October Newsletter: Who ya gonna call?

Silicosis scares, drab design, and torturous trade show booths? When there’s something strange in the industry, call on CaraGreen.

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January Vignette - I Want Scandi

Products from bottom to top:

Barkhouse - White Birch
Lapitec - Lux, Sahara
Lapitec - Lux, Grigio Cemento
PaperStone - Slate 
Koskisen - Eco Transparent Plywood, White 9001
Durat - 221 
IceStone - Sky Pearl

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December Vignette - Very Merry

Products from top to bottom:

Lapitec - Lux, Arabescato Donatello
Koskisen - Eco Transparent Plywood, Green 6025
Bark House - White Birch
Durat - 100 & 450

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We Upgraded Our Showroom(s)

While we did upgrade our showroom and warehouse, our website is our virtual showroom, where designers can peruse all of our brands and curate their own sample collection for their projects. Products like Bark House, Durat, TorZo, and Koskisen resonate with designers and architects. Share the website with them as it is a virtual online library from which to design: www.caragreen.com

If in person is your thing, call to set up a time to come by:  919.929.3009

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April Vignette - Earth Day

Products from top to bottom:

  • IceStone - Denim Moss
  • PaperStone - Azure
  • BarkHouse - Standard Poplar
  • Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Green 6029
  • Lapitec - Arabescato Canova, Satin
  • reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban Charred Cladding, Kujaku
  • Durat - 800

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Bringing Color to Colorado

We are excited to be setting up shop in Denver! We have added to our sales team as we expand further west to Colorado, an up and coming market starving for some sustainable attention. We’ve got you covered. With Koskisen, Durat, Wonderwall, and Bark House, we are sure to garner some attention with these beautiful materials. We will be setting up appointments starting March 1st, so please email rachael@caragreen.com if you want to get on the list.

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November Vignette - Thankful for Sustainability

From Back to Front:

Bark House - White Pine
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Sahara
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Sumatra Collection, Sipora
Plyboo - Linear Sound, LS16, Amber
PaperStone - Leather
IceStone - Forest Fern

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We were so excited to head to GreenBuild and see what Boston had in store. Familiar faces and some new innovations were present, most notably the presence of “biophilia” and “Biophilic design.”

While Green and Build may have some word fatigue, Biophilic Design is THE hot topic for building materials Emanating nature in a space, lots of literal green instead of just the word are really trending in materials.

Texture is also the feel good feature of many building products. The hands on aesthetic is really taking off in building materials.

Acoustics is also making itself heard, with a big focus on human comfort. Sorry, Loud Diedre in Cube 6, we are tuning you out with some sound control.

For more of our exciting GreenBuild finds, check out our Instagram feed @caragreenproducts

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October Vignette - The Mod Vampire

From Back to Front:

PaperStone - CharredStone
Kirei - EchoPanel Mura Fabric, Volt 404
Bark House - Sanded Poplar, Red Finish
Lapitec - Lithos, Arabescato Perla
Torzo - Hemp, Onyx

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August Vignette - Raspberry Beret

From Back to Front:

Plyboo - Linear Line Collection, LL1
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002
Bark House - Poplar
Kirei - Coco Tile, Java Collection, Yogya White

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July Vignette - Christmas in July

From Back to Front:

Torzo - Orient, Onyx
Bark House - White Birch
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green, 6025
Kirei - Kirei Board
Durat - 168
IceStone - Moroccan Red

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April Vignette - April Showers

From Back to Front:

Lapitec - Fossill, Grigio Cemento
Durat - 150
Kirei - EchoPanel, 542
Bark House - White Birch
Paperstone - Slate (raw edge)

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January Vignette - Fresh Start

From Back to Front:

IceStone - Sapphire Snow 
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood,White 9003
Kirei - EchoPanel, Striae, 448 
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hex, 444
Durat - Custom color 
Bark House - White Birch Laminate

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Going Platinum

The most coveted of all claims, Cradle to Cradle Certification, just recognized its first Platinum product, Bark House poplar panels. This certification is a testament to The Bark House® by Highland Craftsman’s commitment to environmental and social stewardship. The panels are the first, and only product to achieve the Platinum level of certification. These exterior grade shingles are used for cladding, accent walls and because they are tree bark, they are not only beautiful but incredibly resilient to weather and environmental conditions. For more information on Bark House, email us at barkhouse@caragreen.com.

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Building Our Network with Bark House

We know Bark House is beautiful and elegantly brings a bit of nature into a space, and now Cisco knows too. This unique installation was the brainchild of IA Architects in Raleigh, North Carolina, and includes the white birch Bark House tiled into a pattern that is a work of art. Photographs are courtesy of Jim Sink. For more information about Bark House, more design inspiration or samples, please contact barkhouse@caragreen.com.

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April Vignette - Brunette

From left to right:
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Tora
Merge Design, Iced Mocha
Durat, 160
PaperStone, Chocolate
Bark House, White Pine
Wonderwall Studios, Springs

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October Vignette - Haunted Harvest

From bottom to top:

Kirei Coco Tile, Java Collection, Losari Leather
Durat, 480
IceStone, Gotham Grey
Kirei Echo Panel, Ceremony Print #122
Bark House, Maple Twig
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Hai (cypress)

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September Vignette - Fall Fantasy

We are getting our game on this September by recruiting the best lineup of our vibrant autumn colors for this month's vignette.

