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Lapitec Bianco Giulia

Available in the US


Lapitec, the Italian sintered stone manufacturer, introduces a brand new color to its line of silica free surfaces. Bianco Giulia is white with dramatic, through body gray veins. Giulia joins the Musa Collection to complement the subtly veined and widely popular Bianco Vittoria and Bianco Elettra.

Lapitec slabs are through body, unlike porcelains, where veining is only on the surface of the material, making edging and seaming difficult and more noticeable, Lapitec sintered stone veining penetrates from the top to the bottom of the slab, making it truly “through-bodied veining” as would occur in a true stone. 

Unlike natural stone varieties, Lapitec contains no crystalline silica, the airborne particles that can cause severe illness when inhaled, even in small amounts. The durable surface is made of 100% minerals that are “sintered” using vibro compression under vaccuum. This means Lapitec is safer to manufacture and to fabricate than quartz or natural stone. Lapitec is an incredibly innovative company at the forefront of sustainability and safety in interior and exterior surfacing. 

Lapitec’s surfaces positively contribute to projects seeking green rating system certifications in several ways. Lapitec has a product-specific Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a Health Product Declaration (HPD), and a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Additionally Lapitec is GreenGuard Gold certified, ensuring that it is a low-emitting material and is acceptable for use in sensitive environments like healthcare facilities and schools.

Bianco Giulia is available in large format slabs of 12, 20, or 30 mm thicknesses and comes finished in one of three different surface textures: silky Satin, polished Lux, or lightly textured Lithos. Slabs are also available in two mirrored patterns for bookmatching.

In addition to being stunningly beautiful, because Lapitec is resistant to stains, scratches, heat, frost, chemicals, and UV rays, the design possibilities are endless. Scroll through the photos below for inspiration and contact us for a Bianco Giulia sample!



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