Nothing Rhymes with Orange

But there are plenty of things that pair well with it.

Designing with a pop of color is fun, and as we highlight all things fiery and orange this month, we want to offer up some ways to ditch the rhyme for reason and bring out the best parts of this happy, haughty hue.

All in Orange 

This vibrant kitchen embraces orange in all its opulence, with Durat 480 countertops throughout.  Seamless, sexy and engaging, Durat solid surface offers the most diverse palette of colors in the countertop space. Orange may not be your first thought for a monochromatic kitchen but paired with the minimalist and artistic influences make for a delightful concoction.

Silence is Golden

Acoustic panels are a great way to add color to walls or ceilings selectively, so as not to create a jarring sight, but rather an effective, sound sedating option that keeps people alert, attentive and productive. Kirei EchoPanel wall systems are a straightforward, design-diverse, decorative option with a feel good color selection and a feel good message: recycled bottles are diverted from the waste stream to make them!

Creative Kids

Math can be boring, so why not liven things up with some splashy casework like Koskisen Finnish plywood. It is not only Finnish, it is finished, with a durable top coat and a visible natural wood grain that shows through the water based color finish to bring nature into a space without a tacky laminate. Cabinetry and casework is not often where people choose to get colorful so it is a really unique way to make a splash with your design. Orange you glad color is in!


And, lastly….Mimosas!

What better way to toast orange than to bring out the bubbly!?


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