March Vignette - Get Sprung

Products in background from top to bottom:

Koskisen - Eco Transparent Plywood, Green 6025
Plyboo - Linear Line, LL5, Amber
Kirei - Geometry Tiles, Oblong, 579

Products in foreground clockwise from top:

Lapitec - Bianco Polare, Fossil
Durat - 012
Lapitec - Velvet, Berlin
Lapitec - Moca, Lux
Lapitec - Avorio, Lux
elementAl - aeriAl

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Good Bedside Manner

PaperStone is as versatile as they come. Kitchen island? Duh. Outdoor kitchen? Sure. Modular bench? Sign us up! When woodworker and artist, Michael Alm, came to us with his plans to build a nightstand out of PaperStone CoverPly (after building this amazing record cabinet out of PaperStone) for his converted attic bedroom project, we were all in. Talk about good bedside manner. Michael’s video is awesome and shows just how easy it is to work with PaperStone. Check out the video here.

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Partners That Make Our Bedrock

Working with Lapitec requires finding approved and certified fabricators. When we look for Lapitec-certified fabricators to partner with, we make sure to choose only the best of the best. That’s why we don’t take our partnership with ROCK’interiors for granite. Only a stone’s throw away from the CaraGreen warehouse (last one, we promise), ROCK’interiors was an early adopter of Lapitec and has done so much with their material. This Lapitec basement kitchen install is one of many examples of their incredible work.

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Enter The Why (Why Lapitec?, that is)

It’s hard out there in the surfacing world, folks (pun intended). With the multitude of tariffs, trade wars, and tomfoolery afoot in the industry, consumers are looking for more sophisticated, healthy, durable, and more sustainable surfacing options to meet their surfacing needs. Enter Lapitec, the next generation surfacing material that makes your neighbor’s quartz countertop seem as garish as your grandma’s wig.

So why Lapitec? Over the next few weeks, we’re taking a deeper look into #whylapitec is the surfacing material that is overtaking the present and owning the future. Be sure to follow along over the next few weeks on Instagram and LinkedIn

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What The Fleck?

Now that we’ve got your attention, allow us to introduce the newest player in TorZo Surfaces’ product line: RayFleck. Formed with new layering and processing technology, RayFleck is made of 100% SFI-certified European Beech. If you’re asking W.T.F., allow us to explain: fleck substrates are named for the small, naturally occurring wood cells which become visible only after being infused with Torzo’s ultra-durable acrylic resin. Eight colors. Easily machinable; perfect for furniture design, vertical finishes, wall facades, and everything in-between. ‘Fleckin awesome.

Request samples here.

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CaraGreen Launches elementAl, a New Line of Surfacing Products

CaraGreen Launches elementAl, a New Line of Surfacing Products that Offer a Unique and Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Surfaces

elementAl uses recycled plastic and metal to create stunning surfaces, providing a simple solution to a complex problem

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KBIS 2019 Recap: What’s New in the New Year

The Kitchen and Bath show hit the strip in Vegas alongside the International Builder Show with its unfortunate acronym. At least referring to “KBIS” is less gut-wrenching, so to speak. Here is a recap of what we saw that is of interest in the surfacing space, sprinkled with our thoughts and opinions, of course!

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January Vignette - I Want Scandi

Products from bottom to top:

Barkhouse - White Birch
Lapitec - Lux, Sahara
Lapitec - Lux, Grigio Cemento
PaperStone - Slate 
Koskisen - Eco Transparent Plywood, White 9001
Durat - 221 
IceStone - Sky Pearl

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Lapitec at KBIS

Write this down...Booth #SL1037

Sintered stone is hot. Put your hot pot down on it hot. Lapitec sintered stone is the hottest new surface that handles the heat while keeping its cool.

We will be at KBIS in Las Vegas, February 19th - 22nd, at the Lapitec booth, promoting the next generation of material: sintered stone. It's the best answer to the recent quartz conundrum - high tariffs, low quality, etc.

Lapitec’s booth is always impressive and this year will be no exception with new colors and textures to get your hands on. Plus with its inherently healthy BioCare technology, you can be sure that it will be one of the cleanest spaces in Las Vegas.   

Did you write it down? Here's your second chance...Booth #SL1037

If you can’t wait, email us for samples at

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Don’t Be Scandi-less In 2019

We always keep a keen eye on our Northern European friends in Finland, Sweden, and Norway to see what is trending in the design world and are excited to see sustainable and decorative wood continue to dominate the interior and exterior design market. We are also excited to see colour starting to trend. The term “Scandi Colour” has become part of the vernacular with events like “Durat Talks 2019 - The Impact of Colour”, kicking off this January. Look at brands like Koskisen, with its high-grade plywood that incorporates pops of color while staying true to the natural wood grain, as well as Durat solid surface, with its brilliant colors and sustainable backstory. Both materials are produced in Finland and are readily available in the US.

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