A Walk in the Woods with Bark House


Nestled in the North Carolina mountains, Spruce Pine is a quaint little town where our manufacturing partner - Bark House - is located.  We visited their location last month to see all of their beautiful materials in production and to tour the facility.  Bark House prides itself on not only providing sustainable materials, with their Cradle to Cradle certified products, but also by being a sustainable company.  Bark House is a B Corporation and they have solar panels that offset the amount of power they use.   Bark House uses every piece of the tree possible which results in some amazing, unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else.  We got the chance to see how the bark is peeled, flattened and dried.  We also had the chance to see their new "Leathered" Pin Cherry panels, which are made by peeling back the first layer of bark to reveal the layer in between.  In the spirit of its commitment to “no waste,” Bark House donates scrap wood from their processes to the elderly in the community for fire wood.    Next time you venture to the North Carolina mountains, stop by Spruce Pine and visit Bark House.