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PaperStone Releases an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

PaperStone completed a Life Cycle Assessment and EPD to determine the overall environmental impact of the company’s recycled paper composite panels.

Paneltech, manufacturer of PaperStone recycled paper composite panels for countertops and cladding, recently invested in the creation of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The EPD process requires full transparency into the product’s life cycle to determine a number of environmental impacts.

The analysis covers a “Cradle-to-Grave” scope of the product, meaning that environmental impacts are assessed from the extraction and processing of the raw materials used to manufacture the panels to the end of the panels’ life. Products covered by the EPD are PaperStone Solid and Designer Collection Countertop Panels in colors Charcoal, Graphite, Gunmetal, Pewter, Sand, and Slate. The document is now available to the public.

The full report includes results for global warming potential, depletion potential of the ozone layer, and depletion potential for fossil resources among other parameters. PaperStone hopes that this report will aid building professionals in selecting products that contribute to LEED certifications and demonstrate the company’s commitment to mitigating their impact on the environment. The EPD was created and certified by UL Environment, a company dedicated to promoting safety and sustainability in manufacturing. 

Click here for more about PaperStone access to the full EPD report!


About PaperStone

PaperStone, a composite panel product made from recycled paper and a proprietary resin system, is manufactured in our “Paneltech” manufacturing facility located in Washington State. PaperStone is renowned for its unique warm feel combined with incredible strength and durability, all while being FSC and NSF certified. Paneltech is committed to making innovative green products that contribute to an eco-friendly, holistic lifestyle that is elegant and responsible.

Contact: Mike Miller | info@paperstoneproducts.com

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