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Get on our schedule for courses (AIA, GBCI credit hours) on the most relevant topics for architects and designers. No, these are not those thinly veiled product pitches that you are accustomed to, these are relevant topics.

  • Biophilic Design – Learn the underlying principles and explore the data behind this design technique that is rapidly becoming the most creative method for enhancing occupant productivity, health and well-being
  • WELL Building Standard – Get up to speed on the latest WELL Building standard, whether you just want to be in know, or if you are studying to be a WELL AP, this course will get you the basic info to hit the ground running on this new, health-focused standard.
  • Waste as a Resource – Learn how the built environment is changing and how we need to rethink the way we design.  With major changes in waste management and recycling, as consumers and designers, we need to get more creative to design buildings that can give back.

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