breathable wallpaper made of blue cornflower blossoms on 100% flax non-woven backing for direct adhesion.

Roasnbliatn Light on white eco-fleece wallpaper – Rose petals on white wallpaper made of recycled paper and textile fibers.

More About Organoid

Organoid is so much more than just wallpaper. It is an experience with nature that you can see, feel, and smell. Organoid makes beautiful statement pieces when adhered to decorative or acoustic panels, and furnishings like cabinetry, signage, retail displays, or glass partitions. 

Application of Organoid is simple and can be done using traditional wallpaper techniques and adhesives. Visit their YouTube channel for installation tutorials. 

From spas, to offices, restaurants, or hotels, Organoid’s surfacing creates an inviting, comfortable interior space that connects people to nature. Browse the look book for inspiring examples of how you can use these materials in your design or order samples now!

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