From bottom to top

Barkhouse, Sanded Poplar, White Birch
IceStone, Amber Pearl
Durat, 110, 450, 480
PaperStone, Cabernet

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Summer Vignette - Fireworks and FIFA

Let's hope Team USA's ladies can kick soccer's reputation up a notch with a win this Independence Day Weekend.

From bottom to top:
Bark House, Standard Poplar
PaperStone, Graphite
IceStone, Cobalt Ice and Sapphire Snow
Durat, 100, 080, 450 and 012 (the ring)

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Book an Event with CaraGreen

It is not easy to remember everything that CaraGreen carries, so we offer refreshers in the following formats, schedule yours today (kim@caragreen.com):

-  Product showcase at your location
-  Hosted visit at our showroom
-  Webex event
-  AIA CE course, GBCI CE course (call for options)

As a quick refresher, our lines extend from the floor to the ceiling – the whole sustainable interior envelope – and include:


-  PaperStone
-  Merge Design
-  IceStone
-  Durat
-  TorZo


-  ECOfusion flooring
-  BABA flooring
-  Plyboo flooring


-  Kirei EchoPanel
-  BarkHouse
-  Kirei board
-  Plyboo plywood
-  UltraTouch insulation
-  TorZo surfaces

Caragreen Swatches

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A Walk in the Woods with Bark House

Nestled in the North Carolina mountains, Spruce Pine is a quaint little town where our manufacturing partner - Bark House - is located.  We visited their location last month to see all of their beautiful materials in production and to tour the facility.  Bark House prides itself on not only providing sustainable materials, with their Cradle to Cradle certified products, but also by being a sustainable company.  Bark House is a B Corporation and they have solar panels that offset the amount of power they use.   Bark House uses every piece of the tree possible which results in some amazing, unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else.  We got the chance to see how the bark is peeled, flattened and dried.  We also had the chance to see their new "Leathered" Pin Cherry panels, which are made by peeling back the first layer of bark to reveal the layer in between.  In the spirit of its commitment to “no waste,” Bark House donates scrap wood from their processes to the elderly in the community for fire wood.    Next time you venture to the North Carolina mountains, stop by Spruce Pine and visit Bark House.


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Pin Cherry Leather

Three words that don’t seem to go together?  Maybe not – but look at the result.  This beautiful thin layer beneath the bark of the Pin Cherry logs results in a gorgeous new product from Bark House.   Pin cherry leather is exposed from beneath the thicker outer layer of bark on logs at the Bark House factory in Spruce Pine, NC, laminated to a substrate and assembled into panels.

This is just the latest in the beautiful bark and tree products that Bark House offers. Email BarkHouse@caragreen.com for more information.

Bark House offers live edge slabs, solid slab tables, bark panels, twigs and poles:  all by-products of the logging industry.  

Pin Chery Leather

Bark House Misc

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Spring Cleaning

The focus of the design community on mitigating waste has resulted in interest in less “sample heavy” design libraries.  We hear you!  We have color cards that capture the aesthetics and color palette for most of our products and offer these in lieu of bulky sample boxes when requested.  A library “refresh” is more of a “clean out” for a lot of firms, as materials change.  If you would like any color cards for Durat, Meld, BarkHouse, PaperStone, EcoFusion, or TorZo, please let us know and we can drop them off or email them to your firm.

Please email info@caragreen.com or call 919.929.3009 with any requests.

Color Cards


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Bark House Branches Out

With success comes innovation at Bark House, where these unique, stunning new materials are poised to inspire amazing new designs.  Motivated by designers who have already created innovative pieces with the twigs and poles from Bark House, the company launched a new line of poplar, maple, and locust twigs, poles and end cut panels which can be seen here  

Samples are available by emailing info@caragreen.com or calling 919.929.3009

New Bark House Twigs


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Judy Lawrence Joins CaraGreen as Sales Representative for New England

CaraGreen welcomes Judy Lawrence as our new sales representative for New England. Judy brings 26 years of experience to our team. As a manufacturer’s sales representative in the A & D community, Judy’s mission has long been to bring clients and manufacturers together. Judy represents a range of interior products including architectural glass, recycled wood products, Australian wool textiles, and now CaraGreen’s
sustainable portfolio, including Durat, EcoFusion, Meld, and Bark House. This gives Judy a diversified mix of innovative products to share with firms. Judy enjoys, and excels at, assembling creative product presentations and keeping pace with the ever-changing design industry. If you’re in the New England area, contact Judy for samples and info on CaraGreen products.

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Bark House Receives Legacy Leader Honoree Recognition from Cradle to Cradle

Congratulations to Bark House for being recognized as a Legacy Leader Honoree by the Cradle To Cradle Products innovation Institute. Bark House was among many prestigious companies that were honored at the Institute’s inaugural "Innovation Celebration" in New York in December, including Puma, Herman Miller, and Aveda. Co-Host, Susan Sarandon, said “Tonight is not about hope, or promise, or vision — it is about reality. Tonight we are honoring a few of the many hundreds of companies who have turned promise into reality by transforming the way they make products and, in doing so, are showing the way so that many others can follow. The companies embracing Cradle to Cradle design and certification are proving that we can have a world abundant in health and resources; a world characterized by new expectations for what makes something high quality and beautiful.” We are proud of Bark House for this achievement. Learn more about their products.

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