Thermally modified wood podcast episode with Arbor Wood Co.

Episode 77


Jessica: Hi, this is Jessica with Build Green, Live Green CaraGreen’s podcast on sustainable materials and trends in the building industry and today we have John Heyesen with Arbor Wood Co. with us and John, we’re excited to have you. We’re excited to be working with Arbor Wood Co. and you know we’ve known each other through you know some of your prior ventures including Arbor Wood. But you know we’ve always tried to find a way to work together and I’m really excited that Arbor Wood brought us together.

Jon Heyesen: Absolutely yeah, we’re equally excited.

Episode 74

For more information visit https://www.swatchbox.com/ Jessica: Hi, this is Jessica with Build Green Live Green and today we have a repeat guest, Benjamin Glunz with Anguleris and BIMsmith and Swatchbox. Hey, Ben. Benjamin Glunz: Hey, thanks for having me. Jessica:…