GOT jokes?

This is actually no joke. The saga continues for the quartz industry, as more legislation on anti-dumping rains down on the quartz industry. A November 14th ruling on anti-dumping tariffs resulting from the Cambria lawsuit means another 300+% tariff on top of the countervailing and government trade war tariffs that are already in place on quartz surfaces. You can read more about it on our blog or hear more about it on our podcast.

Hello, haven’t we been telling you about Lapitec sintered stone? Better than quartz. Better than granite. Man-made metamorphic rock? Stain, etch, scratch, graffiti, and bacteria resistant? Ringing any bells amidst the quartz conundrum? If you are not certified in sintered stone, you should move now. The industry is shifting. For a limited time, we are providing free displays to fabricators looking to get into sintered stone. Lapitec displays can be ordered free of charge by emailing [email protected]