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Durat Publishes Environmental Product Declaration for Solid Surface

An EPD includes a life-cycle assessment of a product, providing insights into environmental impact and global warming potential.

Durat and CaraGreen, the trusted source for healthier building materials, are pleased to announce that an EPD, or environmental product declaration, is now publicly available for Durat’s complete line of solid surfacing. An EPD is an important step in a company’s journey to becoming more environmentally sustainable and transparent.

The document includes a cradle to gate life-cycle assessment and is third-party verified. The results of the study list the environmental impacts of the material from natural resource use to end of life. The report includes indicative metrics such as global warming potential, smog creation, ozone depletion and water pollution. Durat hopes that this disclosure will help purchasers and specifiers make more informed decisions when designing with solid surfaces.

You can view the entire report here. Samples of Durat are always available through CaraGreen, Material Bank, and Swatchbox. Contact CaraGreen for a quote or more information.

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