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A Walk in the Woods with Bark House

Nestled in the North Carolina mountains, Spruce Pine is a quaint little town where our manufacturing partner – Bark House – is located.  We visited their location last month to see all of their beautiful materials in production and to tour the facility.  Bark House prides itself on not only providing sustainable materials, with their Cradle to Cradle certified products, but also by being a sustainable company.  Bark House is a B Corporation and they have solar panels that offset the amount of power they use.   Bark House uses every piece of the tree possible which results in some amazing, unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.  We got the chance to see how the bark is peeled, flattened and dried.  We also had the chance to see their new “Leathered” Pin Cherry panels, which are made by peeling back the first layer of bark to reveal the layer in between.  In the spirit of its commitment to “no waste,” Bark House donates scrap wood from their processes to the elderly in the community for fire wood.    Next time you venture to the North Carolina mountains, stop by Spruce Pine and visit Bark House.


Let the Credits Roll – CaraGreen expands educational course offerings

Our course on Sustainable Interior Materials is now eligible for continuing education units (CEUs) from the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).  Previously an AIA CEU only, we are now able to present this to your firm for GBCI credit as well.  The course walks through the best way to use interior materials and offers an overview and simplification of the LEED v4 Materials and Resources section. Call to book your session, either virtually or in person, at 919.929.3009 or email lisa@caragreen.com


Walking the Talk with ECOfusion Flooring

ECOfusion stepped it up this month with its successful passing of California’s Section 01350 test protocol standard for VOC emissions.  Now you can specify the Pro-core proprietary engineered strandwoven flooring and breathe a little easier knowing that it meets these stringent requirements.  This testing standard also meets the LEED v4 requirements for interior materials and VOC emissions.   ECOfusion is already a no-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) flooring, but this standard takes that even further. More information and testing results can be obtained by emailing us.

For product binders and samples email ecofusion@caragreen.com or call 919.929.3009.



EchoPanel Binders are Here

Send us an email at echopanel@caragreen.com to get your binder.  EchoPanel sound control panels and tiles are a decorative solution to create a pleasant environment in which to work, socialize, dine or just hear what you want to, and not what you don’t.

Hurry though, these binders are going fast, as acoustics becomes the hot new topic in building design and human health.  Call or email to get yours now.  
919.929.3009 (x1) or echopanel@caragreen.com

Kirei Binder

Pin Cherry Leather

Three words that don’t seem to go together?  Maybe not – but look at the result.  This beautiful thin layer beneath the bark of the Pin Cherry logs results in a gorgeous new product from Bark House.   Pin cherry leather is exposed from beneath the thicker outer layer of bark on logs at the Bark House factory in Spruce Pine, NC, laminated to a substrate and assembled into panels.

This is just the latest in the beautiful bark and tree products that Bark House offers. Email BarkHouse@caragreen.com for more information.

Bark House offers live edge slabs, solid slab tables, bark panels, twigs and poles:  all by-products of the logging industry.  

Pin Chery Leather

Bark House Misc

Houzz it going?

With such attractive sustainable products in our portfolio, what better place is there to showcase CaraGreen products than on the interior design mecca Houzz.  We have added stunning installation photos and product images to put your creativity in overdrive.  Houzz is the place that home remodelers and designers go to get ideas and explore images and products for interior design. 

See our link here: http://www.houzz.com/pro/caragreenllc/caragreen

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Wait! There’s more

….from Kirei.  CaraGreen will also be offering the company’s competitively priced bamboo panels, Kirei board, and wheatboard.  All these panel products are from rapidly renewable, bio-based materials and offer a natural aesthetic to any design space.  These materials have been used internationally in a variety of horizontal and vertical applications, and each have a unique look and feel.  Call for samples or pricing information.

And we can’t forget Coco tiles, these sassy little wall tiles are post-industrial coconut shells on a backer that create a tropical wall treatment in a variety of finishes.   Call 919.929.3009 for more information or email kirei@caragreen.com.



We love IceStone’s vanity…and you will too!

Especially at these prices.  People don’t like to buy a full slab of this beautiful concrete and glass and see a third or half of it scrapped in the back lot of a fabricator.  IceStone is stepping up to offer a half slab and vanity program to enable people who really want to use this gorgeous material to be able to do so at a price that reflects what they need.    The fabricator can still customize any cutouts or edging, but we are sparing the waste and helping you get the cost-effective countertop that others will envy.  That is definitely something to brag about.


We love the sound of this

CaraGreen is excited to announce a partnership with Kirei on its EchoPanel® acoustics line.  The sound dampening panels are 60% recycled and 100% recyclable. 

Building materials are rapidly moving toward a new end goal:  creating a healthier, more productive, enjoyable place to work, socialize and live.  The push toward eliminating harmful ingredients is underway, and on its heels is the next major issue:  noise.

Tired of going out to dinner only to find yourself hollering across the table at your dinner mates?

EchoPanel targets the rapidly growing segment of the market that is focused on enhancing the personal environment by addressing noise and sound control issues in public, office and school settings.

Put off by fuzzy gray panel options with no texture, pattern or design aesthetic?

EchoPanel® offers a myriad of tailored solutions including standard panels, baffles, geometric tiles, and printed patterns that can help architects, designers and building owners combat poor acoustics.  Check out these creative, installation ready acoustic tiles and panels here



IceStone – Want to sell it?  Get Authorized by CaraGreen

Not just anyone can sell this stunning countertop material.  You must register and be trained to properly represent IceStone.  CaraGreen is here to help you do that. Please email us if you are interested in being an authorized retailer or certified fabricator, and we will make sure you are trained and set up by the rep in your region.  The program is set up to make sure the product is accurately represented, handled and maintained by everyone in the supply chain, and to ensure happy customers.
To get on board, please email icestone@caragreen.com.

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Durat Custom Colors

Can’t find the color you want? – Customize!  We see so many amazing, creative installations of Durat using the 70 standard vibrant colors.  But did you know we can customize colors?  Send us a swatch or a paint chip, and we can customize a color to your specific needs.  Whether it is company branding, University colors or themed restaurants and amusement parks – the color possibilities are endless.  If the 70 existing colors don’t meet your needs – customize, and start creating with Durat solid surface.

Call or email today if you would like samples of Durat or more information on the custom color program.  For more information on custom color options, email durat@caragreen.com

Custom Durat