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Everything’s Cool with IceStone

Meet the latest addition to our suite of sustainable countertop materials:  IceStone. 

IceStone has been on the market for over a decade, with installations all over the world; brightening and jazzing up commercial and residential projects with its lighter colors and recycled glass blends. IceStone, based in Brooklyn, has undergone a massive transformation in the last few years, rebranding itself as a healthy, sustainable and beautiful countertop option. The company has shored up its manufacturing, increased product quality, and through its comprehensive fabrication training and maintenance guidelines has improved handling and maintenance. IceStone is the only Cradle to Cradle Certified concrete countertop on the market and the company recycles over 90% of its waste, by recycling water and reclaiming materials used in its manufacturing process.

Call or email to get new samples of IceStone today (919-929-3009), icestone@caragreen.com

For library updates, please contact lisa@caragreen.com

IceStone Kitchen

Plain and Fancy

International Finance Bank

Benning Public Library

Spring Cleaning

The focus of the design community on mitigating waste has resulted in interest in less “sample heavy” design libraries.  We hear you!  We have color cards that capture the aesthetics and color palette for most of our products and offer these in lieu of bulky sample boxes when requested.  A library “refresh” is more of a “clean out” for a lot of firms, as materials change.  If you would like any color cards for Durat, Meld, BarkHouse, PaperStone, EcoFusion, or TorZo, please let us know and we can drop them off or email them to your firm.

Please email info@caragreen.com or call 919.929.3009 with any requests.

Color Cards


What Happens in Vegas…

We will be showcasing Durat at the HD Expo in Las Vegas.  This event is the premier event for the Hospitality industry and runs from May 14-16.  We will have many Durat creations on display, including the flagship solid surfacing, available in 70 different, vibrant shades, and creative uses including table tops, tubs, and integrated sinks.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.  We will provide a recap of our experiences with the show and the reception of Durat by the leaders in the hotel industry.

Durat Booth


CoverPly from PaperStone

CoverPly is a lightweight, durable version of PaperStone that is more cost-effective, while retaining the texture and sustainability you are used to in standard PaperStone products.  CoverPly is comprised of plywood sandwiched between two layers of PaperStone’s paper and proprietary PetroFree™ resins to create the same look and feel as PaperStone, with a layered edging profile..  The CoverPly sheets are available in most standard colors and can be used for bathroom partitions, table tops and most surfacing applications.  Please email barbara@caragreen.com with any questions.

Cover Ply

Durat and CaraGreen to exhibit at HD Expo May 14-16

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the premier tradeshow for the hospitality industry:  HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 14-16. Durat will have a booth at the show with an exciting display of its extensive colors and design options, ideally suited for the attendees of this event. With over 70 vibrant colors, what better place than Las Vegas to show it all and let imaginations go wild.

HD Expo Logo

Back and Better than Ever

CaraGreen is pleased to announce its partnership with PaperStone, a leader in sustainable surfacing; whose beautiful panels are perfect options for countertops, partitions and dividers.  With aggressive new pricing and color options, CaraGreen and PaperStone are able to offer economical and beautiful options for creative, innovative designs and projects.  

PaperStone® is a sustainable composite material made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and PetroFree™ phenolic resins and natural pigments. As PaperStone ages, it will assume a pleasing, lustrous, seasoned appearance that is an inherent characteristic of the material. This is a natural progression of a natural product, resulting in a beautifully soft, rich patina. The aging process takes time and, much like fine hardwood, a deep luster will develop in areas of heavier use. 

For samples, binders or literature, and the latest pricing please email info@caragreen.com or call 919.929.3009.

For more information on PaperStone, please visit our website here.

PaperStone Colors


Blue Stain Pine from Torzo

Check out this beautiful new material from Torzo – salvaged timber made incredibly durable with the company’s acrylic infusion process. Behind the material is a good story of environmental stewardship – trees from forests that have been devastated by pine beetles across the US and Canada, previously left for waste, are being repurposed by Torzo, who takes the seemingly unusable blue-stained timber and highlights this unique characteristic, creating stunning new products in sheet, panel and flooring options. Find out more about Torzo’s efforts to transform this material here.

blue pine

Bark House Receives Legacy Leader Honoree Recognition from Cradle to Cradle

Congratulations to Bark House for being recognized as a Legacy Leader Honoree by the Cradle To Cradle Products innovation Institute. Bark House was among many prestigious companies that were honored at the Institute’s inaugural “Innovation Celebration” in New York in December, including Puma, Herman Miller, and Aveda. Co-Host, Susan Sarandon, said “Tonight is not about hope, or promise, or vision — it is about reality. Tonight we are honoring a few of the many hundreds of companies who have turned promise into reality by transforming the way they make products and, in doing so, are showing the way so that many others can follow. The companies embracing Cradle to Cradle design and certification are proving that we can have a world abundant in health and resources; a world characterized by new expectations for what makes something high quality and beautiful.” We are proud of Bark House for this achievement. Learn more about their products.

Jessica McNaughton Becomes CaraGreen’s New President

We are excited to share that Jessica McNaughton will be returning to CaraGreen full time as President. Jessica has been with CaraGreen in various capacities since 2008, when CaraGreen was founded. She was formerly CaraGreen’s Director of Sales and Marketing and has extensive experience in the architectural materials industry. She co-authored “Understanding Green Building Materials” and is a LEED AP. She recently earned her Executive MBA while studying abroad in Hong Kong. Jessica has significant knowledge of CaraGreen’s industry, products, team, and business, which makes her a great fit to take CaraGreen to the next level of success.


New UltraTouch+ Sound Control System

The makers of UltraTouch recycled denim insulation have just introduced a new product, UltraTouch+ Sound Control System, which has increased sound isolation. Combining high density denim batt insulation and high density denim sound dampening strips, UltraTouch+ is an acoustic solution in a bag. UltraTouch+ is made from high-quality natural fibers which contain inherent qualities that provide extremely effective sound isolation, while still providing energy efficient thermal performance. UltraTouch+ contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels when compared to traditional fiberglass insulation. There are no VOC concerns when using UltraTouch+, as it is safe for you and the environment. In addition to providing superior performance, UltraTouch+ is also easy to install. The high density batt insulation is perforated for easy sizing and the high density sound dampening strips attach to the stud faces with either staples or adhesive. As cooler weather approaches, contact us for your insulation needs.

CaraGreen Open House October 2nd, 3-5 PM

You’re invited to join us on October 2nd, 3-5 PM for a CaraGreen Showroom Open House. We’ll be sharing the latest from TorZo Sustainable Surfaces, maker of acrylic infused organic boards which are chock full of recycled and rapidly renewable materials.

– Plus, see our complete portfolio of sustainable materials including Bark Hosue, EcoFusion, Durat, Meld, Oceanside Glasstile, and more.

– Socialize with friends and fellow architects and designers.

– Enter to win handcrafted furnishing and accessory giveaways.

The CaraGreen Showroom is located in Carrboro, NC at 109 Brewer Lane, Unit A, 27510.

Call 919.929.3009 for further information.

RSVP to carrie@caragreen.com.


CaraGreen Headed to NeoCon with Durat, ECOfusion, & TorZo

CaraGreen will be exhibiting Durat, ECOfusion and TorZo at NeoCon in Chicago, June 10-12. NeoCon is North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, providing over 40,000 architecture and design professionals with CEU-accredited seminars, quality keynote speakers and…