KBIS 2019 Recap: What’s New in the New Year

The Kitchen and Bath show hit the strip in Vegas alongside the International Builder Show with its unfortunate acronym. At least referring to “KBIS” is less gut-wrenching, so to speak. Here is a recap of what we saw that is of interest…

January Vignette – I Want Scandi

Products from bottom to top: Barkhouse – White Birch Lapitec – Lux, Sahara Lapitec – Lux, Grigio Cemento PaperStone – Slate  Koskisen – Eco Transparent Plywood, White 9001 Durat – 221  IceStone – Sky Pearl

Lapitec at KBIS

Write this down…Booth #SL1037 Sintered stone is hot. Put your hot pot down on it hot. Lapitec sintered stone is the hottest new surface that handles the heat while keeping its cool. We will be at KBIS in Las Vegas, February…

Don’t Be Scandi-less In 2019

We always keep a keen eye on our Northern European friends in Finland, Sweden, and Norway to see what is trending in the design world and are excited to see sustainable and decorative wood continue to dominate the interior and…

Tell Me About It – CaraGreen Classes

Want a product presentation on our brands? Just let us know. We do product specific presentations, application specific presentations, and lunch & learns. To hear more about paper countertops, sintered stone, acoustics, insulation, or cladding, just send us an email…

We Upgraded Our Showroom(s)

While we did upgrade our showroom and warehouse, our website is our virtual showroom, where designers can peruse all of our brands and curate their own sample collection for their projects. Products like Bark House, Durat, TorZo, and Koskisen resonate with designers and architects. Share the website with them as it is a virtual online library from which to design:

If in person is your thing, call to set up a time to come by:  919.929.3009

Sinter is Coming

Game of Stones. The go-to surface has shifted from quartz to more progressive thinking companies like Lapitec, who designed the surface of the future: sintered stone. Designed to withstand the elements and enable healthier living in healthier spaces, sintered stone outperforms quartz and natural stone on all levels. Designed by Breton, one of the most innovative companies in man-made stone, Lapitec has decades of expertise incorporated into its recipe and inherent characteristics which make it the superior surface on the market. Quartz may be on its final season.

America Got Trashy

Acrylic high heels? Trash 'em. Plastic can’t be sent to China anymore as they initiated the National Sword program, limiting the amount and quality of recycled goods that they would accept from many countries, including the US. The result? Materials that were once recyclable are now piling up in landfills and recycling facilities are closing as they have nobody to buy their goods, relegating them to the dump. Don’t think it is a real thing? 2019 will be the year these fees start to hit the curb. You might need to pick up a side job. Look to CaraGreen to introduce some new products that deliberately repurpose our recycling into sexy, sassy surfaces. Coming 2019

Quartz Quandary

We have pitted multiple of our surfaces against quartz surfaces over the years, but many were caught off guard when Cambria filed a lawsuit against Chinese suppliers, ultimately securing a ruling that quadrupled the price of Chinese quartz in the US. This will impact many suppliers and projects. We continue to post about this on our blog and in our podcast series so you can stay informed. Products like PaperStone and IceStone are great alternatives, proven, and always made in the USA.