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Organoid: Walls that Promote Wellbeing

Allow CaraGreen to introduce you to Organoid—one of the most unique natural surfaces in the industry! Organoid is an Austrian covering material that is made using a combination of natural fibers, biopolymers, and organic pigments that are pressed together to form a textured, durable wall covering. The natural fibers used in Organoid’s surfaces come from different renewable sources such as flax, hemp, wool, and agricultural waste. The company has always prioritized social and environmental wellbeing in its harvesting, sourcing, and manufacturing practices. One of the greatest aspects of using Organoid in your own projects is that its biophilic design will influence an indoor space with the benefits of the great outdoors!

Organoid is special in that its surfaces can truly remind you of what it feels like to be wandering through a field on a sunny day or bring y0u closer to the source of the coffee you are sipping in your favorite cafe. For example, let’s take a look at Bergwiesn, a wallpaper that contains authentic flora from the Tyrolean Alps including edelweiss, wild daisies, healing arnica, cornflowers, heather, roses, and fragrant Alpine hay. The bright yellow, blue, and white flora combined in Bergwiesn serve as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise manufactured space.

Another unique aspect of Organoid is that many surfaces have a noticeably refreshing scent that can be the perfect complement to the visual experience of a space. Organoid’s Relax, for example, is designed to soothe the viewer through natural green leaves that omit a serene scent. The flora on this surface include St. John’s wort, lavender, lemon verbena, sweet clover, and other herbs, combined to positively impact your mood. The peaceful atmosphere this creates is suitable for any interior but perfect for spas and wellness centers.

If you are feeling bold and adventurous you can design with Skelettblattla—a surface created with hand-picked skeletonized leaves. This surface is made by drying real rubber tree leaves until only the skeleton of the leaf remains. These leaves are odorless, yet they provide a unique and delicate natural touch to the room they are in. Applied to glass, this surface adds a bit of mystery by obscuring the view into a private space while still letting plenty of light in. Like several Organoid surfaces, this one is offered in a few variations of density and backing material so you can really create a unique experience. 


Ultimately, Organoid is a design tool used to bring the natural benefits and beauty of the outdoors to any interior room. Their products are carefully made so that they are extremely high quality and durable. Their natural wall designs are offered in a wide variety of surface aesthetics and backing materials. Organoid offers a truly unique sustainable and biodegradable wall covering option that is sure to start conversations and garner compliments.


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