Lapitec at KBIS


Write this down...Booth #SL1037

Sintered stone is hot. Put your hot pot down on it hot. Lapitec sintered stone is the hottest new surface that handles the heat while keeping its cool.

We will be at KBIS in Las Vegas, February 19th - 22nd, at the Lapitec booth, promoting the next generation of material: sintered stone. It's the best answer to the recent quartz conundrum - high tariffs, low quality, etc.

Lapitec’s booth is always impressive and this year will be no exception with new colors and textures to get your hands on. Plus with its inherently healthy BioCare technology, you can be sure that it will be one of the cleanest spaces in Las Vegas.   

Did you write it down? Here's your second chance...Booth #SL1037

If you can’t wait, email us for samples at